<set_> Whatever happened to that beagle underwater, the BBB w/ ROV, that had the long ethernet cable?
<set_> google...argh.
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<set_> I know I am not too new but I am building a collage of videos on my journey. Be ready. Cyclic!
<set_> Lab time. If something goes oddly poof, records will show.
<set_> !
<set_> @zmatt: I will finally test your lib. too!
<set_> I do not have doubts but who knows?
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<set_> If I am writing C/C++ source, do I need to use config-pin to handle gpio pins or can I just use C/C++?
<set_> Or would I need the pin muxed to default?
<set_> Or...in the new images, how things are sourced, p9.16 is just PWM (no if's, and's, or but's about it)?
<set_> Time to learn something new!
<set_> Okay. Phew. LibGPIOd works so far. What about sysfs?
<set_> Dang it. It is past 10. Sorry
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<zmatt> set_: doing anything with libgpiod will break sysfs gpio until you reboot
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<set_> Okay.
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<Guest66> best way to control PocketBeagle IoT from iphone
<set_> You were right. Everything is back to normal after a reboot!
<Guest66> huh?
<set_> Guest66: Hello. I think using, from my ideas, flask and a server may prove valuable.
<set_> Or...another html style web application?
<Guest66> I'm programing everything in python on the beagle. how to connect from public side of internet
<set_> Oh! Pure Python? Flask is a python3 microframework...
<set_> A .service file can get you to the web too!
<set_> For instance...
<Guest66> I can connect to the beagle via home wifi, I want to control it remotely from iPhone external internet connection
<set_> Right...oh.
<set_> SFTP?
<set_> Do you want to control your files via sftp or a web app?
<Guest66> I use ssh to view files on the beagle and a browser to run die programs now
<Guest66> ide
<set_> Oh.
<set_> beaglebone.local:3000
<Guest66> just need to get to ip address through modem
<set_> Oh. ip a
<set_> Oh.
<set_> So, are you going to need to use the ip address at home or elsewhere, i.e. outside of the network?
<set_> I find that using the Python3 modules located here, https://docs.python.org/3/library/http.server.html, may help.
<Guest66> I envision simply logging into my network from outside then selecting app to run on a device on the home network
<set_> Anyway, I think I may be at a loss here. I am not completely sure what you want.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Thank you.
<set_> That helps.
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<set_> Usually for me, owning a web address is easier b/c they have hosted services. But...if you are looking to host, that is viable.
<set_> For instance, there is bind9.
<set_> Not too easy to set up but could work.
<Guest66> not hosting, just sending commands to activate and read sensors from the beagle
<set_> Flask, html, python, and other libs. can get you there. I used an online website to handle a bot before.
<set_> Most people like Qt4 or 5.
<set_> But, I like Flask and html.
<set_> Tornado is another one.
<Guest66> I was hoping others have done this before and developed routines already
<set_> Oh...maybe. I am sure many people are here that know how. I say stick around.
<set_> I am sure someone will chime in.
<rcn-ee> Guest66: 'wireguard'... setup a wireguard vpn and configure every device you want to access a wireguard cert, including your phone..
<set_> If in doubt, use what you are already doing as a back up.
<rcn-ee> wireguard kernel module and user space is pre-installed on every beagle image.. it's up to you to configure the server, and point everything.. pivpn is a good place to setup the intiial server..
<Guest66> where do I find information on the beagle vpn?
<rcn-ee> extra points if you setup your dns server on the wireguard server.. ;)
<rcn-ee> Guest66: look at pivpn for the 'basic' script... doesn't have to be pi, could be x85/arm/etc.. https://www.pivpn.io/
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<Guest66> a gross process is to send text via email to the beagle...
<rcn-ee> node-red is pre installed on port 1880... ;) still no idea how to use it..
<set_> email!
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