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<enebo[m]> ahorek: how are you benchmarking Rails?
<enebo[m]> ahorek: Small hashes could be from lots of kwarg calls perhaps. There is an activity for you if you are up for it
<enebo[m]> Although maybe we should figure out how you are getting your hotspot to see what the hash is
<enebo[m]> In Ruby 3 we will know if the hash is literal kwargs and so we realized we can make a LiteralHash in addition to Hash where the Literal Hash will just store the cached Hash rather than make it
<enebo[m]> This could still be helpful for Ruby 2.x but it would require that we internall call clone once. This may still be faster than running that helper (hard to say)
<enebo[m]> puritylake: I was on vacation last week
<enebo[m]> puritylake: I just restarted the last CI run and it appears to be updated
<puritylake[m]> Cool, rather sick atm so I’ll get back to you in a few days
<enebo[m]> puritylake: ok. get well soon
<headius> good morning
<headius> ahorek: yeah I am curious what you are benchmarking too... generally we should be at least on par with MRI
<headius> anything that much slower and I would assume we are failing to JIT some hot code
<enebo[m]> Or maybe some excessive exceptions
<enebo[m]> we were not even 8x slower cold last time I benchmarked
<headius> Yeah another one to look for
<headius> Right, seems like something is broken
<headius> enebo: so welcome back, what's on your plate this week
<enebo[m]> headius: what are you working on? I am looking at 3 spec runs
<enebo[m]> I restarted your last CI job this morning so the jnr stuff was updated
<headius> Well I think we need to prioritize getting the keyword argument stuff working so I will probably spend time on that. I think my Christmas project will be finishing m1 support in JFFI
<headius> The JNR releases took a really long time to propagate last week, I'm not sure why
<enebo[m]> Some recent changes broke what I am guessing is zsuper
<enebo[m]> looks like Symbol.getBytes -> null
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<headius> Hmm
<enebo[m]> spec:compiler hits it
<enebo[m]> KW_REST_ARG_DUMMY
<enebo[m]> very likely seeing this
<headius> I haven't merged my kwarg changes yet
<headius> They won't fix as much as they break though right now
<enebo[m]> ok
<headius> Probably need to take a step back and isolate what we have for Ruby 2 compatibility and duplicate that logic to be modified for Ruby 3
<edipofederle[m]> Hi, quick help,
<edipofederle[m]> At `RubyHash` I'm trying to add a new entry to the hash with:
<edipofederle[m]> The think is the value should be a IRubyObject, there is a way to convert any type (string, int, long, etc) to a IRubyObject? or I'm looking into wrong direction here?
<edipofederle[m]> `op_aset(context, newKeySym, value);`
<enebo[m]> edipo.federle: JavaUtil.convertJavaToRuby
<enebo[m]> If you know then you should just do the right thing (aka runtime.getFixnum(int))
<edipofederle[m]> enebo: I see, I was looking into this one, let me try
<enebo[m]> All java objects when we script Java as Ruby uses this method
<enebo[m]> for all returning java objects
<enebo[m]> So it does more than just find the right core type
<edipofederle[m]> great. Thx!
<enebo[m]> headius: You do not have permission to push to this gem. Ask an owner to add you with: gem owner rake-ant --add
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<headius> enebo: picking up kid from school, I'll get you it in there in a sec
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