<headius> Hello there!
<headius> Yes that does look like it is not loading the correct driver. Do you have the jdbc-whatever gem and activerecord visited correctly for your database?
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<GaurishSharma[m]> I have this standalone script that works without any additional gems being installed https://gist.github.com/gaurish/8336972c32b8645a918b4f51b4bf1c08
<GaurishSharma[m]> What is weird is that same script doesn't work inside sidekiq / rails -> https://gist.github.com/gaurish/6eec42d62ee40b15da105be8eda9a6fc
<byteit101[m]> Should a java-usable classloader (a-la the jrubyfx one I recently made) be part of jruby proper?
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<byteit101[m]> The best way to find bugs is to write documentation. Found a bug in non-concrete reified classes
<byteit101[m]> Aha! found the strange callstacks again
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