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<d1b2> <Gabriel> alright, more silly questions that I don't know how to look up
<d1b2> <Gabriel> I want a color palette where each color is 12 bits and there are 8 of them. Can I do a 2D array? While keeping it as registers
<d1b2> <Gabriel> also I thought I remembered a way to automatically pipeline a signal with s.last() or something like that to get the value from the last clock cycle. Did I make that up?
<whitequark> <d1b2> "<Gabriel> I want a color palette..." <- yes, using `Array`
<whitequark> <d1b2> "<Gabriel> also I thought I..." <- there's `Past` in the formal part of the language, but I recommend against using it as there are issues with resets
<d1b2> <Gabriel> Awesome, thanks!
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<ariaveta> Hello, any hint about how to install amaranth board definitions? The topic is marked as "TODO" on the website
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<jevinskie[m]> python3 -m amaranth_boards.icebreaker ?
<jevinskie[m]> After running setup.py or pip in amaranth-boards
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