<set_> Fri. Funday!
<set_> Get your BBBs ready...go.
<ds2> BBBs only?
<set_> I noticed that on the forums, mattb0ne, someone was inquiring about some PRU business w/ sensors along with quadrature.
<set_> Nope.
<set_> Not only the BBBs.
<set_> But, the BBBW too!
<set_> and AI!
<set_> I would say BBBlue but I am missing something along the lines of producing w/ it for now.
<set_> ds2: How are you doing?
<set_> mattb0ne: This may be a good way to teach me and that person inquiring!
<set_> The person went from MotorCape to PRU. I do not know much about the PRU for now.
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<set_> Anyway...Funday will persist!
<set_> For another hour and a half, funday all day!
<ds2> hey set_...surviving... u?
<set_> Me.
<set_> Yes.
<set_> Sort of.
<set_> I just got over a back injury. But outside of that, good to go.
<set_> i worked yesterday doing all sorts of random junk work. But, I got some dollars for it. Boo!
<set_> I should pay the owner of the business!
<set_> Ha.
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<set_> I am a bit perturbed.
<set_> I said it.
<set_> yes.
<set_> It seems that the people online at the forums only want answers. This is not fair.
<set_> It is like people build, use, and do not compare "community" builds w/ others at all.
<set_> Selfish...yes. But, I understand sort of like when I share little.
<set_> With the BBBlue in mind is what I am discussing.
<set_> I try to answer and get other ideas revolving around the BBBlue and its building applications.
<set_> I looked online.
<set_> People are doing a lot with their BBBlues and RoboticsCapes.
<set_> Is it just that people want to not share their builds or is it a secret fiasco of institutions and students only that want to have their questions answered?
<set_> Either way...I am thinking of not sharing anything anymore but then I think of me when I first started...
<set_> @zmatt knows this all too well and others know too.
<set_> I was lost in the field. I knew nothing but wanted more knowledge and did not make time to learn even when I thought I was learning from the books available.
<set_> Anyway...
<set_> I think that people should acknowledge that others that have started to "build" know things and do not know things. In general, this is a consensus. Technical ideas are vast.
<set_> It spans from math to hand skills and from learning to forgetting/remembering...
<set_> That is all I guess. I am upset w/ myself for now (I think).
<set_> Funday turned on me by me being myself in typo skills. Dang it. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed funday w/ me.
<set_> If something comes up, let me know!
<set_> I guess me flying to BBBlue is selfish. It is too nice of a board to ruin in flight. I will try again (one day)!
<ds2> that's everyone
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<set_> I know now!
<set_> I need to be better at picking and choosing on what to lie about!
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Or better yet, tell only so little at first. Then, if they play along, then I can build more w/ them.
<set_> This is a principle. Like from youth...
<set_> You pay for my lunch one day. Well hell, I have to pay you back as soon as possible in some way.
<set_> Lunch or something as valuable.
<set_> I thought it was a free-for-all type of forum. No! It is not. It is more like a Q & A but with little replying once the answer has been given. For instance, what is a = (4x^2 + 12x - 4)(6x^2 - 6x + 2) ? If you were to answer, I would be thankful and then "hopefully" my return on the effort would be a finalization or conclusion on the entire process of it all.
<set_> But...I understand. It is just me.
<set_> I feel snooty or not allowed to teach this effort on my part. Like, it was something passed up for a known reason.
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<jfsimon1981_b> set what's going on ? got troubles with beagle package is it so ?
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<zmatt> 1/cl
<zmatt> whoops
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<jfsimon1981_b> what does it mean matt ?
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<zmatt> jfsimon1981_b: I typed /cl to clear the window (to make it easier to see when there are new messages, even if the irc window is mostly covered), but I didn't notice there was a stray "1" still in the input field :P
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