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<gruetzkopf> regulator outputs stay at 0V (across C53 resp C83), lets look at the DAC outputs
<gruetzkopf> DAC outputs behave.
<gruetzkopf> looks like I damaged both R48 and R49, they're 48.2kΩ and 69.2kΩ (instead of .68Ω) . whoops.
<d1b2> <Attie> You managed to get both of them?
<d1b2> <Attie> are you still suspecting mechanical damage? (if so, that sounds wonky)
<d1b2> <Attie> if you had a dead(ish) short, then they could have got mighty toasty... any sign of discoloration around/near them?
<gruetzkopf> i am, as evidenced by missing caps. no sign of toasted looks.. i'll have to order .68Ω, only had 4.7Ω around
<gruetzkopf> but the cannot set pullups message is gone
<gruetzkopf> next step: build case
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<electronic_eel> gruetzkopf: you could start with using zero ohms instead of .68. the .68 was added later on because the regulator behaves badly on overload without additional resistance
<electronic_eel> but until your 0.68 arrive you could still use it with 0
<electronic_eel> it is just that you'd then need to power cycle the glasgow after connecting a short to the output. also in some cases you need to switch on and off again the regulators, as the regulator stays on, even after the reset
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