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<d1b2> <Attie> Glasgow to the rescue? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIP71lTwr1M
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<d1b2> <nemanjan00> It is January 😄 I too want to know more 😄
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<d1b2> <esden> So this coming week I will be bringing PCB and parts to a CM that was generous enough to offer sponsorship to assemble 200 Glasgows. (their lead time is usually about 3 weeks from the moment they receive the parts, I had to wait longer than expected for the additional PCBs to arrive due to holidays... shipping was being very slow) The new PnP machine to make the Glasgow assembly possible (aka. it will not take a year of full time work to
<d1b2> assemble) arrived last week. (check out the #tools-r-us channel or the thread here: https://chaos.social/@esden/109606683644831869 I will keep updating that thread.) We are now coordinating with Hanwha when their technician will come to set up the machine, it is not something I can just do on my own. I assume that they will come out in about 10 days... monitor the tools channel for updates.
<d1b2> <esden> As for the case. I ended up spending over a week of solid work to improve it, clean up the 3d model, test the fit, and make adjustments. I still need to make some updated mechanical draft drawings before I send it to the manufacturer. That said Chinese new year is around the corner, so I assume the cases will be here after CNY. (I will write more details about the changes and updates to the case in the CS update when I come around to it, I don't
<d1b2> have good screenshots at the moment that highlight the work I have done)
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<d1b2> <esden> Ohh right I did not ping you. A short not exhaustive update is above. 🙂
<d1b2> <nemanjan00> That is a lot more data than I expected 😄 Thanks for update! 😄 Keep up the amazing work! 😄
<d1b2> <nemanjan00> Also, case looks amazing
<d1b2> <esden> The case will obviously not be transparent. It is just a resin 3d printed prototype to check the internal geometry and fit. It is not really functional as the threads and light pipes won't fit in that print, but it is good enough to test the general fit. The final version will still be aluminium milled.
<d1b2> <esden> here is my attempt at a render 😄
<d1b2> <esden> It does not look very different from the previous version because most of the work was actually on the inside of the case.
<d1b2> <esden> But the silkscreen should hopefully be correct now ... 🤞
<ebb> Hadn't quite appreciated how cool black silkscreen on white mask looks
<ar> esden: is it me, or does the printed case also include printed lightguides?
<ar> looks cool
<d1b2> <esden> the lightpipes are not printed, they are injection molded. They will be pre inserted for you so you don't have to worry about installing them.
<d1b2> <esden> I guess I should make some detail photos of the last prototype cases showing the lightpipes up close.
<d1b2> <esden> In the new version of the case I also tried to improve the light bleed between the light pipes a bit my covering them with the case a bit better. It is not a show stopper as is right now, but if I am already doing work on the case I tried to improve things a tiny bit. 😄
<cyborg_ar> esden: hmm those photos make me wanna mill one out of acrylic, or dual tone black delrin on the bottom and clear acrylic on top
<cyborg_ar> Now i wonder will i finish my cnc mill rewire before the glasgow board shows up...
<d1b2> <Darius> damn they look nice
<d1b2> <sys64738> idk if it's just a me thing but im more excited about clear cases than all-black ones