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<re_irc> <@w​illeml:m​atrix.org> Are there drivers for the touch part of this display module? https://www.waveshare.com/product/2.9inch-touch-e-paper-hat.htm
<re_irc> <@w​illeml:m​atrix.org> I know that there are drivers for the actual display part, but I don't know about the touch part
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<re_irc> <@t​herealprof:m​atrix.org> willeml: Hard to say, I couldn't figure out the vendor in a pinch and don't have time to dig deeper.
<re_irc> <@t​herealprof:m​atrix.org> If it happens to be a FocalTech Touch Driver (which is very common), I did start a driver for that a long time ago (but never finished/released because I wasn't too pleased with the detection results and didn't know/have probe-run back then 😉 ).
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<re_irc> <@w​illeml:m​atrix.org> therealprof: Haha, what do you mean by wasn't too pleased with the detection results? Were they inaccurate or just not reliable?
<re_irc> <@t​herealprof:m​atrix.org> The display I was using was tiny and I was actually hoping for a somewhat accurate tracking but the results were more like: finger touched in this quadrant.
<re_irc> <@t​herealprof:m​atrix.org> I do have a larger ILI9341 display with FocalTech capacitive touch here, too but haven't found time to try touch on that one yet.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> Does anyone have a Cortex-A (or similar application-profile RISC-V core) they *like* writing bare metal code for?
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> context: https://twitter.com/bitshiftmask/status/1413556639244881924
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> Basically, I'm trying to figure out if it makes sense learning something stonking huge like the imxrt/stm32h7 family, or whether it's equivalently complicated to writing bare metal code for some Cortex-A, like the i.MX8M.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> (for projects where I need 100s of MHz of bare metal power.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> Where at least I get the benefit of external RAM :D
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<re_irc> <@d​khayes117:m​atrix.org> When is Oxidize 2k (1k-2) event happening? 🙂 Just watched the 1k event again today.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> At the moment: not planned.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> We have... a lot of other stuff going on at Ferrous right now (not all of it public, a lot of it related to https://ferrous-systems.com/ferrocene/), which should hopefully be announced soon, but taking up a LOT of our bandwidth.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> It's not NOT going to happen (but I'd be a little surprised if it was this year), but yeah. Take this as an informal guess, rather than official policy/statement :)
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> We have had some discussions about it, but we also don't want to overstress the folks at Ferrous.
<re_irc> <@d​khayes117:m​atrix.org> At least the RISC-V Forum on embedded technologies is July 21st. 🎉
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> I'm looking forward to a couple of "Holy Shit" moments when we announce some of the in-the-works Ferrocene stuff :)
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> We've been busy.
<re_irc> <@j​amesmunns:m​atrix.org> Unfortunately, the safety critical market LOOOOOVES NDAs, as you might expect.
<re_irc> <@d​khayes117:m​atrix.org> Awesome, looking forward to the news.
<re_irc> <@d​khayes117:m​atrix.org> And if Ferrous is looking for a US representative, you have my contact info 😉
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> jamesmunns: uff, I am very excited for this!
<re_irc> <@s​irhcel:m​atrix.org> jamesmunns: I have not touched it (yet) but the i.mx rt controllers are marketed as crossover mcus with a cortex-m core, several hundred mhz core clock and support for external sd-ram. Maybe i expect them to be complicated - but way less than an i.mx8 nano.
<re_irc> <@s​irhcel:m​atrix.org> I stumbled upon them when looking for information about i.mx8 nano peripherals. And they seem to have some of the same peripherals.
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> jamesmunns: At least the H7 should be considerable more simpler than going to a cortex-A
<re_irc> <@a​damgreig:m​atrix.org> jamesmunns: You might have a look at the stm32mp1 which is cortex-a and cortex-m in one package but usual st open data sheets and etc
<re_irc> <@a​damgreig:m​atrix.org> But I haven't written bare metal code for one and it sounds kinda tiresome...
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> I think yatekii has experience with those
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> adamgreig: I did indeed. the experience is absolutely terrible. and this time this is actually no exaggeration :/ the yocto linux was absolutely mutilayed by ST with non-yocto-way tooling which lets you frequently run into issues. the device tree is generated by the broken STM32CubeMX. the generated device tree...
<re_irc> ... is faulty and needs manual patches. you need to do that everytime you change something in the CubeMX config. the linux gets updates from time to time and most of the time you can basically start from scratch because they change/break everything.
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> The SVD files are absolutely horrific and I did not even manage to integrate it into the stm32-pac generation. I think maxime (a mate from geneva with interests in rust on the mp1 too (i think he is not in this channel)) managed to get it done by patching the SVD manually but it's highly incomplete.
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> The mailbox stuff by ST is "working" at best.
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> I can absolutely not recommend the experience, but the chip per se is quite okay I think
<re_irc> <@a​damgreig:m​atrix.org> So if you weren't using Linux and were just bare metal on the cortex-a would most of those not be issues?
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> tbh I think you would get a whole pallete of other issues
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> because the SVD is not nice :/
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> docs are rather, welp
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> but yes, I think it would be way better that way :)
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> also the terrible experience on the M4 mostly came from using the underwhelming - at best - ST HAL. but idk, I seem terrible at convincing folks to use the right tool; that's why I leave now :(
<re_irc> <@a​damgreig:m​atrix.org> It certainly doesn't sound fun, kinda a shame as it's a nice idea
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> peripherals are the same as regular stm32s though, right?
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> sounds like a job for stm32-metapac 😎
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> well it's basically standard ST experience except that the chip is so new that users had no time to fix the SW mess ST made
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> it's not like other ST chips have a better experience if you use ST software :/
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> just curious, why'd you want bare-metal cortex-A? better price/performance ratio since fast cortex-m's tend to be expensive?
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> only other advantage I can think is "it runs linux"
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> yeah same
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> idk
<re_irc> <@y​atekii:m​atrix.org> but not my call to make :)
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<re_irc> <@j​osfemova:m​atrix.org> Looking to make an usb macro pad with the arduino pro micro. Has someone already done something along those lines? Which crates do you recommend?
<re_irc> <@j​osfemova:m​atrix.org> The leonardo crates should work but I'm not 100% sure
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> that's an AVR board
<re_irc> <@d​irbaio:m​atrix.org> isn't rust AVR support super-WIP?
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> Yep
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> It also doesn't have usb
<re_irc> <@j​osfemova:m​atrix.org> thalesfragoso: Pretty sure it does haha, or do you mean at crate-support level?
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<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> josfemova: No, it doesn't have an USB peripheral, it has a chip that converts serial to USB, but you won't be able to use that as a keypad
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> Sorry, didn't know the pro micro had a different chip than the pro mini
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> Got confused
<re_irc> <@t​halesfragoso:m​atrix.org> Didn't even know it was a thing actually .-.
<re_irc> <@j​osfemova:m​atrix.org> I didn't either, until I went down the keyboard rabbithole. It's confusing cuz it isn't arduino official board, but rather a sparkfun board that is massively cloned by chinese suppliers