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<rzr> hi,
<rzr> i am observing do_fetch hanging at 100% on ovmf ? any clue ?
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<RP> rzr: what does ps show as running?
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<hmw[m]> hi, Im trying to use cmake in a project but im getting #error "__WORDSIZE is not defined" ( but it is pulling bits/c++config.h:3, from host file system not out of the sdk)
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<LetoThe2nd> yo dudX
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<qschulz> o/
<rzr> RP, hi richard
<rzr> a couple of bitbake-worker decafbad
<rzr> let me try again with --debug
<LetoThe2nd> decaf? BAD!!!
<rzr> let me try to build again in docker container too
<rzr> i am using latest ubuntu
<RP> rzr: usually to do that it would be waiting on the exit of some command :/
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<RP> LetoThe2nd: bitbake has strong feelings on that :)
<LetoThe2nd> RP: obviously we are aligned.
<RP> LetoThe2nd: the fakeroot worker has decafbadbad
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<LetoThe2nd> RP: +1
<RP> should have been decafdeadbad in hindsight
<LetoThe2nd> decafdead
<landgraf> rzr: I had some issues with long do_fetch of ovmf as well
<landgraf> rzr: it took around 1hr iirc
<rzr> landgraf, hi
<landgraf> rzr: hi
<rzr> the problem for me is that it's hanging after 100%
<rzr> landgraf, I think this package is about 1GB ...
<rzr> 0: ovmf-native-edk2-stable202111-r0 do_fetch (pid 808701) 100% |###################################################################################################################################################################| 35.2M/s
<RP> keep in mind the progress bars may not be 100% accurate
<RP> i.e. it could still be doing something
<rzr> the git process is gone
<rzr> any timeout / delay variable to adjust ?
<RP> no, there would be a delay there to adjust
<RP> wouldn't
<RP> it does do other things after fetching such as mirror archiving. I assume you looked at the do_fetch log file?
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<jclsn[m]> Can anyone tell me which layer provides Electron?
<jclsn[m]> There was a meta-electron once in OSSystems, but it is gone
<landgraf> rzr: 8 commits latest one was 8 years ago
<rzr> yes I know that this project is not easy to rebuild
<jclsn[m]> rzr: Do you use that layer? Is it any good?
<rzr> jclsn[m], no I was just looking at webengines and found that one
<jclsn[m]> Yeah but it doesn't look maintained
<rzr> jclsn[m], look at nwjs maybe it's better
<jclsn[m]> I need to know if anyone has experience with Electron and Yocto
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<jclsn[m]> Tried building Electron for honister but I am getting this error
<jclsn[m]> /meta-electron/recipes-electron/electron/ cannot map aarch64 to electron architecture
<jclsn[m]> ```
<jclsn[m]> ```
<jclsn[m]> s///, s///.//
<jclsn[m]> Guess it is inheriting the architecture somehow from npm
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<jclsn[m]> Uh this is Electron 7 also. Electron is at version 19 by now...
<michaelo> Hi halstead: oops the index on is broken. Can you do something about it?
<qschulz> michaelo: this is more and more recurrent, what's happening? Is there something we can do to make sure this does not happen anymore (or at least much less)?
<Saur[m]> rzr: Try `ps auxwwwf | less` and search for bitbake. That is usually a good way to find out what processes bitbake is currently running.
<rburton> pstree -p -l $(pgrep '^Cooker$')
<rburton> that will show a nice tree of all the processes under the main bitbake process
<michaelo> qschulz: you're right, this is quite frequent. I'll ask halstead what can cause this.
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<landgraf> rzr: ovmf-native-edk2-stable202111-r0 do_fetch completed
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<rzr> Saur[m], yea i know but i only see decafbad and log file only list TaskStarted event
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<otavio> jclsn[m]: Electron isn't avail on OE/Yocto as far as I know. It is not easy to package. I suggest using cog, chromium or webengine
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<RP> michaelo: the issue is probably related to warnings in
<RP> michaelo: or some of those errors :/
<jclsn[m]> <otavio> "jclsn: Electron isn't avail on..." <- Thanks. I guess I will ditch Electron then. I am not going into maintaining a layer for it, if it is that hard
<otavio> jclsn[m]: it is as kinda complex as chromium. It isn't worth (in my opinion)
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<jclsn[m]> <otavio> "jclsn: it is as kinda complex as..." <- Yeah, cog seems like a simple alternative. Plus the meta-webkit layer is maintained by Igalia, which is a real company
<jclsn[m]> But cog seems to be still in beta phase
<jclsn[m]> There is no version 1.0
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<rburton> RP: meta-arm is now kirkstone
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<jclsn[m]> webkit and cog have already been evaluated by a colleague I was just told. He said performance and debugging options were not good
<JaMa> rburton: will you run the spdx script as well or should I send patch for meta-arm?
<rburton> JaMa: if you have a patch, send it :)
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<JaMa> ok, sent
<rburton> thanks
<JPEW> jclsn[m]: We're using WebKit+cog in production
<jclsn[m]> JPEW: To display the UI of your watches?
<jclsn[m]> Can you maybe give me tips to improve performance then? What are the advantages comapred to Chromium?
<JPEW> jclsn[m]: No. I work on boat displays (think "glass helm"); we have a program for 3rd parties to display content on our screens using HTML5
<jclsn[m]> JPEW: On what p
<jclsn[m]> on what machine?
<JPEW> When I was doing the evaluation a few years ago, WebKit took ~1/2 the time to build in Yocto vs. Chromium (which, since WebKit can take an hour is saying something!)
<jclsn[m]> Advantages compared to Chromium?
<JPEW> The lowest end we can display on is a dual-core ARM A7 (I think)
<jclsn[m]> Building Yocto
<jclsn[m]> fast is not so crucial. Performance during runtime is important
<JPEW> Also, Wayland support was mandatory for use and Chromium wasn't there yet (when I last looked a few years ago)
<jclsn[m]> There is chromium-ozone-wayland now
<JPEW> Ok. My understanding of the tradeoff is that WebKit is smaller and lighter than Chromium, which seems to be the case in my eval
<JPEW> But, Chromium might perform better, if that's your goal
<jclsn[m]> Yeah I would assume that as well
<jclsn[m]> My colleague said Chromium was faster though
<jclsn[m]> We have an old i.MX6 board, so performance is important
<jclsn[m]> on the i.MX8 it won't matter so much
<JPEW> Ya, our concern was resource usage, since we have to fit in products that are also doing other important things :)
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<JPEW> (and wayland support)
<jclsn[m]> Yeah sounds good in theory
<jclsn[m]> I guess I will have to re-evaluate
<jclsn[m]> The old evaluation was a year ago
<JPEW> jclsn[m]: I'd recommend using since the webkit in oe-core tends to lag behind
<jclsn[m]> JPEW: Already building that one :)
<jclsn[m]> Taking some time as well
<qschulz> running Chromium in a flatpak with Wayland only.. crashes multiple times a day so I'm not sure it's there yet :)
<jclsn[m]> Oh but almost done
<jclsn[m]> significantly faster than chromium
<qschulz> (on my PC obviously)
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<JPEW> Ya, WebKit also doesn't require clang & friends, so that helps
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<JPEW> (unless you already were using clang anyway, we were not)
<RP> moto-timo: Adding --froce-reinstall to the pip flags fixes that AB issue FWIW
<RP> --force-reinstall
<RP> rburton: thanks, things look greener again now :)
<jclsn[m]> JPEW: chromium requires clang as well
<JPEW> Use the --force !
<jclsn[m]> Ah webkit doesn't
<jclsn[m]> I see
<smurray> RP: I realize this morning that the convert-spdx-licenses script has the same issue wrt closing the new file, do you want another patch?
<RP> smurray: I was meaning to check that. Please
<smurray> RP: okay, will do once I'm off this conf call
<RP> moto-timo: well, it fixed a local reproducer of one issue
<RP> JPEW: I did mean to ask you about something. I don't know if you've ever played with the threaded checkstatus code in sstate.bbclass?
<JPEW> RP: Let mess
<JPEW> me see
<RP> JPEW: It is worrying me a bit as the recent environment issues we ran into there scare me
<RP> JPEW: It runs in core bitbake context and shares a datastore amongst multiple threads why it uses threads rather than multiprocess. I'm not convinced it is safe though
<JPEW> Hmm, whats the race?
<JPEW> Ya, seems like it could race easily
<RP> JPEW: basically I hacked it to setup the correct env in advance then it doesn't have to change it
<RP> not something I like :/
<JPEW> Ya, I can see why
<RP> which is a fun trace to debug
<qschulz> smurray: can't we use context instead of manually closing the fie descriptor?
<RP> JPEW: going forward we may need to thread the fetcher code too to help solve some of the go issues so I'm getting a bit worried :/
<RP> I wonder if async may be more helpful...
<JPEW> RP: I was just going to say that
<rburton> RP: do you remember if there was any conclusion on removing the exported test stuff in oeqa?
<JPEW> The "threading" is so that you can have multiple child processes running at once?
<jclsn[m]> cog is not really a good tool to propose your boss in German, because we pronounce every consonants at the end of the word hardly
<JPEW> (presumably, get since the GIL isn't going to allow multiple bits of python code to run at once)
<jclsn[m]> s/hardly/hard/
* JPEW doesn't know enough linguistics to know why that's a problem... pretty sure it's pronounced as a hard "g" in English too
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<jclsn[m]> No in English you pronounce a "g" soft in the end. In Germany it will always be a "k"
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<smurray> qschulz: I went with the simplest fix possible, AFAICS the logic would need to be shifted around to make that work since the file is opened beforehand
<qschulz> jclsn[m]: depends on the region :)
<jclsn[m]> So there is this tool "cock"
<jclsn[m]> Super light weight
<jclsn[m]> Littel overhead
<jclsn[m]> Kinda gay haha
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<jclsn[m]> qschulz: In English? I studies Anglistics once. Consonants are usually pronounced softly
<qschulz> jclsn[m]: in German, words ending in ig aren't pronounced the same way everywhere
<qschulz> though yes.. cog does not end with ig :)
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<LetoThe2nd> okay folks, can agree on this being covered now?
<jclsn[m]> Calls himself a jester and spoils the fun...
<JPEW> LetoThe2nd: Yes
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<JPEW> RP: Arguably, the fetcher should not be manipulating the environment in that way anyway. It *should* pass the correct environment to the subprocess and not change it locally
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<JPEW> RP: Oh, but it's running python code.... that's too bad
* JPEW wonders if the fetcher should fork for that part
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<rber|res> I am a bit confused about header only recipes which seem to work although no one sets ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1"
<rber|res> I thought that if the "main" package is empty you have to allow that explicitly.
<JaMa> rber|res: why do you think so? header only recipe is usually quite useless on target and creating empty package doesn't help anyone (other than ${PN}-dev default RDEPENDS which you can set to empty instead of default ${PN})
<JaMa> RDEPENDS:${PN}-dev = "" is useful in header only recipes, but ALLOW_EMPTY is just bad work around
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<rber|res> @JaMa, this seems to explain it ;)
<rber|res> @JaMa, Now I am only wondering about the SDK. Normally I would just include the main package in the image and the SDK contains the -dev package. Does this still work?
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<rber|res> @JaMa, and I guess the same or a similar trick should work with statically linked library only (.a) recipes as well
<RP> rburton: no, but I do keep getting tempted to
<RP> JPEW: a separate process could work but that code does connection caching
<RP> JPEW: basically there is a connection opened per thread so we can check the presence of a large number of http urls quickly in parallel
<RP> JPEW: I'm not saying it a is a good thing, just what it does
<JPEW> I see that. For better or worse I usually assume that if people want connection caching, they would use `requests` :)
<JPEW> So I sort of glossed over that part
<JPEW> Makes sense here though
<smurray> rber|res: for SDKs all the dev (and dbg and src) packages corresponding to the packages in the target image are installed
<smurray> rber|res: if you need static-dev in the SDK, take a look at SDKIMAGE_FEATURES
<rber|res> @smurray I am aware of that, but with RDEPENDS:${PN}-dev = "" we don't have any empty "main" package to be installed into the target image.
<smurray> rber|res: AFAIK the mechanism used with COMPLEMENTARY_GLOBS effectively adds the packages to IMAGE_INSTALL, it's not relying on the package manager dependencies
<smurray> rber|res: if there's no main package, the -dev can only get pulled in if it's a dependency of something else AIUI
<rber|res> smurray, Ah so you say, although there is no main package created it still works.
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<rfs613> curious if anyone else has noticed do_cve_check seems to take considerably longer than before?
<JaMa> rber|res: I think you'll need to add PN-dev to SDK explicitly, because you cannot add empty PN to IMAGE_INSTALL, so COMPLEMENTARY_GLOBS won't match on it (for dev-pkgs nor dbg-pkgs)
<JaMa> unless whatever package which uses these headers explicitly adds your PN-dev in its RDEPENDS:OtherPN-dev
<JaMa> then adding OtherPN in IMAGE_INSTALL will correctly install both -dev packages in the SDK
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<smurray> JaMa: the thing I'm sketchy on is if DEPENDS plays a role, i.e. do -dev packages have the -dev of things in a recipe's DEPENDS in the package dependencies. I was thinking they did, but I've not dug down to look at a spec file to check
<rfs613> the slowdown seems to correlate with 6ec2230291 ("cve-check: add lockfile to task") being added (I am on dunfell branch)
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<JaMa> smurray: definitely not all, e.g. I've just checked has DEPENDS = "virtual/libiconv libunistring" and the control file in .ipk says: Depends: libidn12 (= 1.36-r0) ;; Recommends: autoconf-archive-dev, glibc-dev
<smurray> JaMa: ah, okay
<JaMa> but still explicit RDEPENDS from OtherPN-dev on PN-dev IMHO makes sense in cases like this (even without building the SDK)
<JaMa> better than remembering that you need to add PN-dev to all SDKs which include OtherPN and IMHO still better than creating and installing empty package to target image, just because it makes SDK generation a bit easier
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<kergoth> any thoughts on this? Seems reasonable to me. Will slightly bump task time on sysroot_stage_all due to the call to realpath, but probably small in comparison to the actual work being done. Hmm
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<qschulz> kergoth: what about backporting patches for cpio instead? or are we relying on the host cpio for that?
<kergoth> It's host due to its use in native recipes as well, would lead to recursion trying to use our own
<kergoth> Oh, thanks, somehow I completely missed that. /eyeroll
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<RP> kergoth: I didn't particularly like having to do that but...
<kergoth> Yeah.. it's not great. Conceptually using relative paths is nice, but adding that manual realpath is ugly, and the reason for it is too
<RP> kergoth: exactly :/
<moto-timo> RP: --force-reinstall is what I was trying as well
<RP> moto-timo: it doesn't seem quite the thing to do but I thought testing and seeing if there was anything else might be helpful
<moto-timo> RP: installing has been the biggest pain of this entire process.
<RP> moto-timo: it reminds me a lot about when we tried to use a package manager to handle "staging"
<RP> what became sstate
<moto-timo> RP: I think there might be some host cache involved in pip... but not certain
<RP> moto-timo: I saw some warnings about my HOMEDIR :/
<moto-timo> RP: I suppose I could revisit python3-installer instead... but I was hoping to follow upstream "Install with pip" guidance
<RP> moto-timo: I suspect we may need to reconfigure the location
<kergoth> there's an env var for the pip cache location
<kergoth> on my mac i set it to ~/Library/Caches/pip
<moto-timo> also --download-cache <dir>
<moto-timo> reading the man page for the 1000th time
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<vmeson> rburton: Can you briefly explain why you want to remove meta/classes/testexport.bbclass ?
<rburton> JPEW: a new http fetcher that just uses requests entirely and doesn't fork out to wget sounds like an awesome idea
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<rburton> vmeson: primarily because i wasn't sure anyone was using it at all, and it is responsible for a duplicated tree of oeqa infrastructure which is just 90% redundant
<vmeson> rburton: ok, thanks.
<taco___> I've been trolling the docs and google for a while but haven't found much help for this question yet. What is the canonical way to remove busybox and move to binutils?
<LetoThe2nd> taco___: not building an image that pulls it in? core-image-full-cmdline for starters, maybe?
<taco___> oh man that is embarrassing. thanks
<rburton> JPEW: also my son wonders if you're related to James Watt
<moto-timo> seems like we might want pip cache in ${TMPDIR}/cache/pip or something like that?
<rburton> taco___: *removing* busybox entirely is hard. if you install the 'proper' tools like util-linux then those are preferred over busybox
<kergoth> rburton, JPEW: wonder if something like would be of use as an alternative to the full requests due to our issues with python dependencies
<moto-timo> ${TOPDIR} would probably mix things up too much especially for multiconfig?
<JPEW> rburton: Not AFAIK. My family name came from Scandavian. Came through New Orleans which didn't keep good records so we're not quite sure what it was before.
<rburton> kergoth: interesting. as long as it covers ssl/proxies/redirects sanely, i'm happy
* kergoth nods
<JPEW> would be my preference if we go full asyncio
<moto-timo> +1
<kergoth> good suggestion
<rburton> yeah, doing it properly with asyncio sounds like a winning move
<kergoth> I feel like it's just a matter of time before bitbake has to be used via a virtualenv, possibly with a wrapper script to ease its setup.
<kergoth> vendoring everything is not great
<rburton> agreed
<taco___> rburton thanks for that bit.
<kergoth> Not that I love installing everything with pip *either*, but.. :)
<moto-timo> kergoth: we could go with python3-installer but it was a bit more wonky (it provides a library, not an install command)
<JPEW> moto-timo, kergoth, rburton:
<moto-timo> kergoth:
<moto-timo> that was also a bit of a bootstrapping condundrum
<kergoth> JPEW: oh. hah. nice.
<JPEW> I keep carrying it around locally to test stuff, so theres some non-apropo stuff on the branch.... but it's been working pretty well for me
<kergoth> JPEW: looks promising, exactly the sort of thing i was thinking about, but better
<JPEW> kergoth: .... this is not the first time I've done this sort of wrapping :)
<kergoth> guessing it'd be nice to make the usage of the wrapper bits optional somehow, so it could be installed still. i.e. make the "real" scripts live elsewhere and install from there
<kergoth> course it's not installable anymore, so guess that doesn't matter
<JPEW> Ya, the point here is to use modules from pip instead of vendoring, so it's not really optional
<kergoth> moto-timo: looks like you're doing good work on this, and it seems to be messy, so thanks :)
<moto-timo> kergoth: you're welcome
<kergoth> JPEW: I meant more allow bitbake to be installed in the venv, and wrap the calls to the installed bitbake in the venv, but that'd probably be too easy to get out of sync, so your method is likely better. I just still rather dislike how far we deviate from typical python project behavior sometimes :)
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<kergoth> I'll have to try that bitbake-venv branch, seems nice.
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<landgraf> Is there a way to go down from the CVE metrics (link from the project status email) to the list of CVEs per release/branch without running cve-checker locally? It may be useful.
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<JPEW> kergoth: ya, I like how easy it is to still hack on bitbake with this method though. It's really the best of both worlds IMHO
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<JPEW> You can directly edit bitbake, but still use packages
<smurray> taco___: in theory setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/base-utils = "packagegroup-core-base-utils" in addition to the VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_base-utils-foo variables should get you there, but the result may need vetting, it's possible there are some things not in that packagegroup you might want
<rzr> ovmf-edk2-stable202111-r0 packaged finally
<moto-timo> RP: I'm testing with --no-cache (which is effectively what we have been doing so far anyway)
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<moto-timo> RP: RESULTS - buildepoxy.EpoxyTest.test_epoxy: ERROR (0.08s) --- seems to be a meson issue?
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<chbae> Could anyone let me know how to check debug symbol after rootfs creation? I should check it for production.
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<moto-timo> hmmm.
<zyga[m]> RP: did you manage to solve the thread/env issue that you ran into the other day?
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<moto-timo> ugh... is it the syntax of "if [ -f ${D}${bindir}/pip ]" should it be -e?
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<moto-timo> apparently so
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<moto-timo> RP: do you want a v3 entire series or just fixes on top of the series?
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<zyga[m]> RP: Nice! Threading bugs are elusive.
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<moto-timo> RP: v3 sent. the root cause of latest woes was python3-pip-native and wrong syntax of the file check for ${D}${bindir}/pip
* moto-timo hopes RP is off riding his MTB
<moto-timo> maybe too dark for that
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<tgamblin> Are there examples of recipes that add to KERNEL_FEATURES when included in a build? Bonus points if it's for a ptest
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<vmeson> tgamblin: meta-agl.git/meta-agl-bsp/virtualization-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/ = " ${@bb.utils.contains("DISTRO_FEATURES", "ptest", " features/scsi/scsi-debug.scc", "", d)}"
<vmeson> and cour mockup thing: meta-agl.git/meta-agl-bsp/virtualization-layer/recipes-kernel/linux/ = " ${@bb.utils.contains("DISTRO_FEATURES", "ptest", " features/gpio/mockup.scc", "", d)}"
<tgamblin> vmeson: Thanks. Seems like it doesn't happen in non-kernel recipes
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<kergoth> Can't change one recipe's variables from another.
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<kergoth> Hmm, seems all the yocto docs links are dead now, have to descend to a specific version to get the content
<kergoth> so all the bookmarks are useless now
<RP> moto-timo: just off eating, bit dark for the mountain bike!
<moto-timo> RP: that was my second guess
<moto-timo> RP: I'm not 100% certain v3 is the final, but it should be much closer...
<moto-timo> RP: still some collateral damage in meta-openembedded with removal of python3-nose...
<RP> moto-timo: just catching up, I saw the pip failures. I'll queue another test
<moto-timo> RP: thank you
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<RP> moto-timo: there were a couple of ptest failures in the last build btw. Not sure if they're going to be fixed or not
<moto-timo> RP: the best I could tell the buildepoxy ones were related to meson, but I don't know if that was back to the python3-pip-native root cause or not
<moto-timo> RP: those were sdk selftest, not ptest
<moto-timo> looks like kanavin's build grabbed all the workers
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<moto-timo> somehow the "fix" for pip rewriting the #!/usr/bin/nativepython3 didn't work for pytest :/
<moto-timo> oh, the fix was 1s and this is line 2
<RP> ah!
<moto-timo> different pattern, same problem
<moto-timo> pip install --do-not-do-things-we-do-not-want-you-to-do
<JPEW> moto-timo: Ah, the ever popular --dwim flag :)
<moto-timo> JPEW +1
<moto-timo> the meson-wrapper needs <native sysroot>/usr/bin/nativepython3 I think, so blanket replacement for that string is not correct
<moto-timo> (I don't pretend to fully understand the meson-wrapper just yet0
<moto-timo> above snippet is from /usr/bin/pytest
<moto-timo> same is in /usr/bin/py.test
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<RP> moto-timo: I'm still just trying to catch up with my inbox and things from being away a few hours and distracted with meetings so I'm not much help atm
<moto-timo> RP: just telling me to look for ptest failures was a help TBH
<moto-timo> RP: you get a free pass ;)
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* moto-timo files several bugs to capture what needs to get the Python PEP-517 work completely over the finish line (so they can happen between M3 and M4)
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<agherzan> JaMa: The mirroring CI workflow is now back in place.
<agherzan> For meta-raspberrypi ^
<kevinrowland> Hello Yocto folks. Is there a quick way to deploy a package that's not present in IMAGE_INSTALL to a target? I know I can do it with `devtool deploy-target`, but that requires me to run `devtool modify` and `devtool build` first. Is there a way to "deploy to the target" after just doing a call to `bitbake`? I'm trying to keep instructions simple
<kevinrowland> for the rest of my team, especially those who aren't super familiar with Yocto. Maybe I should just write a little wrapper to `rsync` the contents of `packages-split/${PN}/` after `bitbake` builds the thing?
<agherzan> With this occasion, I've implemented a GitHub action to deal with git mirrors: . If anyone is interested, check it out.
<moto-timo> agherzan: that is very handy. thank you for sharing
<agherzan> moto-timo: I'm glad. Feel free to contribute. My next plan is to have multiple destinations
<agherzan> So you can push to multiple remotes your GitHub repo.
<agherzan> (without multiple local bares)
<moto-timo> kevinrowland: you can use a package manager and a "package feed" or you can use NFS/TFTP
<moto-timo> kevinrowland: hypothetically some "smarter" workflow with rsync could be added (hand-wavy) somewhere
<kevinrowland> moto-timo: does the "package feed" route require `rpm` or another package manager to be installed on the target?
<kevinrowland> moto-timo: I love `devtool` because it knows which files need to be deployed (although I think it's a little heavy handed and deploys from `image/`). A package manager would probably have the same knowledge, right?
<JaMa> agherzan: thanks, I'll switch to github anyway (already done in some builds - for others already pending reviews to switch), but consistency will be still very useful for other users
<agherzan> JaMa: Indeed.
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<moto-timo> kevinrowland: yes, you would need dnf, apt or opkg on target
<moto-timo> kevinrowland: I am a _HUGE_ fan of devtool, but sometimes having to devtool modify etc is a burden
<kevinrowland> moto-timo: "package feed" tip was great, thank you. Looks like I have some reading to do in the "Using Runtime Package Management" section of the mega manual