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<jannic[m]> Is it really blocking? It should return Err(WouldBlock) if there are not bytes available. Perhaps you just don't notice that because you don't do anything in your _ branch?
<jannic[m]> Or what library is your function coming from?
<NiaLinaLunaStorm> <jannic[m]> "Is it really blocking? It should..." <- we checked that by moving the pwm_debug stuff to the _ branch. it increases the pwm value a little and then gets stuck too, it never runs into it anymore
<NiaLinaLunaStorm> <jannic[m]> "Or what library is your serial...." <- usbd-serial = "0.1.1"
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<K900> So I found a Pico W on a sidewalk
<K900> What's the best way to get it running with wireless?
<K900> Embassy seems to have something?
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<tangotaylor[m]> Anyone have experiences with CANopen or using DBCs with Rust? I'm experimenting with using Rust communicate with some CANopen devices. Was curious how good the library support is.
<dirbaio[m]> <K900> "Embassy seems to have something?" <-
<K900> Cool
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<albus_dandelion[> Hello again, everyone. I'm a little confused. My setup is: RPi Zero 2 W + mcp3008 (adc) + MQ-135 (gas sensor).... (full message at <>)
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<MariusKriegerows> Hey, I have an rp2040 and the waveshare lora extension. p2p connectivity given the examples of lora-rs worked like a charm. But I'm having a hard time sending data to TTN after running the example. Does somebody know about an example out there how to set this up?
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<mameluc[m]> <MariusKriegerows> "Hey, I have an rp2040 and the..." <- what problems do you have? usual suspects for TTN is wrong timing or wrong byte order for the deveui
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<MariusKriegerows> <mameluc[m]> "what problems do you have? usual..." <- Ah god damn, you are right! deveui has to be lsb while appkey has the msb. wtf...
<MariusKriegerows> Thanks for the hint! device registered!
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