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<d1b2> <sorny> Ahoj, hope this is the right place 🙈Quick question about the glasgow - if / how many serial connections can it handle? Looking for a tool to have up to 8 serial connections via UART
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<electronic_eel> @sorny the hardware and concept of glasgow would be able to support 8 UARTs in parallel. but the current software and tooling does not yet.
<electronic_eel> for several applets to run in parallel, regardless if they are uart, i2c or whatever, we'd first need to implement muxing of their datastreams between the fpga and the software. there are plans how to do this, but they are not implemented yet. also a way to run these multiple applets in parallel on the pc is not implemented yet.
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<d1b2> <TomKeddie> @sorny take a look at the ch348 ic, much easier and cheaper.
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