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<ikaronen_relex> Anyone know how to run a single JUnit test from JRuby's test suite?
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<ikaronen_relex> Also, it seems that "mvn -Ptest" isn't running any tests from the core/src/test/java/org/jruby/exceptions directory. What am I doing wrong?
<ikaronen_relex> Well, I got it to work by moving my test class to core/src/test/java/org/jruby/test. Still very slow since I have to run the whole test suite each time, but at least I can confirm that it reproduces now. :/
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<ikaronen_relex> nice, ping timeout…
<ikaronen_relex> Anyway, the issue and test case I wanted to report is now at https://github.com/jruby/jruby/issues/6972
<ikaronen_relex> I do wish I could some day learn how to build and test JRuby locally without a bunch of stuff breaking all the time. It would've saved me several hours of work just with this single bug report. Anyway, have a nice evening y'all. (I'm assuming there are actually people reading this channel and that I just showed up at a super quiet time.)
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<MattWelke[m]> Read https://twitter.com/y8/status/1471469839453724674?s=20 today and it made me think of JRuby. I have my own policy of sponsoring open source to keep things sustainable for me where I give $5/mo if I've deployed code that users it, and $1/mo if I'm just interested in a project.
<MattWelke[m]> That means I'd give $1/mo to JRuby right now (with the idea being if others did too, it would be sustainable for them and it would end up being a lot of funding for JRuby).
<MattWelke[m]> Does the project have sponsorship set up on something like GitHub Sponsors or Open Collective?
<headius> Matt Welke: yeah contributions would be appreciated, especially for resources we can purchase like cloud time or development systems and tools. I've also thought about bug bounties but I feel like that's a dangerous line to cross
<headius> The biggest thing that would help would be getting JRuby users to contribute 10% or 20% of their work hours each week to helping us
<headius> I'm not sure how to convince companies to do that
<MattWelke[m]> Yeah this is a tricky problem to solve. I first thought about approaching my company about sponsoring the open source we use years ago, but it seemed like no one was doing it so I felt awkward trying to bring it up. Log4Shell has brought it back on my mind.
<MattWelke[m]> While I figure out what to do about corporate sponsorships at my company, I can at least act on my personal policy for personal sponsorships.
<headius> We are clearly very lucky to have been sponsored for so many years but the project is bigger than two full-time people
<MattWelke[m]> Let me know when JRuby has sponsorships set up. You've got one from me once it's running.
<headius> Sure I'll set it up and confer with enebo and then get back to you