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<winter> Hi folks. I'm trying to figure out why, as of PyPy v7.3.6 (3.8, notably not 3.7), something with regards to PYTHONPATH(?) is causing a bootstrapped build of pip (meaning we build setuptools, wheel, and pip self-contained; see
<winter> is failing to build because the pip install cannot find `bdist_wheel` (even though it is in PYTHONPATH).
<winter> Is there any change between PyPy 3.7 and 3.8 that may have caused this? It does seem a bit odd, though, so I'm *assuming* it's a bug?
<winter> Thanks!
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<winter> Notably, this works just fine in CPython 3.8+.
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<mattip> winter: maybe the value of python.sitePackages does not take into account that the layout of directories changed
<mattip> in pypy3.7 there is a site-packages directly under the base directory,
<mattip> in pypy3.8 we moved to a more cpython-like layout and site-packages is under lib/pypy3.8
<mattip> this looks correct
<mattip> this looks wrong
<mattip> I don't know much about nix, is that how the value of python.sitePackages is set?
<winter> i think you actually hit the nail on the head :)
<winter> give me a sec
<winter> i read that changelog line and was like "maybe that's it.."
<winter> but couldn't connect the dots
<winter> (i am absolutely not a python person :)
<winter> ugh, gotta rebuild pypy... will come back to this later
<winter> you're absolutely right though
<winter> fridh changed it for prebuilt here but never changed it for the main package
<winter> mattip: got a preferred name to be credited by? else i'll just say mattip in #pypy :)
<mattip> mattip is fine, or just no accredidation is fine too
* winter can't even figure out where the prebuilt pypy would be used
<winter> (no references anywhere other than its definition)
<winter> > They are primarily added for testing purposes and development on the non-prebuilt PyPy interpreters as it can speed up translation significantly.
<winter> hm, guess i'm reading up on the build process
<winter> ah, i see. interesting.
<mattip> typically, you would use pypy2.7 to build pypy3.x since it will be much faster
<winter> yup, looks like that's what we're doing
<winter> no clue why we define a prebuilt pypy 3.9 though
<mattip> and you need a python2.7 (either cpython or pypy) to build pypy2.7
<mattip> can't help you there :)
<winter> i'll get this building some time tomorrow, and will come back if anything happens :)
<winter> this has been broken for over a year
<winter> yet the fix has been right there the whole time
<winter> :D thanks again
<mattip> cool, thanks for fixing int
<mattip> it
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<kostasGR> yo guys, do you also have discord or do we prefer to live in 1990 ?
<kostasGR> I just wanted to ask if there is a nightly build for python 3.10.6 Ubuntu
<Atque> kostasGR: Discord turns you into a corporation's slave.
<cfbolz> wow, this is a wildly off-topic discussion here
<mattip> personally, I much prefer to live in 1990s. At least then liberal democracies were winning
<mattip> for nightly builds see
<kostasGR> i use the last nightly build of 3.10 but I get a weird error when trying to compile orjson module with this pypy:
<kostasGR> │ exit code: 1
<kostasGR> × Preparing metadata (pyproject.toml) did not run successfully.
<kostasGR> ╰─> [6 lines of output]
<kostasGR> Checking for Rust toolchain....
<kostasGR> Cargo, the Rust package manager, is not installed or is not on PATH.
<kostasGR> This package requires Rust and Cargo to compile extensions. Install it through
<kostasGR> the system's package manager or via
<kostasGR> [end of output]
<kostasGR> note: This error originates from a subprocess, and is likely not a problem with pip.
<kostasGR> error: metadata-generation-failed
<kostasGR> any suggestions ?
<LarstiQ> is that when building cryptography?
<Alex_Gaynor> Did you read the error message? Compiling this package requires rust be installed.
<kostasGR> it is weird cause this package is already installed in my machine (for normal python not pypy) without the above required packaqge
<Alex_Gaynor> It's likely that the package distributes a wheel -- a pre-compiled artifact -- for cpython.
<kostasGR> hmm i did install the package in my machine but still getting the same error
<kostasGR> weird
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<kostasGR> i believe i will wait for the stable version of pypy for 3.10 to be out, since nightly builds are already here i doubt it will be long
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<nimaje> (was probably the diffrence between build time dependencies and runtime dependencies)
<Dejan> I wish I was here to tell him that I prefer simplicity of IRC over Discord
<mattip> about early importing array: see 8f43c7212d95
<mattip> _rawffi still has this problem
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<Dejan> I am impressed with 3.10 progress
<Dejan> You guys rock
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