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<Guest3742> On BeagleBone Black, there is no spidev2.0 directory under /dev with a flash image 10.3 factory installed. If I flash a microSD with 9.9 (later upgraded to 9.13), then it has the spidev2.0 under /dev. Our application (not written by me!) needs access to /dev/spidev2.0 directory, so any help is appreciated!
<zmatt> you mean device, not directory... and yeah ancient images had an off-by-one error which caused the spidev devices for the spi0 bus to be named /dev/spidev1.* and the devices for the spi1 bus to be named /dev/spidev2.*
<zmatt> that off-by-one error has been fixed
<zmatt> dunno in which kernel version that change was introduced, it was a long time ago
<zmatt> is it possible to change the application to use the new name, /dev/spidev1.0 ?
<Guest3742> Ok, so the best option if the code cannot be changed is Ioad the older image 9.9 I guess
<Guest3742> yeah application change is not possible as we have many of these devices in remote locations
<Guest3742> Eventually I will force them to change it for new devices moving forward
<zmatt> how is that relevant? if you can't update your application on those devices then you also can't update anything else on those devices
<zmatt> so what does that have to do with whatever you're doing currently?
<zmatt> if you're trying to build a more uptodate system, then why would updating the application not be a feasible part for that?
<Guest3742> Yeah I should have been more clearer. There is zero bandwidth currently for dev team to make a change and rebuild the application for any new devices. So for devices that may need to immediately go out, I will have no choice but to load the older kernel
<zmatt> anyway, you certainly don't need to stick to an ancient system for that particular reason, you could just create a symlink from /dev/spidev2.0 to /dev/spidev1.0 or use a device-tree overlay to change the spi bus numbering
<Guest3742> Is there an article which will help me explain creation of a symlink?
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<Guest3742> Just googled it. Is this like ln -s? I use this for NTP usually to update timezones, so I may be able to work through it
<zmatt> create a /dev/udev/rules.d/spidev-compat-hack.rules (the exact filename isn't important) containing the following line:
<zmatt> /etc/udev/rules.d/ I mean
<zmatt> KERNEL=="spidev1.0", SYMLINK="spidev2.0"
<zmatt> you could also make the symlink using ln -s but then you'd need to find the right time to do so during boot, since the contents of /dev/ is not persistent
<zmatt> the udev rule would make udev create the symlink for you as soon as the device shows up
<Guest3742> ok thanks!
<Guest3742> That worked like a charm! thank you so much!
<Guest3742> If there is a favorite charity or something of yours, just let me know :-)
<Guest3742> Yeah, I honestly would not have a job if not for the Beagles, deployed probably a 100 devices over the past four years
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<set_> Nice.
<set_> is a charity still. At least, I think I am up-to-date on that statement.
<set_> I am not in their dealings like knowing if they earn or whatever...
<set_> I just pitch in when I can, i.e. selfishlessly and selflessly.
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<set_> I know this is a bit off subject of udev and building tools but...
<set_> amazon has a way to support 401(c) or whatever businesses/charities called smile! smile, you just gave back!
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<Guest3742> Yeah true
<Guest3742> Has anyone embedded the BeagleBone into a rugged enclosure with ports for power, GPIO etc. aka like a mini computer like  NUC or other mini PC? I am really interested in starting a business to do that if there is any sort of market for that. Most of the times I am struggling getting I/O pins especially glued on the P9/P8 connectors and getting
<Guest3742> regulated power from different sources.
<Guest3742> I want to do a full PCB layout with the BeagleBone installed on it and have a buck-boost converter to regulate power and trace out the I/O pins, Serial, USB, put in a CMOS battery circuit to keep clock
<set_> Guest3742: I saw someone inc. the BBG to a CNC machine once or twice.
<set_> There is the older version RepliCape too. It handles CNC and 3D Printing. There used to be a group or a person that handled the PocketNC too.
<set_> That thing was nice.
<Guest3742> I have had some vendors of mine incorporate the board into their devices, especially RFID readers and they are super reliable. I have some of these that have worked for years without a glitch.
<set_> Yeppers! I noticed that too. Did you ever want to build around the am335x, i.e. outside of a BBB or other related board?
<set_> I got a chip a while back. OSDxxxxx from .
<set_> I wanted to do something w/ it but failed. I could not do it as easy as mentioned from the .org.
<Guest3742> Yeah I would love to do something like that. but I have worked full time for 17+ years, which means that I am more on the management side and it's impossible for me to get down to building stuff unfortunately
<set_> Me too! Well, I am no manager. I mow.
<set_> But...I am an avid learner when it comes to picked and placed needs/wants.
<Guest3742> But there is scant knowledge in our group on Linux as the whole focus is on Windows development. But with the advent of IoT, it's been a godsend as a hardware engineer to actually be able to work on device level stuff and not just as a hobby but get paid for it!
<set_> Ya, ya. Funding. I makes the world go around.
<set_> Cash is king.
<Guest3742> I am working on feeding RFID, BLE tags, LoRaWAN tag data into other systems
<set_> Nice.
<Guest3742> When 5G really hits and starts enabling massive machine to machine communications, there is going to be a tremendous amount of growth in embedded systems
<set_> I have a click board for RFID.
<set_> I never once did anything w/ it. I have owned this click for years, i.e. seven yrs.
<set_> I read a headline, do not laugh, 7G. I wonder if I can find it.
<Guest3742> I usually get serial data from RFID readers and push them into other systems, the BeagleBoard is the perfect footprint for that. Raspberry Pi was also considered though I don't know why it did not happen
<set_> Yeppers. I think so too. There are some nifty things about Open Source hardware/software.
<Guest3742> Yeah 7G is vaporware for now, it will take some years for 5G to actually fully get implemented and for us to feel the benefits too
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I read a bit into it. Something about lower latency will be gained.
<set_> But, you are right.
<Guest3742> I was in DC the other day and at one location I got 1.1 Gbps on 5G, it was just incredible to even fathom. I took a screenshot and sent it to every nerd I know.
<set_> Down the road.
<set_> Fast...vroom.
<set_> Guest3742: I always wanted to use that RFID click w/ a lock. I see people use them w/ BBBs from the past.
<Guest3742> I have fiber at home and max I will get is usually around 800, once they become pervasive, it will be just incredible. I can't reveal who I work for but there are division which work on vehicle to vehicle communication technologies, you will not need a waze app eventually, the cars will talk to each other when congestion starts and provide
<Guest3742> alternate routing to help everyone
<set_> Now, the BBB by itself is bulky for end use in locks but for testing the am335x, it is perfect.
<set_> Oh. Nice.
<set_> That is a bit scary to me.
<Guest3742> Yep definitely scary
<set_> Less control and more trust.
<set_> mean. Like, lane three in two seconds will take you to Park Ave. to get you to the coral sightings?
<set_> ha.
<Guest3742> Everything comes at a price. You can imagine situations like an emergency hurricane or wildfire evacuation where you can route everybody quickly and safely so there are going to be some benefits.
<set_> Right. You are right. Emergencies where things and people need to be evacuated are serious.
<set_> Then, there are people that sit in their backyard during the Cat 4 storms.
<set_> Odd w/ little trust.
<set_> Weather is another nifty tool for communication.
<set_> I saw a weather station based around the BBG already.
<Guest3742> Yeah I am going to help my daughter do something similar to that for a school project
<set_> It was cool and hot, both actually, and I almost got it to work.
<set_> is awesome when you live in it. Runnin' from it creates panic.
<set_> Nice.
<set_> I will check that out now!
<set_> I missed that one.
<set_> Neat.
<Guest3742> Nice chat! Got to run, will try to be back here when time permits!
<set_> Godspeed!
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<pszafer> hi, question about DS18B20 temp sensor. In arduino and esphome I use address as 0x6e0300a279d76428, I'd like to use same scheme in my software, 28 in the end is pretty simple as I can read it from directory name 28-0300a279d764, but from where can I get 6e crc?
<pszafer> I can find it only in dmesg during boot. `w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Attaching one wire slave 28.0300a279d764 crc 6e`
<zmatt> pszafer: uhh, the crc is not an actual part of the address, it's just a crc (a checksum used to protect against data corruption)
<zmatt> so you could compute it from the rest of the address but I don't really understand why you would care, since the kernel handles the protocol layer
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<pszafer> zmatt do you what's the method to compute CRC from this? `0300a279d764`
<pszafer> zmatt do you know what's the method to compute CRC from this? `0300a279d764`
<zmatt> the 28 is part of the address... you can find the crc computation details in the DS18B20 datasheet or any other 1-wire protocol documentation
<zmatt> though I still don't understand why you care, as long as you're using the kernel driver there should never be any need to concern yourself with crc computation
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<zmatt> beware btw that implementing 1-wire using a gpio on linux (i.e. using the w1-gpio kernel driver) is inherently inefficient and unreliable, compared to e.g. i2c
<pszafer> zmatt thanks, I'm looking for that. In my software people will use interchangeably ds2482 i2c bus for ds18b20 and w1-gpio. DS2482 library I use has address similar to esphome. So I wanted to provide posibility to move temp sensor betwenn buses
<pszafer> good to know!
<pszafer> thanks!
<zmatt> using an i2c-to-1wire bridge like that should avoid the issues of the w1-gpio driver yeah
<zmatt> is there no kernel driver for this bridge?
<zmatt> there is
<zmatt> so if you use the kernel driver for the ds2482, the kernel should hide the differences between using it versus using w1-gpio
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<pszafer> you're right, never thought of it :)
<zmatt> e.g. using a dt overlay:
<zmatt> or you can create an instance at runtime via sysfs as shown here:
<zmatt> in either case, use the correct i2c bus and the appropriate i2c address (in range 0x18 .. 0x1b depending on the AD0/1 pins)
<pszafer> (y)
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<Guest27> Hello,  I need to get into contact with Jason Krinder regarding a pending donation to the charity. Does someone have a phone number I can have to reach out to him?
<Guest27> I tried the number on the website but it isn't connecting. My email is
<zmatt> jkridner: ping
<zmatt> Guest27: have you emailed him?
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