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<handloomweaver> hi does anyone have experience of getting SciPy installed on PyPy 3.1 on an M1 Arm Mac?
<handloomweaver> 3.10
<handloomweaver> SciPy installs on 3.11 on same M1 Arm Mac, but it's from a .whl on PyPy 3.10 and it tries to build. Log >
<handloomweaver> Any help, much appreciated. Else, it's stackoverflow next!
<Dejan> Do I understand it well - you expected SciPy PyPy 3.10 wheel to be on PyPI?
<Dejan> What I expect when you try to install SciPy in your PyPy 3.10 environment is to build from source
<Dejan> as I do not expect PyPy wheel on PyPI
<Dejan> I've just created PyPy 3.10 venv, ran pip3 install scipy and got the expected: Downloading scipy-1.11.3.tar.gz (56.3 MB)
<handloomweaver> No I'm asking how to install SciPy on PyPy 3.10 on M1 Mac. It fails when building from source
<Dejan> it typically says why... in my case it failed because i have no blas library installed on my Fedora workstation...
<Dejan> let me check your log
<Dejan> HA! You have the same problem!
<Dejan> ../../numpy/ ERROR: Problem encountered: No BLAS library detected! Install one, or use the `allow-noblas` build option (note, this may be up to 100x slower for some linear algebra operations).
<Dejan> Never used Mac so this is untested... Try this: `brew install openblas lapack` on your machine, and then try again.
<Dejan> handloomweaver, ^^
<handloomweaver> Both are already installed. I also have OpenBlas installed also under Homebrew (one of the mac package managers). And if I try to build pip scipy with --no-binary flag on CPython 3.11 on same mac it fails, unable to find gfortran (also installed) So it would seem this is not a PyPy question. It's a Mac Scipy question
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<Dejan> according to these guys, some extra steps are needed
<Dejan> they had to export some variables on Mac
<Dejan> Looks like it is hard to build numpy on PyPy 3.10
<Dejan> Maybe you will have more luck with Conda?
<Dejan> Idk if there is support for PyPy 3.10 in conda
<Dejan> I do not use Conda so no clues...
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<mattip> numpy and scipy are in transition at the moment, and the dust has yet to settle around the new meson build systems
<mattip> in order for the build to work, "pkg-config openblas --modversion" should return something like 0.3.20
<mattip> then meson will be able to use pkg-config to find openblas
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