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<LarstiQ> cfbolz: thawedset() more like
<krono> 😂
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<fijal> cfbolz: stop poking the bear
<cfbolz> 🤷‍♀️
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<fijal> ;-)
<fijal> mattip, cfbolz: I think the update of cryptography/something really made it slower?
<fijal> argh
<fijal> why can't heptapod show me the EXACT TIMESTAMP and not "3 months ago"?
<fijal> also
<fijal> remote: remote:
<fijal> remote: remote: You (@fijal) must accept the Terms of Service in order to perform this action. Please access GitLab from a web browser to accept these terms.
<fijal> remote: remote:
<fijal> marmoute: this is really frustrating
<fijal> marmoute: you guys are pushing me HARD towards your religion
<nimaje> it doesn't show the exact time on hover? but that only showning a (bad) relative time is annoying why not <timestamp> (about <time ago>)?
<fijal> nimaje: busy fighting code of conduct bureaucracy, I don't know
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<fijal> ok, so yes, it does make it slower
<fijal> I would like some discussion about that?
<fijal> nimaje: but yes! thank you
<fijal> I would have never guessed
<nimaje> not sure anymore how I figured it out, but most of these have a hover text with a timestamp
<LarstiQ> that's how most sites/apps I interact with these days do it
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<Dejan> cfbolz, I watched the walrus op implementation videos yesterday - good stuff :)
<cfbolz> Dejan: heh, thanks
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<Dejan> thanks for making those
<cfbolz> Dejan: at some point I should get back to streaming, but still too stressed atm
<LarstiQ> stressed from the streaming, or something else?
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<Dejan> cfbolz, cannabis helps with stress
<Dejan> :D
<cfbolz> LarstiQ: just life
<mattip> fijal: sorry, can you point to a benchmark or alternatively tell me which commit made things slower?
<mattip> and what version of pypy: 3.7, 3.8, 3.9?
<fijal> see pypy-sync
<fijal> but in general the merge of py3.7-openssl-3.0 or something like that
<fijal> I don't know when was the actual merge, I failed at both heptapod and hg
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<marmoute> > 12:06 < fijal> why can't heptapod show me the EXACT TIMESTAMP and not "3 months ago"?
<marmoute> This very frustrating. So I have a bookmarklet to display the real date. Do you want that bookmarklet ?
<marmoute> the CoD is fairly standard and is requirements for Azure to provide use with CI credit. Is there a specific part that frustrate you in the process ?
<fijal> just the religious zeal for bureaucracy in general
<fijal> like whatever, make it be somewhere, do you *have to* break command line and all the scripts and everything to make someone to go to a website to *not* read the CoC?
<marmoute> That is Gitlab doing. We never develop anything extra, just filled the textfield
<marmoute> And yep, breaking bots seems a bad UI and we would like Gitlab to be better here.
<fijal> do we have *any* clue if this: memoryview(b)[0:self.length] is equivalent to b[:self.length]?
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