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<d1b2> <Zeranoe> It's probably hard to answer this, but is revC2 likely the last revision for a while (or ever)?
<whitequark> we're at revC3 nos
<whitequark> * we're at revC3 now
<whitequark> but revD and revE will come in a year or two I think
<d1b2> <Zeranoe> I see, thanks! I want one now but know it will bug me when my version is obsolete next year 🙃
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> I believe revD/revE are intended to fill different niches rather than be direct replacements for revC
<d1b2> <Zeranoe> Even still, if it's up to C3 now I think the current batch of boards shipping is C2?
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> the crowdsupply boards should be C3s? C2 had a few bugs IIRC
<whitequark> yeah production is revC3
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<d1b2> <dragonmux> not obsolete - the different lettered revisions after revC are intended if we've recalled correctly to provide enhanced capabilities, and different features, rather than obsoleting and replacing earlier lettered revisions, while the number part indicates the design revision (a bugfix number if you will)
<d1b2> <dragonmux> and all revisions are to be kept supported in the software stack, so you'll get all the capabilities of the tool always
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<whitequark> yep
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