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<Degi> mubes: That should work, it should not have any pullups / pulldowns by default. Which board are you using? Any chance that the pin is damaged?
<d1b2> <mubes> It’s our own board, and the whole batch (well, the few we’ve tested) have the same behaviour. This conversation also got going over in #fpga and it’s been suggested it might be being optimised out. Will check that once the dog is walked and errands have been run. Will report back.
<Degi> How do you detect that there is a pulldown?
<d1b2> <mubes> We have a 10K pullup on the pin and its sitting at 2v2
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<d1b2> <mubes> Just to close this one off, ensuring the pin was pulled into the config and not optimised out fixed the problem (more discussion in #fpga )
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<Degi> Interesting that pulling is on by default
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