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<buZz> congratz :)
<lanefu> lol thanks
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<tparys> new irc digs?
<lanefu> tparys: yeah looks like our old one, but the walls dont have scuffs yet
<tparys> there's plenty of time for that
<lanefu> this is true
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<ArmbianTwitter> @sinovoip (Banana pi Open Source): Armbian for beginners / armbian-config https://t.co/cW28wQzsNN https://tinyurl.com/yje6kvcm (17s ago)
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<vm> what could be the reason that the cubieboard2 keeps resetting while trying to boot?
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<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> on topic about matrix as a gating central point https://twitter.com/liberachat/status/1396920289641091079
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<ArmbianTwitter> @youngyukari (Makusu 🌸): @kobol_io last kernel from @armbian (5.10.35-rockchip64 #21.05.1 SMP PREEMPT Fri May 7) seem to break the udev rules for /dev/thermal-cpu https://tinyurl.com/yfx5f3mw (1s ago)
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<ArmbianTwitter> @armbian (armbian): @youngyukari @kobol_io Twitter might not be the best place for technical support questions. Use kobol forums https://t.co/UQ6PIXr3oJ or send a patch directly to the build system https://t.co/TNt4vprBLK https://tinyurl.com/yh9za9ch (4s ago)
<vm> the most recent buster.img for cubieboard2 does not work. e.g. it resets while trying to boot. any hints?
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<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> is `dpkg --add-architecture i386` still usable in armbian builder?
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> * is `dpkg --add-architecture i386` still required in armbian builder?
<ArmbianTwitter> @hackerfantastic (Hacker Fantastic): @lanefu @stealth @armbian For every local root bug you are told about or discover being shared publicly, at least a dozen others are not shared or discussed :) LPE's are relatively common and require an attacker to have local access so sharing publicly as 0day is not that uncommon as risk is reduced. https://tinyurl.com/yzfcvgze (13s ago)
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<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: why do you need that? not sure if we need this
<ArmbianTwitter> @lanefu (Lane Jennison): @hackerfantastic @stealth @armbian Okay yeah that does make sense to share as a 0day then... I appreciate your explaination. Also wanted to apologize if I was shifting blame.... I didn't think I was, but I gotta think through that and figure it out for the next time something comes up. https://tinyurl.com/yetj4jjk (7s ago)
<cheakoirccloud> Were can I make suggestions for https://www.armbian.com/espressobin/ ? It's using a part number that doesn't match any known part, even the link points to another part. Also I've determined that going by the Chip only and not the Product can cause issues, thought with a sample size of one I'm less certain this is correct. I'll explain.
<Xogium> there's noone that maintains support for ebin anymore
<Xogium> its community support only, if that
<cheakoirccloud> Then the obvious request is to take down that page?
<lanefu> cheakoirccloud: are you talking about the v5 boards vs v7?
<cheakoirccloud> Better to say nothing than to speak and be incorrect.
<cheakoirccloud> I'm not certain what board I have, still.
<lanefu> anyway proceed with explaining
<lanefu> the board will say v4, v5 or v7 somewhere on it
<Xogium> isn't it near to the ethernet switch ? Hmm nah, those must be mac
<Tenkawa> Xogium: btw:
<Tenkawa> they are still quite popular
<Tenkawa> the v7's are all over the place
<Xogium> strange
<Xogium> on globalscale website itself, all you can buy is their espressobin ultra
<lanefu> Yeah they're popular.. but they're a PITA, no armbian dev has one.. and the community contributors on the forum hate armbian and only post patchesin the forum and dont contribute to our git
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> igorpec: ` Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/hirsute-security/universe/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not Found` — stopper when try to use docker builder on aarch64
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<cheakoirccloud> QCA9890 doesn't exist, AFAICT. The link is to an QCA988080 witch might be just QCA9880. The WLE900VX specifically was DoA for me, could be that this product/board doesn't mesh well with the Ebin's particular flavor of mPCIe. I've ordered another product based on the QCA9880.
<Tenkawa> lanefu: well most people arent thrilled with nanopi either but they are everywhere
<cheakoirccloud> I still have the WLE900VX, but have the RMA.
<lanefu> anyway i'm just giving context on where armbian is with the ebin
<Tenkawa> indeed
<Xogium> it looks like gst doesn't even sell the ebin standalone now, either v5 or v7
<Xogium> you can only buy the ultra combo which is like a router with wifi and LTE
<Tenkawa> gst?
<Xogium> and PoE
<Xogium> globalscale technology
<Tenkawa> ah
<Tenkawa> ok
<Tenkawa> I just looked at the global reseller list and that was one of the ones in stock
<Xogium> or at least it was that way, the last time I checked
<Tenkawa> I'm currently buried 8 machines deep in rpi
<Xogium> yeah if anything you might have better support if you buy from amazon, ironically, because of customer protection and all that. Buying directly from globalscale, I would not recommend given that if your board arrives DOA and you request a refund you are simply ignored
<Tenkawa> haahaa
<Tenkawa> ouch
<Xogium> yep gst is an awefull company
<Tenkawa> sounds like it
<Xogium> plus, they sometimes ship boards that you can't even boot properly because they flashed a bootloader that is missing the spi flash driver
<lanefu> cheakoirccloud: yeah so sorry to be a wank, but I don't think we need to make adjustments to our download page.
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<cheakoirccloud> I've only tried OpenWRT and Armbian, is there something else I can try?
<cheakoirccloud> Honestly Armbian works more than %90.
<lanefu> honestly. go check out the NetBSD or FreeBSD or pfsense
<lanefu> for other alternatives... haha yeah 90% is pretty good
<lanefu> what's the 10% problem
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> impossible to build with `RELEASE=hirsute` on a `focal` workstation, then I try to use building with docker. and see how inside docker builder based on hirsute second stage of debootstarp fails.
<Werner> Hi
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> now looking where to add `-x` to get a shell trace up to debootstrap call place, still not found.
<cheakoirccloud> Networking broke with a recent upgrade, still working on what pkg caused the "Network is down" variant of `Could not join netdev`. Difficult to google because there are so many `Could not join netdev`. Getting a WiFi card has been a struggle, between whatever is going on with WLE900VX and Intel locking their consumer grade cards.
<cheakoirccloud> Another Armbian specific pain is that when I ask about things in #debian-kernel on OFTC, I'm told the kernels are so different they can't help.
<lanefu> cheakoirccloud: bummer. yea you may just wanna strip out all the network stuff adn just do it by hand... i can't remember if its using network manager, networkd, or just theother thing
<lanefu> if you used a debian kernel, it woudln't work period
<ArmbianTwitter> @youngyukari (Makusu 🌸): @armbian @kobol_io Will do thanks https://tinyurl.com/yzzy7r2j (4s ago)
<lanefu> I mean it might.. but thats the whole thing armbian does. we put all the pieces together so that things boot
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<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: that is not a problem of armbian, ubuntu doesn't provide security patches for their hirsute
<IgorPec> safe to ignore
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> there not only security:
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> E: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/hirsute/universe/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> E: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/hirsute-updates/universe/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> E: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/hirsute-security/universe/binary-i386/Packages 404 Not Found [IP: 80]
<IgorPec> well, in any case this is ubuntu server isssue
<IgorPec> i386???
<IgorPec> WTF?
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> builder wants to install `zlib1g:i386`
<IgorPec> builder should do everything for you ...
<IgorPec> no manual adjustment whatsoever ... enless some bug sneaked into
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> \https://github.com/armbian/build/search?q=i386
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> * https://github.com/armbian/build/search?q=i386
<IgorPec> nekomancer[m]: sorry, i have sleept 3h last night. Will not check
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> igorpec: please, care for yourself. we need you!
<Werner> Ah building dependency. I guess it is fine. Maybe was needed for older stuff. On the bottomline there is nothing we could do about.
<lanefu> Igor is a build depedency. go to bed
<lanefu> i didnt sleep for shit last night either
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> werner: who can require 32bit libs? maybe it's device- or manufacter- depended requirement?
<Werner> I don't know. Was just a guess and from a quick "blame" on that line this has been added years ago
<IgorPec> could be by some weird legacy compling stuff
<IgorPec> could also be deprecated
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] * nekomancer[m] trying to comment-out and see
<IgorPec> weird compilers are needed for odroids
<IgorPec> elsewhere we have moved on i thnk
<IgorPec> ebin atf is also a mixture of strange junk
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<cheakoirccloud> https://paste.debian.net/1198747/ I've a good boot, then a failed boot... with no dpkg logs in between. What else should I be looking for?
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<Tenkawa> cheakoirccloud: well your clock is off for one
<Tenkawa> the date/time messages in mount are going to stop boots depending on conditionals
<Tenkawa> do you have a boot disk to run fsck on it with?
<Tenkawa> or even boot it in single user and fsck the filesystems
<Tenkawa> (and check the date/time
<cheakoirccloud> There is only the /boot fs that is fscked, root is btrfs.
<Tenkawa> no
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<Tenkawa> if it gets enough errors it :will: and enough mounts.. in this case yes mmcblk0p1 is boot
<Tenkawa> they key is you have a huge gap in yuor log too
<Tenkawa> eer your
<Tenkawa> May 21 12:28:52 localhost systemd-networkd[331]: lan2: Failed 2021-05-20 23:03:28 status installed libc-bin:arm64 2.31-11 2021-05-23 10:32:49 startup packages remove
<Tenkawa> it goes from may 21 to may 20 to may 23
<Tenkawa> why?
<Tenkawa> ack. I need to go afk.. .bbialw
<cheakoirccloud> AFAICT there was just no dpkg acctivity during that time? I got these logs from `/.snapshot` running `find -path \*/var/log\* -name dpkg.log\*.gz -exec zcat {} + -o -path \*/var/log\* -name dpkg.log\* -not -name daemon.log\*.gz -exec cat {} +|sort -M|uniq|tee ~/dpkg-thing.log` This is the same way I got the `daemon.log` data, this is because the logs start around May 20 23:03 and I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing
<cheakoirccloud> anything... Especially since there seems to be a gap in the logs.
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<f476> ra
<f476> ups, sorry
<f476> missed terminal))
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> what target board to try to get 32 bit target?
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<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <Redentor> How do i change my locales ?
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<HerculeP> I'd use armbian-config
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<stipa> scavanged atheros wifi mpcie cards have wanished from the ebay
<stipa> at least AC ones
<stipa> a month ago it looked like noone wants them and were sold for like sub 10$
<stipa> now there's one seller selling one for 33$ and he sold a bunch
<stipa> for 33$ i get awesome sbc from china with non functional wifi
<Tenkawa> these work great on my odroids and rpi's
<Tenkawa> (if you like usb)
<stipa> i need something that can penetrate walls
<Tenkawa> stipa: I use them through my house 2500 ft outside
<stipa> with detachable antennas
<stipa> a yeah
<stipa> it's RTL8811AU , i heard that chip is fully working now
<Tenkawa> well maybe more likely 2000
<Tenkawa> but they are scary
<Tenkawa> I was shocked
<Tenkawa> the ones I have been disappointed by are my iwlwifi and marvel
<stipa> my wifi setup is a minefield
<Tenkawa> (and dont get me started on brcmfmac)
<stipa> yeah, globbaly it all sux
<Tenkawa> indeed
<stipa> but
<stipa> i have new hardware, maybe it's just a matter of drivers not there yet
<stipa> nothing i have is older than maybe 3 years
<Tenkawa> true
<Tenkawa> most of mine is the same
<stipa> RTL8811AU is around decade or more old
<Tenkawa> certain gens are
<Tenkawa> they keep updating it
<stipa> didn't know they're updating it
<Tenkawa> yep
<Tenkawa> just a sec
<stipa> that's ok
<Tenkawa> seems that one was stopped at least 5 years ago though now
<Tenkawa> the 8821.. thats the one that appears to still be going
<c0rnelius> Yeah the AU's are the only good ones. the CU and BU over heat and drop to much.
<stipa> i have 8812bu, crashing in usb3 mode
<stipa> in usb2 is ok
<c0rnelius> Even when putting a heat sink on them they still drop
<Xogium> huh ? My 8811cu I'm using rn doesn't overheat and doesn,t drop
<c0rnelius> My CU drops like crazy
<Xogium> link quality is 97/100 most of the time, noise 0/100 and signal 90/100
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <nekomancer[m]> seems `NO_APT_CACHER=yes` required for docker on arch64. currently there is a branch in code for virtual builder on amd64 only. maybe, add there arm64, to `if`?
<Xogium> its one of these neat dongles with a 10 cm antenna that you can move around though
<c0rnelius> I was thinking about removing it from its housing and doing a soldering job on it and slapping a heat sink on it for good measure just to see if it would behave its self.
<c0rnelius> Oh mine isn't that nice.
<Xogium> yeah I figure the antenna kind of helps
<Tenkawa> yeah this one 88XXau v5.6.4.2_35491.20191025 has been working really well
<c0rnelius> I'm sure it does. I bought mine for my laptop so its really small.
<HerculeP> you can even put them in a tin can to get some gain in special directions
<c0rnelius> But now it just sits in the desk as its useless.
<Xogium> but yeah I reckon it probably drops a lot because of the heat issues or because of the fact the antenna isn't as good
<Tenkawa> HerculeP: watch out for swr's
<Xogium> mine's not even slightly warm to the touch
<c0rnelius> Only ones I have no probs with are the AU
<Xogium> heh I can,t eveen say what's written on my dongle if anything unfortunately
<c0rnelius> Ralink is pretty solid and works out of the box.
<HerculeP> tiny Edimax works well and cool here
<HerculeP> (on an odroidc2 where ethernet fails)
<stipa> the only chip that works in my setup is Atheros AR9271 ant that is wifi N chip
<stipa> usb2
<stipa> i would like to try MT7612 chip https://bit.ly/34iati0
<stipa> saw one place on alibaba where minimall order is 2 pieces, can't find it now
<stipa> it's probably the same seller that bumped minimal pieces for order from 2 to 10
<stipa> there are some one ebay
<stipa> yeah
<stipa> they werent some time ago
<stipa> 16$ piece
<stipa> don't know what chip MT7612UN is about, it's 10 $
<stipa> it has additional UN at the end
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<stipa> yeah, maybe i should stock myself with stuff since on first of july on every packet from china i have to pay 25 % of taxes
<stipa> not just from the china but for everywhere that's not EU
<stipa> used electronics went 300% up, taxes from the governemnt for a letter from china...
<stipa> what's next
<stipa> i would not be able to afford a slice of bread
<stipa> catastrophic
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<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <Redentor> @ArmbianBridge, Just edit .bashrc to change language for the user.
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <[TheBug]> hehe you @ the bridge
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <[TheBug]> you probably want to tag person directly instead
<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <[TheBug]> its a bit of a pain but will help prevent confusion
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<ArmbianBridge> [freenode] <Redentor> vnstats is install by default ?