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<ctismer> Hi cfbolz et al, I got a funny error using threads.
<ctismer> RUN 1: (For PyPy, see
<ctismer> Fatal RPython error: a thread is trying to wait for the GIL, but the GIL was not initialized
<ctismer> cfbolz: converting that link to the new website, I saw that this issue is 5 years old and should be solved.
<cfbolz> ctismer: ugh, no idea
<cfbolz> ctismer: any weird things you do with threads?
<ctismer> nothing, this is our standard thread implementation. (which can be weird enough, no idea :) )
<ctismer> cfbolz: I'll probably fire up the soldering iron and debug Windows :(
<cfbolz> ctismer: but it is not some kind of embedding scenario, right?
<cfbolz> are you using fork?
<ctismer> cfbolz: not at all. For instance, we get this message when running
<cfbolz> ctismer: do you make any threads from C, and then call python code from them?
<cfbolz> it's entirely possible that there is a bug in those parts of the C API emulation
<cfbolz> I suppose QThread starts threads from C code
<ctismer> cfbolz: I have to study the code then.
<ctismer> (we are about to blog about PyPy and tested things on Windows)
<cfbolz> right
<cfbolz> ctismer: I don't really see a test that makes a thread from C code and then call PyGILState_Ensure or something like that
<cfbolz> so I suppose that could be just broken, potentially
<cfbolz> but we are pretty far outside of my comfort zone here
<ctismer> cfbolz: you mean you love threads as much as I do? 😂
<cfbolz> exactly :-)
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<cfbolz> ctismer: yeah, my suspicion remains that this is just not working with cpyext yet
<cfbolz> cffi has explicit tests around the problem
<cfbolz> we would have to write a small C extension that starts a new thread from C, then calls python
<cfbolz> to see whether it crashes
<ctismer> cfbolz: but why on earth does it work on macOS? I would have understood Windows, but not Linux
<cfbolz> yes, that is pretty weird 😆
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<ctismer> cfbolz: I tested myself on my virtual Windows machine on the Mac - the effect does _not_ show up. It happens on a real Windows and Ubuntu machine in Berlin - even weirder cause I cannot solve it from here.
<cfbolz> 😞
* ctismer is begging for VPN access since 5 years 😬
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