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<enebo[m]> kares: I put it from master
<enebo[m]> kares: and I actually pushed it :)
<enebo[m]> I guess I forgot to push last friday
<headius> I hate the Maven release plugins automatically pushing things but I suppose it avoids issues like this
<headius> Good morning all
<basshelal[m]> Good morning!
<adam12> I swore I saw links to M1 preview on Twitter but can't seem to find them again. Could anybody link me to them?
<basshelal[m]> headius: Have you seen my latest work on JNR-FFI? I'm planning a ton of work over the next while for it and want to get your opinion
<headius> I was heads down last week getting M1 support fixed up but I definitely would like to see what you've been up to
<headius> I'm planning to spend this week improving our pass rate on M1 which will undoubtedly mean more FFI work
<basshelal[m]> Yeah I noticed, M1 hasn't been easy it seems, it has shown some of the cracks in JNR
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<headius> Yeah the unusual handling of variadic function calls shakes things up a little bit
<bensheldon[m]> > <> I have a bizarre issue on my M1 MacBook where jruby shows permission issues whenever it installs a gem. This is what happens when I try to install jruby via ruby-build, but I get similar errors when using jgem after installing jruby from homebrew.... (full message at
<headius> yeah that was probably fixed by another related change in jnr-posix but the full set of fixes will be out in 9.3.3 (next week-ish)
<headius> the jnr-posix change was fixing a stat struct layout to match M1 Darwin's definition... they use 64-bit inode by default which shifts other fields around
<headius> omg facepalm of the day
<headius> couldn't figure out why my fixes on M1 weren't working, or working in the wrong order (fix => broken, revert => fixed)
<headius> turns out that tabbing away from a screen sharing session on my M1 mini does not trigger IntelliJ to save the file like it does if you tab away on a local window
<headius> I was running the test over an ssh session in a local terminal window
<headius> also: screen sharing is pretty miserable to work with due to it handling cmd+tab app switching very poorly
<headius> ok I got test:jruby to complete by excluding three socket-related tests
<headius> on M1
<headius> 1096 tests, 76033 assertions, 0 failures, 6 errors, 1 pendings, 1 omissions, 0 notifications
<headius> of those six errors, one is a known problem with this suite running as an administrator (expects a permission error) and the other five are unexpected file permission errors
<headius> I'm going to run this with x86 and see how that compares... some of this might be altered security on newer MacOS
<headius> yup, same errors on an x86 run
<headius> that is great news
<headius> I think these might be due to different umask on MacOS
<headius> enebo: what's your umask
<enebo[m]> 0022
<headius> hmmm same here
<headius> well at least it is equally broken on M1 and x86
<headius> enebo: hmm I wonder if the same excludes hang on x86
<headius> nope no hangs
<headius> so there's some marching orders here to fix
<headius> I will attach this work to my GHA PR
<headius> ah at least rubyspec/language is green so far
<headius> enebo: I will look into the different failures on arm64 and newer macos but we might want to consider using the exclude system for JRuby tests or deleting those tests in favor of specs that cover the same
<headius> we have a handful of things excluded by platform, usually manually with "if WINDOWS\ndef test_blah" kinds of gross excluding
<enebo[m]> I am in favor of anything which reduces our tests too but that I guess is different. I don't have any issues with using excludes though
<headius> hmm yeah probably best to find or write equivalent specs
<headius> so we can exclude using tags
<headius> there's very little in test:jruby that is jruby-specific
<headius> mostly JI that should be in JI specs
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