dnkl changed the topic of #foot to: Foot - fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator || 1.16.2 || https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot || channel logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/foot
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<cc0> dnkl: updated the spec following the impl in foot, does it look correct to you? https://gist.github.com/delthas/d451e2cc1573bb2364839849c7117239
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<dnkl> cc0: yup, looks right!
<j`ey> is there a way to get the bg colour? 033]111 resets to the config colour, but I want to read the bg colour so I can change it and change back?
<dnkl> j`ey: OSC 11, but with '?' instead of a color
<j`ey> ty
<j`ey> also I can't scroll while selecting text?
<dnkl> how do you select text, and how are you trying to scroll?
<j`ey> oh, it worked that time..
<j`ey> doesnt seem to work when foot is fullscreen..
<j`ey> using trackpad, to select and scroll by moving up
<dnkl> hmm, that's not great... the reason is, unless you have padding, the cursor will never get outside the top row
<j`ey> yeah, just kinda figured out that a bit myself
<j`ey> i cant even highlight the top row
<j`ey> dnkl: does that mean you were able to repro it?
<dnkl> haven't tried. I'm not at the computer
<j`ey> ok
<j`ey> (so just a theory!)
<ahesford> I can reproduce the issue
<j`ey> ahesford: ty
<ahesford> could force a 1-px minimum pad in full-screen mode
<dnkl> that could work. I guess we could also special case pad==0 and pointer being at y==0
<ahesford> I guess forcing padding is insufficient; it would have to be centered as well
<ahesford> odds are good there is padding in fullscreen anyway, but it doesn't affect the top by default
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<dnkl> ahesford: perhaps we should always center it in fullscreen...
<ahesford> centering when maximized or fullscreen seems like a decent option
<j`ey> will that work even with pad=0?
<ahesford> I think you couple that with forcing a minimum pad of 2 in fullscreen/maximize
<ahesford> but in general, you probably have an 80% or better chance of padding >= 2 when fullscreened or maximized anyway
<ahesford> assuming the cell height is at least 10 px
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<haasn> foot is amazing, finally I can ditch the venerable urxvtd-256color
<haasn> that is all
<haasn> well, just one thing I wish was different, I'm used to being able to scroll through urls with j/k and then hit enter to choose the right one, rather than using letters to select
<haasn> maybe this is possible to set up?
<haasn> failing that, maybe the jump labels could be made much larger somehow?
<j`ey> I dont think that's configurable..
<haasn> sad :(
<haasn> I also can't seem to turn off blinking text
<j`ey> the cursor or?
<haasn> no, as in the "blinking text" attribute
<j`ey> oh, also don't see a way to disable that, but maybe somethng I missed
<haasn> also is it just me or is "bright0" etc. ignored completely?
<haasn> I tried setting it to random values like bright0=ff0000 but it doesn't show up anywhere, even for text that is normally using such colors (bold text in other terms)
<haasn> hmm seems this is an intentional foot limitation
<haasn> sad
<haasn> I guess I'll just have to rewrite my brain to expect different colors
<j`ey> haasn: bold-text-in-bright
<haasn> saw it, it doesn't do what I want though
<haasn> I want it to use bright0 instead of regular0, bright1 instead of regular1, etc.; rather than using regular0-but-very-saturated
<haasn> colors outside the range 0-7 should stay as-is
<haasn> that's how other terminals do it
<haasn> but eh, I'll survive without it
<j`ey> that sounds like foot supports that
<j`ey> 'If set to palette-based, rather than a simple yes|true, colors matching one of the 8 regular palette colors will be brightened using the corresponding bright palette color.'
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