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<mattip> when I copy Lib/* from CPython3.9x on top of py3.9, we seem to be missing _weakref._remove_dead_weakref
<mattip> I wonder what I did when vendoring the stdlib
<mattip> ahh, there is a pure-python implementation for py3.9
<mattip> ... and it calls _delitem_if_value_is which has a scary comment about a race condition with multiprocessing
<mattip> ... but that function has been in __pypy__ for quite a few years now
<mattip> ... well, it doesn't matter since that codepath is not hit in the hanging compileall
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<mattip> cfbolz: the PR that has commit 1ac6e379297cc1cf8acf6c1b011fccc7b3da2cbe was part of 3.9.0a4, right?
<mattip> cfbolz: if I use multiprocessing from 3.9.0a1, I still get a hang
<mattip> (only copying multiprocessing)
<cfbolz> mattip: you need to copy concurrent futures too
<mattip> but then I get an error in multiprocessing/connection _check_closed "handle is closed" at shutdown
<cfbolz> mattip: right, I found that too
<cfbolz> mattip: for me, c12375aa0b838d34067efa3f1b9a1fbc632d0413 doesn't hange
<mattip> right, can replicate c12375aa0b838d34067efa3f1b9a1fbc632d0413 does not hang
<cfbolz> mattip: and its child commit hangs
<cfbolz> mattip: but it could still be a pypy bug, because what the commit does is make the forks happen later
<cfbolz> that means it's possible that some object that is created between the non-hanging time the fork happens and the hanging time is responsible for the problem after forking
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<mattip> I also get that 1ac6e379297cc1cf8acf6c1b011fccc7b3da2cbe is the commit that after that compileall hangs
<mattip> that commit touches concurrent/futures/ and adds a threading.Semaphore(0)
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<mattip> we could revert the lazy process creation for PyPy which avoids hanging compileall,
<mattip> but indeed it would be better to find the real problem
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