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<kares[m]> hmm I can take a look at this later please open an issue with details including the io-wait context.
<kares[m]> not sure there's much we can do easily - we can have the callback exist but won't trigger as there's likely no session hook to listen on in the Java SSL engine
<kares[m]> but understand Ing what io-wait needs we could maybe get smt going ...
<headius> Yeah I know we are a bit limited here but if we can get something that works without looking like it is insecure we can probably get a patch in
<headius> I will go ahead and push a branch tonight with the key gems installed during the build
<headius> Once they install, gem install starts to fail with the relevant errors
<headius> There are not many diffs in our copy but they are mostly related to SSL context
<headius> If I had a month and a couple interns we could consider using the SSL wrapper that Netty uses but there's a lot of work to rewrap a new library
<headius> the needs are all in net/http where it fiddles with the SSL context
<headius> the only remaining net gem not being used is net-imap, which has a dependency on strscan
<headius> strscan is "done" but awaiting review, cleanup, and some licensing
<headius> you can diff the net-http http.rb versus our modified version to see the diffs
<headius> I'll be back at this tomorrow, hopefully getting strscan merged and released
<kares[m]> <headius> "If I had a month and a couple..." <- If I had one or two I would look into just building the whole things using BC APIs if possible ... 😀
<kares[m]> (BC has a working stable Java SSL engine provider these days I am not sure how much custom APIs they expose)
<kares[m]> opened: on jossl so that I do not forget to look into this the next time I manage to find some time around JOSSL
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<headius> I will help
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