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<f0rte[m]> does anyone else have alignment issues when using `tio` with `esp-println`? If so, how did you fix it? I'm experiencing something like this (only by the println code, the bootloader code formats fine)... (full message at <>)
<M9names[m]> Please don't cross-post, this is pretty clearly an esp specific question. Anyone in here likely to answer it is also going to be in esp-rs.
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<RoyBuitenhuis[m]> mabez: About that riscv32ima target. I suppose they implicitly asked me not to open the MCP to get it to tier 2. Do you know how to help the stabilization of Cargo build-std?
<RoyBuitenhuis[m]> * Cargo build-std? Not sure if there's something in the list of blockers I could help with.
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<ithinuel[m]> thejpster Adam Hott James Munns : is another occurrence of M55 in the wild.
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<mabez[m]> <RoyBuitenhuis[m]> "mabez: About that riscv32ima..." <- I'm not really familiar with cargo, and tbh I don't have the time to get familiar with it. It's probably worth checking the issue list ehuss mentioned in your PR and seeing whether they can be solved easily, or if they truly block stabilization or can be punted down the line
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<marmrt[m]> that is a tiny MCU package
<JamesMunns[m]> you aren't kidding, the MCU is the long rectangle in the center there
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<AdamHott[m]> <ithinuel[m]> "thejpster Adam Hott James Munns..." <- The price is definitely right on that one.... (full message at <>)
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<AdamHott[m]> If I take a soldering iron to a cable on the positive terminal of a battery, will that complete the circuit and short the battery?
<AdamHott[m]> s/complete the circuit and//
<marmrt[m]> As long as you don't touch the negative terminal with the solder iron at the same time it should be fine
<AdamHott[m]> ok thanks!
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<Ecco> Hi! Here's an embassy question: why is the stm32-metapac not providing any registers for the Touch-Sensing Controller?
<dirbaio[m]> because no one has added it
<Ecco> oh cool
<Ecco> Will try and do it then :)
<Ecco> So I guess maybe all I need is to tell embassy-stm33 what touch-sensing IP this specific chip uses
<dirbaio[m]> check if the registers are the same as any of the v1/v2/v3
<dirbaio[m]> if they're not then you'll have to add v4
<Ecco> perfect
<Ecco> thanks!
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<almindor[m]> embedded-hal::serial is embedded-io now?
<dirbaio[m]> yep
<almindor[m]> is there a changelog/migration doc somewhere between 0.27 -> 1.0 ? I'm trying to bump e310x-hal but it's kinda confusing for things I'm not used to (e.g. I never did anything with the i2c abstractions)
<dirbaio[m]> see , it has some overview and links to the migration guide
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<f0rte[m]> <M9names[m]> "Please don't cross-post, this is..." <- 9names: I understand that the spray-and-pray method may seem annoying, but you may notice I waited two hours before cross posting, and despite this received no replies (besides yours) in either group. I think that would indicate that it's logical to do so if I want hope of some traction. Not really sure what the "better" alternative would be.
<f0rte[m]> * would be. Not that anyone "owes" me help, but the membership between groups are different, and the issue I'm experiencing, while I am assuming _may_ be esp-specific, may also not be.