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<Werner> [TheBug], fixed
<crabbedhaloablut> thank you :-)
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<iav> does armbian support os upgrade from focal to hirsute or similar release upgrade on running system?
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<Werner> iav, it probably works but we will not receive support from Armbian if something goes wrong. Dist-upgrades are not well tested due to lack of ressources. If you want to try make sure to have a backup and freeze kernel beforehand
<iav> thank you
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<Guest1658> https://i.imgur.com/yEZ9PdX.jpg - Hey. Armbian on Orange PI Lite stucks at the first boot
<Guest1658> Can you please help me where to look for an issue? The device doesn't have ethernet and I can't get to the usb keyboard for the reason above
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<lanefu> Guest1658: really cant tell anything from that screenshot
<lanefu> looks like you cutoff half the picture
<lanefu> what's teh reasomn for keyboard
<lanefu> not working
<lanefu> serial console probably best for debugging in this scenairo https://linux-sunxi.org/Xunlong_Orange_Pi_One_%26_Lite#Adding_a_serial_port
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<Guest1658> lanefu: there is no cutoff, at least on the bottom. I disabled zram through /etc/default/... and now it stucks on "armbian memory supported logging" https://i.imgur.com/EE1wA4q.jpg
<lanefu> i mean on the side of hte screen
<lanefu> hard for me t really tel whats going on... you'll have mount sdcard in another system and chroot and fix it
<Guest1658> the question how to fix it because it fails on boot, and actually there is no any detialed logs on the sdcard
<lanefu> so 2 things.. you can add `verosity=7` to /boot/armbianEnv.txt and that might help
<lanefu> and the other is.. undo your change
<Werner> You should really pickup an USB uart adapter. they are dirt cheap and extremly helpful when debugging issues with SBCs
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<Guest1658> lanefu: already did verbosity=7, didn't help a lot, I just see more messages from systemd but they're makes no sense
<lanefu> bummer. the stage between rootdisk image and OS pivot is alwasy awkward
<lanefu> and the ramlog server is annoying
<lanefu> on that fnt sometmies
<Tenkawa> Guest1658: they make no sense to you however may tell us a lot
<Tenkawa> (just pointing out)
<Tenkawa> no data is valueless to all
<Tenkawa> and I wholehearted agree with the uart sentiment.. I have 3 spare myself right now
<Tenkawa> (I burn through them like mad due to their poor build quality)
<Tenkawa> my problem is dexterity though m ore than the cable in reality
<Guest1658> Tenkawa: haha, only if i can share whole output log i see on the screen, do you know if it also saves somewhere on the sdcard?
<Tenkawa> yes in /var/log
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<Guest0> zehr good
<lanefu> Tenkawa: armbian-ramlog service can somtimes be probablematic for debugging startup issues :(
<Tenkawa> the syslog/messages and debug files are best candidates
<Tenkawa> lanefu: got to start somewhere
<lanefu> yup
<Tenkawa> ramlog btw is just a "bad idea" tm
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<Tenkawa> I learned that in mty telecom days
<Tenkawa> er my
<IgorPec> why would be that a bad idea?
<IgorPec> considering that having logging on SDcard is even worse
<Tenkawa> never have logs that are not persistent... you can always compress and trim to offset that on an sd card
<IgorPec> logs are saved to sdcard with cron
<lanefu> IgorPec: there's definetly some gaps in that process
<Tenkawa> indeed
<lanefu> and race conditions o-plenty
<IgorPec> it can be improved, surely. we already did since 1st implementation
<Tenkawa> yeah logs are just a pain in general
<lanefu> yeah.. i made some tweaks that help a lot... probably delaying the startup more would help
<IgorPec> if you need logging, you need to disable that and also go down with commit value
<Tenkawa> ack gotta run... afk for a few hours
<Tenkawa> cheers al
<Tenkawa> er all
<IgorPec> cya
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<iav> anybody there uses `compile.sh docker`?
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<IgorPec> doesn't it work?
<IgorPec> i use it sometimes
<iav> it work.
<iav> I start use it because my hosts still focal, but try to use buiilds for hirsute
<IgorPec> yeah, it should work
<iav> I mount my local cache into builder container... and want to insert some commented strings into container preparation to show how easy it can be done if somebody want
<iav> will you accept such patch?
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<IgorPec> sure, can be useful to someone
<iav> nice. will do.
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<iav> why at all something still requires gcc4 to build? or, maybe, it's not required now?
<iav> for example uboot for odroidn2
<IgorPec> don't know, espressobin or odroid n2
<IgorPec> n2 could work with mainline, but nobody have enought time to bring that up
<iav> I look uboot for N2 building now. It does 3 or 4 iterations, firsts finishes with errors
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<c0rnelius> Getting mainline uboot working on the n2 is pretty simples. Just build it like you would anything else and run the boot fips bit on it.
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<IgorPec> does it work well?
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<c0rnelius> I don't own the board n2/+ but my test builder builds it. Tenkawa uses it so I know it works.
<c0rnelius> I'm waiting for the n2+ to get back in stock so I can order one.
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<rneese> c0rnelius, i have a n2
<rneese> plus
<rneese> with 32gig emmc
<lanefu> he'll throw in in autographed photo as well
<rneese> I will throw in Lanefu for support
<lanefu> lol
<rneese> no extra cost
<rneese> it also has the metal case and the plastic case
<rneese> I can preload it before shipping also
<c0rnelius> How much and whats wrong with it?
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<IgorPec> c0rnelius: welcome to make PR. we can test
<rneese> nothing its new I just use my t4 and pbp more
<rneese> I got it when I was doing the new desktops
<lanefu> he changed religions to rockchip
<rneese> its less then 6 months old
<rneese> lol
<c0rnelius> The n2? or the n2+?
<c0rnelius> Didn't they discontinue the n2?
<rneese> its the n2plus
<rneese> with 32 gig emmc
<c0rnelius> you state side?
<rneese> nope I live on venus but commute to eath daily
<rneese> lol
<rneese> yes
<c0rnelius> :)
<rneese> Tenn
<c0rnelius> ok. I'm in FL.
<c0rnelius> How much you want for it?
<rneese> lanefu, is the sister I never had and the brother Inever voted for
<c0rnelius> Yeah I gots lots of those.
<rneese> I have the bt dongle
<rneese> for it
<rneese> the wifi dongle is not supported need a new one
<rneese> but with metal case it goes to 125
<rneese> I just got the case for it
<rneese> make it 110
<rneese> lol
<rneese> I have the fan for it also
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<rneese> it also has rtc battery
<rneese> looks like the rt chip was fixed
<rneese> so the wifi dongle works
<c0rnelius> OK I'm in.. Where do I a sign? The post doesn't explain how I'm supposed to buy this :) You got PayPal or..?
<rneese> so it is all there bt and wifi dongle metal case plastic case fan 32gig emmc
<rneese> and power brick
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<rneese_> so let me know
<rneese_> and I can pack and ship asap
<c0rnelius> rneese_: There answer is, yes.
<c0rnelius> How do we go about payment
<rneese_> ok
<rneese_> can you do paypall
<c0rnelius> sure can
<rneese_> r.neese@gmail.com
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<rneese_> emailme your shipping imnfo
<c0rnelius> rneese_: done
<rneese_> you now have commited to learning the n2 and helping support it
<rneese_> just so you know
<lanefu> MUWHAHAHA
<c0rnelius> :)
<c0rnelius> I can help on the mainline front with u-boot :)
<lanefu> amen!
<rneese_> you will have to join the #armbian-devel channel
<rneese_> ok its boxed up and will go out tuesday
<rneese_> as the po is closed monday
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<GGuest> Hey. I asked above regarding stuck armbian loading on orange pi lite. I was able to move forward, i set /etc/udev/udev.conf the value event_timeout to 30, and I was able to move a few steps forward https://i.imgur.com/LXArSuQ.jpg
<GGuest> unfortunately, it stucks later. i'm trying to figure out what kind of problem can be produced by udev
<GGuest> holy sht, i got it working. in udev.conf set event_timeout=0 event_delay=0
<lanefu> haha that's awesome.. so this is an issue with yuor usb keyboard?
<GGuest> probably yes
<GGuest> actually, i started installing armbian just because wifi driver didn't work on archlinux which ran with no problem, i see it neither doesn't recognize well the chipset
<GGuest> however 8189fs works good, thank you a lot for supporting
<lanefu> thanks for choosing armbian
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<iav> 96 minutes, and odroid-n2 with focal build image for hirsute on helios4!
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<iav> but looks like something goes wrong — it not boots.
<IgorPec> you have build helios4 image on n2?
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<iav> yes
<IgorPec> probably we need some tools that are in x86 binary form to make bootloader together
<iav> kernel build takes much time. then I try to repeat with kernel from repo. to see the reason of not boot in kernel, uboot or build process
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<IgorPec> that should work
<iav> 7 minutes without kernel compilation
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<iav> hm. it boots.
<iav> then droid produces work uboot, but not loadable kernel. suddenly.
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