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<Guest15> Does anyone know if ubs storage devices are accessible from the usb-a port in u-boot on the bbai?
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<set_> What is ubs storage?
<set_> Oho! I know you probably meant usb storage right?
<set_> I wonder that too. Guest15: how about we try to make it work? Now, u-boot is not my fancy. I am just glad u-boot works.
<set_> I wonder a couple things. Storage from USB probably needs me to some background research but if the BBB or BBAI has a USB port, yeppers. I think it can work.
<set_> Now, easy. I am not so sure.
<set_> Research on its way.
<set_> So, ouch.
<set_> We will need to C & P a bunch of items, add it to Buildroot, and try?
<set_> Can we do-ee?
<set_> I found a person in world of electronics that has done this idea but it was w/ a USB3.0 board.
<set_> We may be limited to what speeds we can accomplish.
<set_> And HOT. I bet you anything it will get too HOT to handle.
<set_> Shall we?
<zmatt> Guest15: depends on whether it's enabled in u-boot's build config I guess
<set_> @zmatt: Hello!
<set_> In some instances of u-boot, there are options but where (you know)?
<zmatt> ?
<set_> i mean, do I build uboot v2022-01 or what?
<set_> And then...
<set_> Where would I go to access the uboot value in the build?
<set_> Anyway, it is Guest15's question.
<set_> I will allow him/her to get involved.
<zmatt> Guest15: try the "usb storage" command in the u-boot commandline?
<set_> Damn!
<zmatt> to see if it's enabled
<set_> Aw.
<set_> I do not even have usb start enabled yet.
<set_> So, kernel issues. Crash.
<zmatt> ???
<set_> Yes. Crash. Kernel panic.
<zmatt> set_: what does that have to do with u-boot? what are you talking about?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> I am upside down man today.
<set_> I have been walking on my hands all day and must have busted a vein.
<zmatt> Guest15: I'm curious, why do you want to access usb storage from u-boot anyway?
<set_> Oh!
<set_> I understand now.
<set_> I did not understand at first.
<set_> U-boot when built needs to have particular entries accounted, picked, LKM'd.
<set_> I am talking about u-boot and Buildroot w/ a rootfs and boot partitions.
<set_> I am not saying it is easy. But...the system must boot w/ these LKM'd picks already accounted for the build to work.
<set_> I know. Google. But...there is a missing something or other somewhere.
<set_> Some .dtsi/.dts or something other...who knows?
<set_> Ooh, ooh, ooh.
<set_> I found a file!
<set_> Anyway, if it was too complicated, I would bow out but this sounds too interesting to pass! Right?
<set_> @zmatt: First the Guest15 person ubs storage. I went to ubs storage and ended up at a trading co.
<set_> I think they wanted me Monday allowances for washing dishes.
<Guest15> I've tried the usb commands in u-boot.  They can't see the usb storage device that's plugged into the usb-A port.  I'm thinking u-boot only knows about the usb-c connector.
<set_> Guest15: You made it!
<set_> There are our commands.
<Guest15> I know how to use usb storage.  Something is not working properly in the u-boot supplied with the BBAI.
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Right. Write your own image!
<set_> Oh, you did.
<set_> I saw the paste.
<set_> u-boot has many builds!
<Guest15> @zmatt: The reason for usb mass storage in u-boot is for testing the hardware.  Specifically custom hardware based off the BBAI.  I can't get usb to work in userspace and trying to troubleshoot the problem.
<set_> Guest15: Did you use BusyBox?
<Guest15> No, not busybox.  Full Debian.
<set_> Oh. Okay. Hmm. w/ ext4?
<set_> I see the u-boot needs to be on eMMC and not on the USB Device. So, tricky.
<Guest15> Err sorry should have been more clear.  u-boot is loaded onto sd card, bbai is booting from sdcard.
<set_> Oh. I am slow.
<set_> I get things as they are stated w/out reading into it.
<set_> Anyway...
<set_> Let me go and check the link I showed again.
<set_> Okay. So, stop the USB, boot the OS, and then start the USB.
<Guest15> There's no OS.  Just u-boot.
<set_> Scripts. So, it seems that...oh.
<set_> I thought you said Debian was installed.
<set_> Anyway...
<set_> You need a script to start what you need during the portion of the boot before the USB has started and only before it is stopped.
<set_> So, boot, stopping usb, script to handle it all, and OS.
<Guest15> Right.  Custom board is running BBAI Debian and on the custom board usb doesn't work.  On the BBAI I don't have to do anything special to get usb storage to work.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> Nice.
<set_> Sorry.
<Guest15> So I'm trying to understand what the problem is on my custom board.  The hardware is the same as the BBAI.
<set_> @zmatt is your personal infotainment system. Sorry.
<set_> I am out.
<set_> I do not deal w/ custom boards not working. My bad. Sorry.
<Guest15> No worries.  Thanks for the help.
<set_> No issue. Sorry.
<set_> DTSI links, dts links, am33xx.dtsi, and etc...
<set_> Do you know those ideas yet?
<Guest15> Yes I am well versed in dts in both u-boot and the kernel.
<set_> All of the recorded .dtsi files and .dts files for examples are available now from what i have learned.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Just catching up.
<set_> So, a clock might not be allocated? A irq may be missing? UARTs may need a special type of node? Phew. Who knows? You are right.
<set_> Oh wait. I said it, tricky.
<set_> @zmatt may have fallen asleep. So, when he arises, I am sure he will pitch in.
<set_> Add it all! Take away one thing at a time.
<set_> Then, you will know!
<set_> Time! It beats us all.
<Guest15> So the issue is that usb does not appear to work in stock u-boot on a BBAI.
<set_> Did have a say so in this idea?
<Guest15> Or rather usb storage on the usb-A connector.  I haven't tried the type C connector because it's supplying power.
<set_> Right. Uboot is saying 4k.
<Guest15> TI doesn't support BBAI.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> They used to for building.
<set_> Yes they do.
<set_> Right?
<set_> They have it as a evm, I thought.
<set_> Times have changed.
<Guest15> Correct.  It's a recent change of dropping support for BBAI.  Well maybe 1 year or so.
<set_> Dang.
<set_> That is too bad.
<set_> So, my question earlier was for if you researched all the TI docs./.dtsi/.dts files available currently in the kernel?
<set_> and then in the DeviceTrees from the persons that made them?
<set_> Sorry. I was not clear.
<Guest15> I've looked and am still looking.  I'm not convinced that the dts and supporting driver code in u-boot is supposed to work.
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Yikes. I do not write u-boot. Okay. You may be right.
<Guest15> but I'm not familiar with usb3 yet and for some reason the usb-a port (usb2) seems to be using the usb3 driver.
<set_> I was unaware of this fact.
<set_> Let me check.
<Guest15> the dts file says: compatible = "snps,dwc3"; for usb2
<set_> Oh.
<set_> is it not smps?
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> I saw some whitepapers from TI that they have available. I saw smps and smps in the .dtsi file(s).
<Guest15> it's definitely snps which is short for Synopsys who I think supply the 'intellectual property' that goes into the hardware on the AM5729
<set_> Hmm. Okay.
<set_> WHich file are you reviewing?
<set_> Oh.
<set_> dra74x.dtsi?
<Guest15> u-boot/arch/arm/dts/dra7.dtsi
<set_> Oh. So, the people are not giving away the booting by USB yet.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> I get it now.
<set_> No issue. Off to look.
<set_> Okay, just so I get this correct, "Are you building your .dtsi and .dts so far to start?"
<Guest15> I'm not building anything for the BBAI.  It's a stock image (including u-boot).
<set_> Oh.
<set_> How did you see u-boot via the UART on the stock image?
<Guest15> I hooked up a serial port to the serial port connector...
<set_> Damn!
<set_> I thought you were writing your own images.
<set_> So, okay.
<set_> Maybe the .org does not allow it for reasoning that is beyond me. Too popular maybe and overheating?
<Guest15> Right.  Stock BBAI u-boot doesn't see the usb mass storage device connected to the usb-a port.
<set_> Anyway, I am still looking.
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<set_> The bus is complicated.
<Guest15> Indeed.  It's past my bedtime though so I'm going to take off.
<set_> For now, I accepted that the 32-bit, dual core am5729 from the .org may not allow usb booting.
<set_> Okay. Later!
<Guest6088> Hi, can anyone can guide me to enable SPI on BBB, i try a lot but it seems dosent work:(  Many thanks in advance
<set_> SPI is in /dev/. Guest6088: I think a udev rule may work. I am not completely sure, actually. I got SPI to work for specific chips before today but I am out of rotation in SPI for now.
<set_> I seem to be the only one here for now. I can try to help.
<set_> Where are you on your journey in /dev/spidev1.0?
<set_> GenTooMan: Wake up! It is very late/early and I want you to know it is late/early!
<Guest6088> it doesnt even have any spi dev in /dev/ sir :(
<set_> What? Really. What image are you using?
<Guest6088> hereroot@beaglebone:/home/debian/drivers/dt_overlay# lsb_release -a
<Guest6088> No LSB modules are available.
<Guest6088> Distributor ID:Debian
<Guest6088> Description:Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
<Guest6088> Release:10
<Guest6088> Codename:buster
<set_> Oh. I am on Bullseye right now. Let me check my board quickly. brb.
<set_> My spidev0.0 to spidev1.1 are listed in my image in /dev/.
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> how old is your Buster Image?
<set_> cat /etc/dogtag?
<set_> Please paste your output of cat /etc/dogtag and then that will allow me to know what year your image was produced.
<set_> Anyway, maybe your image has /dev/bone/spi or /dev/bone/0.0?
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<set_> the name of the game: _________.
<set_> Hint. It is repetition!
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* GenTooMan falls out of reality, "oh that was surreal", he comments.
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<zmatt> Guest15: ehh, u-boot is probably not the greatest environment for testing such things, it has much more restricted hardware support than the linux kernel does
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<set_> Thank you for commenting GenTooMan.
<Guest15> @zmatt turns out the BBAI u-boot doesn't support usb storage at least not on the usb A connector.  The TI PSDK does though.
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<rcn-ee> usb... BBAI...long story... back when we did the x15, usb power really enables sata... our goal was to scan sata and usb on bootup and possibly boot off them.. at the time, we found that u-boot would fail on some drives and the kernel had other issues... i "think" al of those are resolved, sadly the boot script still has it disabled..
* vagrantc hasn't tried booting BBAI in a while...
<rcn-ee> echo usb_boot is currently disabled; -> run usb_boot (as long as there is a /boot/uENv.txt) it "should" work...
<rcn-ee> vagrantc: was pointed out today a nice change done to pxe_utils.c mainline u-boot does do "overlays" in extlinux.conf now...
<rcn-ee> The variable is fdtoverlays in extlinux.conf, do you want to start packing all the RPI and other overlays? ;)
<vagrantc> oh yeah
<vagrantc> meant to look into that ... someday
<rcn-ee> me too, but was pointed out after i said i wished it existed.. ;) minim version of u-boot is v2021.04-rc1
<vagrantc> heh
<rcn-ee> looking at you have 2022.04 in bookworm, so you might have some testing targets that would already work with it... (although the base kernel dtb still needs the -@ build for overlays support)
<vagrantc> not in debian stable then, but in later versions
<vagrantc> i vaguely recall asking about the -@ stuff in the kernel ... can't remember if that went anywhere
<rcn-ee> everyone complained... it add's too much space...
<vagrantc> hrm.
<rcn-ee> they wanted end users to '
<rcn-ee> they wanted end users to 'just' enable it..
<vagrantc> i thought u-boot can also apply the overlays before passing them on to the kernel?
<rcn-ee> so it's more of, does Debian's dev want to enable it for (armhf/arm64/risc-v)
<rcn-ee> it does.. but extlinux.conf support didn't exist... so your choice was "uEnv.txt" with overlays using your own script, or "extlinux.conf" with no "native" overlays suport...
<vagrantc> right
<vagrantc> hrm.
<rcn-ee> (the kernel still needs the -@ so the dtb's will have the node references, so overlays actually apply..)
<vagrantc> hrm.
<rcn-ee> vagrantc: hum! looks like freescale and xilinx actually have overlays in the mainline kernel... (this is raname) ... so this would help support those boards..
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<set_> rcn-ee w/ the win!
<set_> Outside of winning for USB, is there a "drop-in" replacement for qt4-dev-tools for Bullseye?
<set_> I was going to make the older repo. for Lepton work w/ an updated image.
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<set_> I found some tools but not qt5-dev-tools for instance.
<set_> for instance, qmake freezes the BBG.
<set_> Maybe after adding the headers, one needs to reboot. Off to try it!