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<set_> Hello...I am trying to use /dev/ttyS2 for gpsmon. I cannot get it to work with the gpsd daemon either.
<set_> Has someone come across this issue?
<set_> gpsd is saying that /dev/ttyS2 is already in use. Does config-pin get in the way of specific daemons when using it?
<set_> gpsmon:ERROR: SER: /dev/ttyS2 already opened by another process <<< This is the error in case someone has figured it out.
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<set_> My serial device is being used by another program...blah.
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<ds2> set_: do you havesomething like modem manager running?
<set_> Maybe
<set_> I should check.
<set_> I have wifi up and running.
<set_> The GPS works but w/ gpsd on gpsmon /dev/ttyS2, I get errors. I will check.
<ds2> modem manager is common
<ds2> seems to be kicked off bynetwork manager
<set_> Oh.
<set_> They are probably fighting now. So, network manager and gpsd do not work in cahoots for now.
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<set_> Yes.
<set_> I have wifi up and running.
<set_> ds2: Are you good at writing to files in python3?
<set_> Anyway, I am writing serial data to a .txt file and everything has errored out so far on the output.
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<set_> I have the source running but the save is not happening. I am just writing a .txt file from serial. I looked up all sorts of ideas.
<set_> None have worked just yet.
<set_> is the source. I am sure you can pinpoint the issue but "host" is not writing to the .txt file.
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<set_> It is working now.
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<set_> Anyway, this was the file I am trying to capture as a .txt file after publishing the info. to output: .
<set_> ds2: I did get the gpsd command to work too.
<set_> gpsmon "Not w/ /dev/ttyS2" is the key.
<set_> So, just gpsmon runs a the script.
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<zmatt> set_: if you give gpsmon a device path then it will try to open that device directly instead of talking to gpsd, and that fails since it's already in use by gpsd
<set_> Right!
<set_> I understand now. I was going by their docs. and trying out things to test.
<set_> Anyway...@zmatt. Thank you for replying. Until later!
<set_> BBL!
<zmatt> set_: and your make() function never gets called since you're calling this example after this "__init__" function which never returns
<zmatt> also, names like __init__ are for special-purpose functions, you shouldn't name a function like that unless it actually *is* for that special purpose
<zmatt> also, your make() function (if it were to get called) will fail to exit when it's supposed to because you're inside yet another infinite loop
<zmatt> didn't you already have a working version of this script? why did you change to using the threaded mechanism?
<zmatt> anyway, I'm at work, afk
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<ds2> set_: no.
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<set_> @zmatt: yes and no. I did have a working script.
<set_> No more. But now, their examples seem to work a bit.
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<set_> Now, I am trying to save their examples, some bits and pieces, but this time is when I will add in the script to handle .txt writing and appending.
<set_> I know if I do not call make(), I do not receive anything. And even if I did call make(), nothing would happen.
<set_> It is a harsh reality of terrible source I typed up so far. I am one night in so far!
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<set_> Basically, the .kml file for google earth is why I am trying to print to .txt output.
<set_> Ever since Python3 changed from python to python3, I have had numerous occasions where the GPS does not read back when prompted.
<set_> But...the file keeps running. Like it is waiting for input. I will keep trying.
<set_> I tried 0b and just b but neither work so far. I tried to .format it w/ f-strings but nothing so far.
<set_> So, it is up in the air at the moment. python-is-python3 is no longer available (I think).
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<set_> All the older source I have found that I changed a bit and used is now obsolete. I have not found any work arounds for python3 and this bytes business. I find specific on it only so often.
<set_> Anyway, no issue. I just thought people may be throwing away something I could use.
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