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<cfbolz> mattip: did we come to a decision about multiprocessing and spawn? Should we document it in the release notes?
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<mattip> cfbolz: If it is still occurring on the nightly, then we should document it
<cfbolz> mattip: I can try in a bit
<mgorny> are you referring to the multiprocessing deadlock or something else?
<mattip> mgorny: the multiprocessing deadlock specifically in compileall
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<krono> Hi folks.
<krono> It seems pypy3.8-v7.3.7-osx64 is built against macOS 10.15.
<krono> It crashes on my 10.13
<krono> The libintl seems to come from a homebrew install…
<mattip> hmm. It seems we ship that inside the tarball, in an attempt to be "portable"
<krono> thats a good idea, per se…
<mattip> krono: if you rename /opt/pypy3/lib/libintl.8.dylib so that libpypy has to find another one, does it crash hard or just work?
<krono> I "fixed" it for me by symlinking my old libintl from my homebrew
<krono> mattip: yes, that works, too
<mattip> ahh. So maybe we should avoid packaging those libraries
<mattip> s/those/that/
<krono> well, it works for me, because I _happen_ to have it installed somewhere. It's not standard on macOS
<krono> (I would have used a homebrew one, but they don't support macOS older than 2years :( )
<mattip> interesting. libintl provides gettext and friends in the _locale module, which seems to be disabled for macOS in CPython
<mattip> _locale.gettext is available on CPython on linux
<LarstiQ> GPL3 making it something you can't depend on?
<krono> Gettext is "just not" on macOS traditionally, I think
<krono> Maybe something along the lines like libreadline vs libedit
<krono> ah: bsd again. Homebrew had this blub regarding gettext
<Atque> krono: Can you upgrade macOS? Two releases ago might have security problems and what not.
<mattip> I think if CPython doesn't ship gettext, we also should not
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<krono> Atque: no. Because I would lose all of my workflows and whatnot. 10.13 is the last sensible release as of yet for me…
<krono> mattip: fair enough
<mattip> krono: thanks for pointing it out
<krono> np, I help where I can :D
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<Atque> krono: Fair enough. It's unsupported now, so using it is quite risky.
<krono> i sound old when I say, OSX peaked between 10.6 and 10.8 and declined from 10.10 onwards. but alas.
<LarstiQ> krono: I'm curious, what workflows would change?
<krono> i rely on colorful finder sidebar, folder colors that i can spot (cause there is more than a dot)
<krono> and circumventing gatekeeper gets harder and harder
<krono> also i would have to buy some software *again* that i already paid for
<krono> overall, whenever i used 10.14+, it felt more hostile
<mgorny> krono: sounds like you're discovering the joys of commercial software
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<krono> well, the last 2 years i learned the joys of enterprise software, so my problems feel a bit less severe
<Guest27> Mimalloc seems to be coming to python-3.11 , pushed per Christian Heimes , a big name of the community
<Guest27> it means Nogill is in motion, our next PCs (or MACs) may not be 90% idle
<Guest27> well, reading further, it will be made an alternative option at this point ... 1 year delay to glory
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