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<aw-> Nistur: here?
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<aw-> er
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<Nistur> aw-: nope
<aw-> haha
<aw-> i wanted to know how you scanned the penti in order to make the 3D model
<Nistur> I took photos on my DSLR (better for maintaining consistent settings than a phone) at 3 levels, rotating the model between photos. I think I did 3x10 photos in total. I figured that'd be enough because it was a pretty simple shape. Then I installed VisualSFM and threw it through that... then almost threw the computer out of the window and instead sent the photos to my colleague who had some other
<Nistur> proprietary software, I forget which. He sent me back the model
<Nistur> VisualSFM should work hough
<Nistur> though
<Nistur> I used it previously to make a 3D model of my office, by recording a video and then splitting the frames and pushing it through that
<Nistur> it's just a royal pain to set up
<Nistur> aw-: so, as per usual, I'm absolutely no help at all :D
<aw-> ohhh i see
<aw-> ok thanks i'll look into it
<aw-> seems like it needs a powerful GPU
<aw-> probably not suitable to run on my little 4GB SBC haha
<Nistur> Hmmm, VisualSFM has a CPU version I think
<Nistur> and it was originally designed for older machines
<Nistur> so it might work
<aw-> it's not in debian repos :\