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<headius> io-wait was merged overnight 🎉
<headius> I will work with nobu and hsbt to get preview gems out so we can test against master
<headius> strscan should probably come next
<enebo[m]> strscan needs updates for API changes too
<headius> yeah it will require some iteration to pass all the tests from CRuby
<headius> enebo: looking at some other dependencies we will want to address...
<headius> net-protocol also depends on timeout
<headius> timeout is a pure-Ruby gem that still has the problematic threading logic... it will install ok but not perform anywhere near as well as the native one we ship based on ScheduledExecutor
<headius> I'm wondering if we could use ScheduledExecutor from a pure-Ruby JRuby timeout, which would be easier to get incorporated into the gem
<headius> may be possible to finesse it such that it doesn't add much overhead
<headius> net-http depends on net-protocol and uri... uri is pure-Ruby but we have some minor diffs I will try to get incorporated into the gem
<headius> hmm actually maybe I am confused... I already switched master over to the gem
<headius> I will confirm we do not have diffs, it's possible I missed them
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<lopex[m]> headius: how good can it be in winter :P
<lopex[m]> headius: but after job change it's better, more new things
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