<headius> Yeah sounds good, especially if there's 3.0 features you can try
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<rebelwarrior[m]> Just doing a double check, are there any plans to support M1 installations? Mine are still failing.
<headius> Of course, but the last mile has been difficult to solve. You have tried 9.3.2?
<rebelwarrior[m]> Just tried it
<headius> It did not fix the last area that isn't working but the native backend should be loading now
<headius> What errors did you get from it? I can spend some time on this today
<rebelwarrior[m]> Installing jruby-
<rebelwarrior[m]> BUILD FAILED (macOS 11.6.1 using ruby-build 20211203)
<rebelwarrior[m]> tr: Illegal byte sequence
<rebelwarrior[m]> ...
<rebelwarrior[m]> I can attach the logs if you want
<headius> Hmm
<rebelwarrior[m]> here is the other
<headius> Those don't seem like an m1 problem specifically
<rebelwarrior[m]> rbe == rbenv just an alias btw
<rebelwarrior[m]> ahh ok I'll do some digging on my end
<rebelwarrior[m]> might be something with java I'll blast java and try again
<headius> Yeah the jruby-launcher is a native "jruby" executable that starts a bit faster and doesn't depend on bash. The tr error could be relevant but it is just a string function
<rebelwarrior[m]> I'll report later (prob. tomorrow) after I blast all the java and reinstall
<headius> that full log file would be helpful if you can get it
<headius> possibly something is not building right in jruby-launcher that we can patch
<headius> enebo: I merged the Set fix into 9.2 and merge 9.2 to 9.3
<headius> diffs from 9.3.2 look right
<headius> no new 9.3.2 issues since last week
<headius> we could do 9.2.21 and 9.3.3 today if you're feeling saucy
<headius> yeesh, something is really slowing startup on M1
<headius> maybe it is just this openjdk build from azul... the x86 builds are way faster
<headius> woot first M1 fix found... stat struct is different
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<headius> mspec starts up properly now
<headius> rebelwarrior: dunno if I have suggested this before but the x86_64 JDKs work well with JRuby on M1
<headius> it won't be as fast as a native build but that's the recommendation for now until we finish M1 support
<headius> looks like the next main issue is fcntl being wrong, which will need varargs support fixed
<rebelwarrior[m]> installing x86_64 java on M1 is a bit tricky tried using sdkman but that seemed to be producing the above errors. Now still getting error but different.
<rebelwarrior[m]> using homebrew openjdk@11
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<headius> Now those do look like m1 issues
<headius> You can confirm the JDK is an x86 version?
<headius> I know folks have been running JRuby with x86 JDKs without too many issues