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<enaut[m]> Thank you all for the valuable hints and explanations. Starting electronics with rust may not be the easiest path, but it is a fun one... My project that I worked on yesterday was to get the display st7735 working - and because I sometimes was not sure whether the controller is in DFU mode (I already ordered an st-... (full message at <>)
<enaut[m]> And I can't use the actual delay twice because both functions need a mutable reference...
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<juliand[m]> <enaut[m]> "Thank you all for the valuable..." <- You will have different `Delay` structs for different crates that provide delays. And drivers will often require that you pass a delay that implements embedded-hal's `DelayNs` trait, see
<juliand[m]> So the driver does not have to care how exactly the delay is implemented (there is a lot of different ways and they vary between basically every chip model) and can just require the passed `delay` to provide a few functions to generate delays.
<juliand[m]> s/drivers/driver/, s/will//, s/embedded_hal/embedded\_hal/
<juliand[m]> s/will//, s/embedded_hal/embedded\_hal/
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<M9names[m]> depending on the delay source, you might be able to clone it if you need 2 of them.
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<juliand[m]> <juliand[m]> "You will have different `Delay..." <- iirc you can often do something like `use_delay(&mut Delay{});`, that is, construct the delay right where you need it. But that may not work always.
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<enaut[m]> I added an example for the black pill that you helped me with to the examples list: there may be some things that can be done more idiomatic - if someone cares to review :)
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<barafael[m]> what do yall use for thiserror-like definitions on no_std? I use snafu... I don't see the reason for thiserror not working on no_std
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<sajattack[m]1> <enaut[m]> "I added an example for the black..." <- marged!
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