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<FL4SHK> so, I'm making an Amaranth-inspired C-like AST generation library
<FL4SHK> and uh
<FL4SHK> I'd like to know
<FL4SHK> There are some aspects of Amaranth that are relevant to what I'm doing
<FL4SHK> like tracer
<FL4SHK> I've picked the MIT license
<FL4SHK> Is it permissible for me to copy relevant Amaranth into my code, and if so, how do I do so while keeping with Amaranth's license?
<FL4SHK> I plan on compiling the AST down into support for a number of old platforms that don't see a whole lot of love from big compilers
<FL4SHK> but that's for the future
<FL4SHK> ...mostly old Nintendo platforms, for those wondering
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* GenTooMan has no idea about the licensing, "however Amaranth can directly generate verilog code or using yosys generate RTL or further down the chain directly generate device specific binary streams. What I am saying is, you may not need to copy any Amaranth code, but just supply Amaranth compatible python scripting."
<GenTooMan> FL4SHK, Amaranth uses yosys to also do fast simulations. So amaranth without yosys may not be of much use. I "think" what you are considering is creating projects that use Amaranth specific code to generate output for your project?
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