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<oneDragon[m]> I was numb, and after looking at the workload of the network card driver, I began to regret it😇
<haobogu[m]> Hello everyone, I'm trying to write a toy eeprom driver layer using Rust. I found there are both async/blocking version of `embedded-storage`, aka `embedded-storage` and `embedded-storage-async`, is there any way to support both? I tried to make my eeporm support blocking embedded-storage like `struct Eeprom<F: NorFlash>`, but have no idea how to support both `embedded-storage::NorFlash` and `embedded-storage-async::NorFlash`.
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<ryan-summers[m]> <haobogu[m]> "Hello everyone, I'm trying to..." <- I've read a few blogs related to this outside of the embedded sphere, and I've not yet seen a good approach to supporting both async and non-async code without lots of duplication unfortunately. However, one blog post I read did mention, which might be useful, but there are some soundness issues with this approach that revolve around cargo
<ryan-summers[m]> features being additive
<ryan-summers[m]> The blog post I am referring to I believe is, which talks about this a lot
<haobogu[m]> <ryan-summers[m]> "The blog post I am referring..." <- thanks bro! it seems not as simple as I thought 🤔
<ryan-summers[m]> Yeah it's a complex topic and you're definitely not alone
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<olsen__[m]> Hi folks, do you know if theres a cool and responsive chat, like this one, around the rust core repositories (rust, libc)?
<JamesMunns[m]> probably
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<dirbaio[m]> if it's questions about developing/contributing rust itself, the Rust zulip
<dirbaio[m]> if it's questions about using Rust, there's a few discords
<dirbaio[m]> * about developing/contributing to rust itself,
<olsen__[m]> Allright, ill try zulip then, thanks mate!
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<haobogu[m]> Is there anyway to add a descriptor to a characteristic of a service created by #[nrf_softdevice::gatt_service] proc macro?
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<alexmoon[m]> Not with the proc macro, but the Builder API supports descriptors.
<haobogu[m]> <alexmoon[m]> "Not with the proc macro, but the..." <- yeah
<haobogu[m]> Opened a PR to add this:
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<kastolropl[m]> I´m from your town and I want to meet you
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<aktaboot[m]> hi