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<d1b2> <[UCF] Ammoniac> Just pre-ordered the Glasgow unit, have some questions though. What is the link mum I have to install to be able to develop with Python? Think the guides are outdated so how do I get glasgow and the bare min mum to develop?
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<cyborg_ar> if you just preordered you got plenty of time
<whitequark> link mum?
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<FireFly> "minimum" presumably (and autocorrupt?)
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<twix> d1b2, besides a python interpreter you basically need a working setup with yosys, icestorm-tools and nextpnr-ice40. On some operating systems these three are the hardest parts to install/compile
<twix> on arch linux there are working aur packages, so no problem there
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> d1b2 is a bridge to the 1bitsquared discord
<whitequark> check out yowasp.org
<whitequark> that gives you an ice40 toolchain via pypi
<twix> bob_twinkles, brainless use of autocompletion :)
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> 😛
<twix> nice tofu ...
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> huh, that's an interesting interaction. I typed "=P" and discord must have munged it into the emoji before it hit the bridge bot
<d1b2> <sys64738> yeah it does that
<d1b2> <[UCF] Ammoniac> I know but it's good to be prepared
<d1b2> <[UCF] Ammoniac> Oh yeah, this keyboard is from hell 😂
<d1b2> <Xark> FWIW, you can disable Discord emoji promotion with a setting.
<d1b2> <bob_twinkles> oh nice, thanks. really don't like features like that one
<d1b2> <josuah> thanks 🙂
<d1b2> <Xark> Yep, especially with IRC bridge.
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