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<Guest60> just curious: has anyone attempted to produce an arbitrary tower of meta-tracing interpreters using rpython, à la the 3-lisp of ?
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<Dejan> Is there someone on this channel who managed to use psycopg2 with latest PyPy?
<hexology> Dejan: what are you looking to test? just `pip install psycopg2`?
<hexology> i get a c99 compilation error with `pip install psycopg2` but that might just be not having the right settings for psycopg2 and not pypy specifically
<Dejan> hexology, ultimately i would like to run one of my projects that heavily uses psycopg2 on PyPy
<Dejan> but I can't pip install it
<Dejan> i found the psycopg2cffi project, but that one is quite old
<hexology> maybe psycopg 3.x has better support?
<Dejan> idk, never used that one
<Dejan> does SQLAlchemy support it?
<hexology> yes
<hexology> it's a big improvement over 2, it uses the binary protocol and supports both async and traditional sync interfaces
<hexology> i was able to `pip install 'psycopg >= 3.0'` without any problem just now
<Dejan> that is a good news
<hexology> oh i see, without [c] or [binary] it uses libpq via ctypes
<hexology> so i'm not sure if that will work in pypy
<hexology> i know pypy does have a ctypes emulation layer
<hexology> however `pip install psycopg[c,pool]` seems to compile cleanly
<hexology> yep it seems to work fine. i was able to connect to postgres 15 and make requests Dejan
<Dejan> yea, it works
<Dejan> i just need to convince colleagues to stop using psycopg2-binary
<Dejan> that should not be a problem
<hexology> Dejan: if you're using sqlalchemy it might be as easy as just replacing the dependency, unless you're also using psycopg-specific features
<hexology> good tests of course are required
<Dejan> yep, saw it already in docs
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