<set_> It is not June yet.
<set_> I say that idea to say this idea.
<set_> It feels outside like I stepped into the wrong alley with a knife weilding manifesto writing dropout.
<set_> Hot!
<set_> All jokes aside, I hope everyone is doing well.
<set_> The city killed the power to 2000 homes today. Ha.
<set_> It would have been a good joke but one of the homes was where I reside.
<set_> Just think...I am about to figure something out for the first time ever and
<set_> and that was it. Nothing. No power!
<set_> I see why Tesla wanted to create home batteries for profit.
<set_> One click away and __________ flatline.
<set_> Memory! Phew. I know but it is the process. The applause in my mind, the satisfaction of creating something, and some kudos.
<set_> Sorry for taking up your Taco Tuesday. BBL!
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<Pieter> Hi guys, I have a few quick questions if someone could help. I was setting up ROS on my BB Blue, and during the debugging of the repository accidentally removed it and sources.list. Are these as difficult to set up again as it seems and should I consider wiping the board and starting over(I haven't made significant changes or progress)?
<Pieter> If I should start from scratch how would I do so? Only info I find regarding a hard reset is in terms of routers and I'm unsure if that would work
<zmatt> "in terms of routers" ?
<zmatt> reflashing is pretty easy, you just write an eMMC-flasher image to microSD card (preferably using Balena Etcher) and then boot the beaglebone from that card
<zmatt> that looks like random nonsense generated by a bot
<Pieter> I have tried that but realised it didn't work because my wifi was still saved so it couldn't have been entirely flashed
<zmatt> that indeed sounds like you didn't reflash at all... presumably either the image you flashed to the sd card was not the right one (e.g. not a flasher) or the way it was not flashed to sd card in the right way
<zmatt> lol, that sentence failed a bit, but you get what I mean
<Pieter> I see, I got the image from the getting started site, should I redownload and use again?
<zmatt> restoring a sources.list file is also not particularly hard, but if you've never reflashed your beaglebone you may want to do that anyway... you never know how old the image is it shipped with
<zmatt> *how old the image it shipped with is
<Pieter> I did reflash it previously, and tried again with that same image, took like 10 mins so I assumed it was done correctly but I think I'll try that again
<zmatt> flashing shows a very recognizable back-and-forth sweep pattern on the four user leds, and once complete it powers off
<zmatt> if you just see the usual heartbeat + activity leds then it's not flashing
<Pieter> Yeah and it did that, like playing pong for 5 or so minutes
<Pieter> If this doesn't work, where can I get some info on restoring sources and repositories? Most of them are catered for Ubuntu with graphical interface and I'm not entirely sure they'll work for this Debian
<zmatt> ehh, yet custom settings survived? that is not actually possible since step 1 of reflashing is to completely erase the eMMC... the only explanation I can think of is that you managed to do a reverse-flash of eMMC onto sd card which on rare occasion people manage to (by changing the eMMC into a flasher by editing its /boot/uEnv.txt)
<zmatt> what image is flashed onto the beaglebone? (cat /etc/dogtag)
<Pieter> BeagleBoard.org Debian Buster IoT Image 2020-04-06
<zmatt> this is the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list on that image: https://pastebin.com/raw/b2nKPiJL
<Pieter> So I did edit the uEnv.txt by uncommenting the last lin, its the only way I could get my board to actually start the flashing process
<zmatt> that edit is how you turn a non-flasher system into a flasher... the only reason you might need to do that to an SD card is if you flashed a non-flasher image onto sd card
<Pieter> Yeah I see I used the non-flasher images, under the recommended images from the site https://beagleboard.org/latest-images
<Pieter> Should I rather use the flasher images and comment that line out again?
<zmatt> in that case the change is needed, but obviously you should double-check that you've actually booted from sd card before making the change to ensure you don't accidently make that change on eMMC
<zmatt> the flasher images already have that line uncommented, that's literally the only difference
<zmatt> thus it avoids the user-unfriendly step of editing /boot/uEnv.txt and the risk they accidently do it on their eMMC instead on the SD card
<Pieter> The process I followed was uncommenting the line, powering off, insert SD card, powering on while holding the SD button. That seems correct to me
<zmatt> nope, that's 100% guaranteed wrong
<zmatt> or rather, that's how you flash your eMMC onto SD card ;)
<zmatt> since you uncommented the line on eMMC (since you were clearly not booted from SD card, given that you listed "insert SD card" as a later step)
<Pieter> Ahhh okay, that'll do it then :') , I think I'm just gonna do the flasher image and save myself the trouble
<Pieter> Thank you for the help
<zmatt> actually, what I would expect from this is that it would boot from SD card and do nothing, just boot
<zmatt> unless I misunderstood what you meant... the way you described it sounded like you edited /boot/uEnv.txt on the beaglebone while it was booted from eMMC rather than SD card (since you listed "insert SD card" as a subsequent step)
<zmatt> which would turn eMMC into an SD-card-flasher
<zmatt> but if you then boot with a bootable non-flasher SD card inserted it would just boot from that instead of from eMMC, so nothing would happen
<Pieter> Yes that is what I did, didn't realise you had to boot from SD first, so I edited it without the SD card inserted
<zmatt> I'm guessing you had to inexplicably do this twice to get a bootable system again?
<Pieter> Surprisingly not actually, but it does explain why literally nothing changed after the reflash
<zmatt> then I'm still not quite sure what you did, since changing that file on eMMC would render eMMC unbootable... what typically happens is that people then manage to flash eMMC onto SD card, but because the system still doesn't boot they do it again but this time edit the file on SD card to turn it into a flasher that flashes their old system back onto eMMC
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<kes> Hello I am looking for bbb desktop image that I can either flash to emmc or run on microsd card
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<kes> Hi I am looking for BBB desktop iso. Where can I find one?
<vagrantc> try the URLs in the /topic
<vagrantc> notably, the "latest" link
<kes> vagrantc I can't find anything for the desktop image. Can you post a full URL please?
<vagrantc> huh, it should be at https://beagleboard.org/latest ... but there's nothing there
<vagrantc> jkridner: ^^ ?
<vagrantc> rcn-ee: ^^ ?
<kes> Yes that is why I posted the question to see if anyone knows
<kes> Is there a way to install desktop on debain?
<vagrantc> in theory ... it's been many years since i've tried
<vagrantc> debian-installer supports beagleboneblack ... though ... there might be bugs :/
<vagrantc> and probably still requires a serial console for the initial install
<kes> Me too it has been years since I used their desktop version
<kes> But I need one now
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