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<d1b2> <Gabriel> This is nifty. Solution is to use lambda to re-call Cat every time you wanna use the combined form py class Color: def __init__(self, bits_per_channel): self.r = Signal(bits_per_channel) self.g = Signal(bits_per_channel) self.b = Signal(bits_per_channel) self.rgb = lambda: Cat(self.b, self.g, self.r) c = Color(4) out_red = Signal(4) m.d.sync += c.rgb().eq(0x123) m.d.sync += out_red.eq(c.r)
<d1b2> <zyp> suggestion; do this instead: @attribute def rgb(self): return Cat(self.b, self.g, self.r)
<d1b2> <zyp> that'll let you write c.rgb.eq(0x123) without the ()
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