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<heat> macbook users
<heat> how tf do the thermals work
<heat> my macbook pro (intel, 2019?) is doing 100C *easy*
<citrons> I'm not a macbook user, but the answer is that they don't. many macbook models have problems that often arise from them basically melting themselves
<zid> They're designed to turbo, saturate the heatsinks, throttle
<zid> then wait for the next time you want to turbo
<mrvn> you don't use a mac book the mac book uses you
<moon-child> macbook pro (m1 pro, 2021): ice cold
<moon-child> :P
<zid> You can get a couple seconds of full turbo if you want!
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<heat> like the fan doesn't even kick in at around 70-80C
<moon-child> I think fan noise is contrary to '''the apple aesthetic''', so they tune it to be conservative. Annoying
<mrvn> I want transistors that work at higher temps so 100°C at the heat sink is normal and keeps the tea hot.
<zid> Wanna see some amazing code
<moon-child> sure
<bslsk05> ​github.com: JADE/InstructionManager.cs at master · BLNJ/JADE · GitHub
<mrvn> heat: if they have good heat transmission then 80°C is not an issue
<zid> They've started to write a gameboy emulator, but it's in enterprise java style, completely unironically
<heat> late stage OO
<zid> they got angry at me when I joked about it
<moon-child> wow
<zid> They've reimplemented arrays about 6 times in here via dispatch method stuff
<heat> mrvn, i'm getting die temps
<heat> supposedly
<heat> but like
<heat> how can you ever have this on your lap?
<zid> Turns out if your laptops are 3mm thick
<heat> you'd be sterile before the compiltions ends
<zid> you can't have a 100W cpu and have it not throttle after a nanosecond
<heat> compilation*
<zid> nobody does compilation on a macbook, they do TRANSPILING TO JAVASCRIPT
<zid> but in a docker
<zid> on a machine they're a thinclient for
<heat> i'm doing that
<heat> how about that
<moon-child> I compiled c on a macbook recently
<moon-child> with make
<zid> did you live?
<heat> it's on my desk and the radiation hasn't fukushima'd me yet
<moon-child> barely
<zid> fukushima was a spent fuel pool with a leak, meh
<heat> moon-child, i'm compiling c++
<heat> it's literally 2 steps away from blowing up :P
<moon-child> that seems to be the stable state for most c++ code
<zid> Compiling C++ is genuinely a threat to human health
<zid> unlike fukushima
<mrvn> I should compile some c++, it's cold.
<heat> i genuinely don't get how they think its ok to operate at a temp where I could *boil fucking water on the die*
<heat> ?????????
<heat> do people spend 2200 euro on a laptop just to use it for google docs
<heat> if i touch the shell for too long I'll get 3rd degree burns
<zid> yes.
<mrvn> 100° on the die is nothing. the shell temp is an issue though
<mrvn> but laptops that brn your knees is nothing new.
<zid> there are people who literally do their jobs via.. telephones
<zid> they don't even use a computer AT ALL :(
<heat> how is 100C on the die nothing?
<mrvn> because it's still way below failure temp
<citrons> I think my computer will shut itself off at temperatures higher than 100C
<heat> mrvn, the tjunction for the cpu is supposedly 100C
<mrvn> citrons: it depends where you measure
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Wide-bandgap semiconductor - Wikipedia
<mrvn> "allowing them to operate at much higher temperatures on the order of 300 °C."
<mrvn> Now make me a CPU of those so I can turbo the shit out of it
<citrons> at some point, it makes more sense to rate it in BTUs because it's more effective as a space heater
<mrvn> 80W is 80W no matter how you measure it
<mrvn> 300°C semiconductors would be nice to stack more ram on a CPU core for a SOC.
<clever> where would you draw the line between soc and som?
<mrvn> I wonder why noone has designed dies with holes through them that you can fill with copper or pipe heat fluid through.
<mrvn> clever: I don't care. I just want more ram on my RPi.
<clever> for the vc4 lineup, the hw design has a max of 1gig of ram, and it must present itself over a single 32bit ddr2 bus
<clever> and nobody actually makes 1gig dram dies
<clever> the 1gig model of the pi, is infact using a pair of 512mb dies, each on half of the 32bit bus
<clever> so every 32bit word in ram, is effectively striped over 2 ram dies!
<clever> for the bcm2711, the hw can address up to 16gig of ram, but the same problem exists, nobody makes a single-die 16gig
<clever> and 8gig is the best you can get currently
<clever> to go beyond that, you either need an soc that with more dram busses, like x86
<clever> or you need fatter dram chips
<mrvn> clever: The problem is you can't stack dies without end because the heat has to travel through all of them to reach the heat sink.
<clever> yeah
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<mrvn> But if the die would run fine at 300°C you could stack that much more dies.
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<_Heat> if I see you referencing reserved identifiers i'll be reporting it to the C standards committee
<clever> isnt the apple M1 not stacking, but just placing all of the dies on a much larger substrate?
<mrvn> given the size of the thing that wouldn't surprise me
<clever> the rpi zero-2 is a special case
<clever> the design goal, was to make a single-sided pcb
<clever> when using the bcm2835 and package-on-package, that was easy
<mrvn> I wonder how much better you could do multiplication, division, sqrt, trig functions if you build your gates truely 3D with say 256 layers.
<clever> another factor at play, is that the bcm2835 was designed for both wire-bonding and package on package
<bslsk05> ​'NaN Gates and Flip FLOPS' by suckerpinch (00:19:07)
<clever> so the locations of the dram pins on the raw die, was designed to match up to the dram pins on a raw ram die
<_Heat> this is peak hardware eng
<clever> but the bcm2837 wasnt designed with that in mind
<clever> so the pi-zero-2 is pulling off some crazy hacks to even do it
<clever> basically, the data bus for the ram, is totally mis-wired
<clever> bit0 of the ram, is wired to bit5 of the controller, for example
<clever> but like the enigma machine, all reads go thru that rats-nest in the reverse direction of writes, and it unscrambles
<clever> mrvn: but, they didnt/couldnt jam 2 ram and 1 soc into the same package
<_Heat> all pi's are enigma machines in the sense that it's an enigma to find out why things were designed in the way they were
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<mrvn> heat: using bool = double?
<heat> no
<heat> long double at least
<heat> you need the precision
<mrvn> "on a balesian 2 dollar node -- for scale." Sure, we all know how big those are.
<mrvn> note even
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<geist> hah cute: i downloaded from ESP32s site the dev software for their esp32-c3
<geist> and it's a 800MB .zip file
<geist> inside the zip file is the git repository that you can check out
<geist> including the .git pack files and everything
<geist> in fact like 750MB of the 800MB is the compressed .git/ dir
<kazinsal> whoops!
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<zid> fun, M1's pointer tagging got broken
<zid> speculatively fetching from tagged pointers to avoid actually having to deref them and crashing
<zid> eventually you get a kernel TLB hit and decode the correct kernel tag
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<mrvn> Youz just try tags till you get one that's faster?
<geist> hmm, what precisely do you mean by tagged pointers?
<mrvn> one of the extensions where you use the upper bits of addresses to verify the pointer.
<kazinsal> having flashbacks to the idea of "32-bit clean/dirty" in system 7
<zid> PAC
<geist> ah i was just surprised that M1 implemented that
<zid> It seems like a neat idea overall
<zid> but we live in a post spectre world so "oops" in terms of implementation
<geist> we definitely can't have nice things
<geist> boooo
<kazinsal> it's fascinating that apple would implement something like that
<zid> Just stop allowing high precision timing in userspace, easy
<zid> (that's how javascript fixed it heh)
<kazinsal> considering having previously been bit by "use the currently unused bits in pointers for storing handle data"
<geist> yah agreed
<mrvn> here is a nice mitigation: run opcodes in constant time and use cached results to allow the core to cool down.
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<mrvn> Anyone know of a multi precision bignum library that uses SIMD and multithreading?
<moon-child> why do you want that?
<mrvn> bored
<moon-child> lots of dependencies. Parallelisation is hard
<moon-child> I think libbf uses simd for its fft multiply
<moon-child> gmp obviously does all the things
<moon-child> addition is _technically_ logn span in parallel, but that requires a tonne of redundant work so it doesn't really make sense to do
<mrvn> The gmp docs don't mention any simd
<moon-child> should they? It's an implementation detail
<mrvn> they describe all their other details
<moon-child> anyway I grepped for 'vmovdq' and turned up hits. So they do use simd
<mrvn> $ rgrep vmovdq -l
<mrvn> mpn/x86_64/fastavx/copyd.asm
<mrvn> mpn/x86_64/fastavx/copyi.asm
<mrvn> For some form of "use"
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<mrvn> There is quite a bit of use for %xmm but %ymm only shows up in the copy code.
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<mrvn> I don't even need the algorithms to use SIMD internally but they should provide verctorized versions of the operations. E.g. add 4 pairs of numbers in parallel using SIMD.
<moon-child> oh, that is annoying to do
<moon-child> better off using adox/adcx
<mrvn> That would let me add 2 pairs in parallel. Wouldn't AVX adding 4 pairs be faster?
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<moon-child> maybe. Probably not. Getting overflow is annoying with avx
<mrvn> moon-child: a + b < a
<moon-child> I guess
<mrvn> but yeah, you have to <, shift and then add the carry
<moon-child> you also have to do index management--deal with the case when one of the numbers runs out of limbs before the other
<moon-child> and either gather or manually transpose
<mrvn> Single pair vs. 4 pairs it should be a win. 2 vs. 4 maybe not.
<mrvn> Nah, you would use that with identical sizes numbers. Like when you split a A * B into (A0 A1) * (B0 B1) with power of 2 sizes.
<mrvn> gmp uses adcx/adox for addmul for example.
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<mrvn> Am I missing someting or does AArch64 not have a "MUL V0.2D, V1.2D, V2.2D" nor "MUL V0.2D, V1.2S, V2.2S"?
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<geist> not sure precisely what you mean there with the .2D stuff and whatnot
<geist> are you talking about particular lanes of a simd vector?
<mrvn> yes. 2 64bit * 64bit
<geist> might be useful to try to see what godbolt emits if you can coax it out. i think there are types for the vector stuff
<geist> the arm64 ASIMD stuff should be a the minimum a superset of the NEON bits, and i think it's pretty regular so i guess it woul dhave what you want?
<geist> but of course the manual is probalby the best bet
<bslsk05> ​developer.arm.com: Documentation – Arm Developer
<bslsk05> ​developer.arm.com: Documentation – Arm Developer
<mrvn> ADD has 2D but MUL does not.
<geist> huh interesting
<geist> it has some multiply+accumulate ones
<geist> maybe you're supposed to use that
<mrvn> Looks like the best one can do is take 4 uint16_t, space them out into 4 uint32_t, multiply and then reassemble.
<geist> that doesn't seem right. surely it has 64bit multiply
<geist> probably just looks like a different form than you expect
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<mrvn> MLA has no 2D, but the saturating kinds do have 2D
<mrvn> UMULL, UMULL2 looks like the right one
<mrvn> Did they had to make a new opcode for it when they extended it to 128bit?
<mrvn> Wait, that*s vector * scalar. And 32bit * 32bit = 64bit.
<bslsk05> ​developer.arm.com: Documentation – Arm Developer
<mrvn> Still no 64bit * 64bit = 64bit with truncation or high/low result.
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<mrvn> AArch64 has some strange SIMD opcodes: SQRDMLAH (vector)
<mrvn> Signed Saturating Rounding Doubling Multiply Accumulate returning High Half (vector).
<mrvn> V0 = round(V0 + (V1 * V2) >> 32)
<mrvn> for 4 ints
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* mrvn just noticed std::atomic<integral> is defined as two's-complement. No UB with signed overflow.
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<mrvn> gcc vectorization kind of sucks: https://godbolt.org/z/djWs53o8G Can't to 4x64bit as two 2x64bit vectors. Clang manages to break it into two vectors.
<bslsk05> ​godbolt.org: Compiler Explorer
<mrvn> 2x64bit vector add produces the same code in gcc and clang, just some reordering. I wonder if it makes any difference.
<mrvn> And what is gcc thinking in the plain "sum" chaning the array index to be 1 based?
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<mrvn> cats, always taking over your live^Wnick
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<gog> mew
<zid> hi glug
<gog> howdy
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* kazinsal headpats gog
* heat goghead pats
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* psykose pathead gogs
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* Andrew breaks the CTCP ACTIONization of #osdev
<Andrew> This message is not a CTCP!!!
<zid> weird, they changed the lid on soft drink bottles
<zid> and it's incredibly shitty
<mrvn> Do you mean the lids that no longer detach?
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<jafarlihi> I've got a thread that prints out to stdout whenever it receives network messages, but this clobbers the unfinished input I'm in the process of typing in my shell. Is there any way I can make it not clobber the input without using something like ncurses?
<zid> add messages to a queue
<zid> and have a single thread responsible for printing things
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<jafarlihi> zid: Why that matters? As soon as I printf it will mess up what I'm typing
<GeDaMo> Log to a file?
<jafarlihi> No, I need to see the output while typing
<zid> ah I thought you meant two programs were fighting on the output
<zid> just don't print to the bottom line
<GeDaMo> Two terminals?
<jafarlihi> zid: How?
<zid> this is osdev afterall
<zid> what's your output device?
<jafarlihi> I'm on urxvt Linux
<jafarlihi> Userspace app
<GeDaMo> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ANSI_escape_code#CSI_(Control_Sequence_Introducer)_sequences
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: ANSI escape code - Wikipedia
<zid> okay that will just support ansi escapes then yea
<zid> (which is what ncurses is a frontend for)
<jafarlihi> Thanks
<mrvn> press ctrl-l
<jafarlihi> What does it do?
<mrvn> redraw the screen, meanig your input gets printed again.
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<heat> mrvn, what's the ascii char for ^L?
<zid> definitely 6
<mrvn> I don't think you can print it.
<heat> it's still an ascii char
<heat> has to be
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<zid> 12, btw
<mrvn> It's something the terminal intercepts, like backspace.
<heat> no, it's an ascii char
<heat> all the ctrl+something correspond to ascii chars
<zid> you just add 1 to the caesarian value
<mrvn> heat: that doesn't conflict with what I said
<zid> ^H is backspace, everyone knows that one
<GeDaMo> ^L is formfeed
<zid> ^[ ie escape
<zid> huh mirc actually prints a tab for ^I, weird for a windows program
<heat> why wouldn't tabs work in windows?
<zid> because windows isn't based on terminals and shit
<zid> It's based on the "EDIT" class not readline etc
<heat> irc is for weirdos that like terminals
<zid> ^[ doesn't give me an escape, etc, ^I working is almost certainly mirc implmenting it manually
<heat> also the command line is pretty much ANSI compatible
<heat> maybe even more? idk
<heat> i remember that got a huge fixup in windows 10 like 4 years ago where they improved conhost substancially
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<heat> why are we getting irssi ads
<heat> good to know I need to update my package though
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<geist> yah saw that too
<geist> also curious what ircv3 features actually are and can they coexist with other ones, etc
<heat> maybe it's like web3 but for irc :)
<geist> yah dunno. also that kinda implies the current irc is v2?
<GeDaMo> Version 3, the search for version 2 :P
<heat> HALF LIFE 3
<geist> some reddit post seems to imply it's basically the same protocol but has some more standardized and advanced authentication and whatnot stuff
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<sbalmos> geist: Remember the IRCx protocol extensions that never went anywhere?
<geist> negative
<sbalmos> kind of the same basic idea. pre-SASL for authentication.
<geist> i have always assumed irc was just written in stone. an old prototol like telnet that there's no reason anyone would ever rev
<sbalmos> heh, exactly
<gamozo> Good morning everyone!
<sbalmos> if I can telnet to the port and hand-write a request still, it's good enough for me!
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<zid> the protocol's mostly the same but servers have been extending it pretty heavily via modes
<sbalmos> yeah it's like IMAP. The basic protocol's the same. But then half a billion extensions.
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<heat> like tcp :)
<geist> right, i guess what i was curious about is if it extended the fundamental protocol at all
<geist> ie, a different low level framing, etc
<geist> there's clearly lots of layers of stuff on top of irc that is more application layer i guess
<zid> irc proto is fairly extensible if you wanted to, but nobody's really bothered
<zid> except sending different numbers at connect time for informational releases
<zid> :from to: msg\r\n isn't exactly going to be hard to extend, but honestly what else is there other than "message" "quit" "join" "part" "mode"
<sortie> Hey proto you say, can do, protobufs
<sortie> wooooo proooootoooooobuffffffs
<gamozo> Hai sortie!
<zid> sortie has googlitis
<gamozo> ^
<sortie> oh no they're onto me
<sortie> quick geist defend me
<zid> from the MIB at google taking you out for leaking your agent status?
<gamozo> What are you gonna do yet, tell us that gmail is by far and away the best email provider?
<geist> it is the EL TORITO of bufs
<sortie> BUF THE PROTO
<zid> Glory to protobufs! join us gamozo!
<gamozo> only in #osdev can we find simping for a protocol library
<gamozo> But mom I just wrote a serialization library
<gamozo> I have to justify using it!
<zid> The s in google stands for "simping for protobufs"
<gamozo> (it's really hot)
<gamozo> (it's really really hot)
<sortie> We will discontinue one product every hour until you move the protobufs you're supposed to
<gamozo> Doesn't use pointers, only indicies (pooled) and thus the compiler can _merge allocations_
<gamozo> eg, malloc(4) + malloc(4) becomes malloc(8) without having to explicitly write it
<gamozo> hnggg
<gamozo> It's been on my mind for yearssss
<gamozo> (still wip, will probably release it if it works the way I anticipate)
<zid> you invented pool allocators?
<gamozo> A pool allocator without pointers
<zid> You invented quantum computers?
<gamozo> It's more of a type theory (rust) problem than a data structure problem
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<zid> ahh so you invented a virtual machine.
<gamozo> Invariant lifetimes allow it to work (safely), I would say it's "inpexressible" in C because it's "too hard to get right"
<gamozo> ya!
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<gamozo> Idk if I can replace protobufs for my usecases with it? Maybe? idk
<gamozo> we'll see if it turns out to be slow as shit lol
<geist> get more computers sheesh
<geist> it's the google way
<zid> Invent a new, crappier, language
<zid> then just 'fix it all with protobufs'
<zid> then discontinue support
<geist> build a language that only does protobyufs
<zid> then bring it back under a different name but this time paid for
<zid> then discontinue it again
<zid> THAT is the google way.
<gamozo> "it scales"
<geist> oh yeah soundslike a true googler
<geist> are you sure you dont work here?
<gamozo> "Have you considered taking on people under you?"
<gamozo> "Can you fill this slot on the team"
<gamozo> "We can't lose this opening"
<geist> these are trigger phrases. the fnord of google
<gamozo> "It's okay, if they're bad we can move them to another team"
<gamozo> > Doesn't move them to another team
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<zid> You can take me on under you if you like, I'll do 2 days a week for $30k
<zid> no C++, non-negotiable
<gamozo> Tbh, that's a fairly good deal for good quality code lol
<gamozo> 2 days a week is a pretty good level of output :D
<zid> That's 2 work days, 9-5 with a 3 hour lunch
<gamozo> That's a good week for me
<gamozo> lol
<zid> also I get my statutory 21 days paid vacation still
<gamozo> take as many as you want, just get the work done
<zid> that's not what holiday means, americans man
<sortie> 220 files changed, 23390 insertions(+), 2405 deletions(-) ← One of those days
<geist> heh word
<gamozo> Tbh, it's pretty bad
<geist> yah and i even internalize that. i have a tough time taking vacation if i have pending things to do
<sortie> 30 paid vacation days + holidays
<geist> so i always delay vacation until i get something done, and then i just have more to do
<geist> even though i have a crapton of vacation hours queued up
<gamozo> It's rough having to do weekly/monthly statuses work. Like, maybe I'm just defective. But I get like 3-4 months of hyper productivity a year, followed by 8 months of just wanting to chill and work on side projects
<gamozo> and I'm way more productive doing bursts, rather than trying to "pretend" to have consistent output year-round every week the same level of producitivty
<zid> better than my 3-4 days and 11 months
<zid> check my git history
<geist> gamozo: yah agreed
<geist> and the 8 months i just feel bad about not doing as good as the productive ones
<gamozo> I recently formed a business with my friend, because I cannot do effective technical work at $BIGCORP
<geist> because of the internalized shame at it
<gamozo> and technical work is what I _love_
<gamozo> It's so hypeee
<zid> can I help, I will work for $30k, 2 da...
<gamozo> :D
<geist> and companies like $BIGCORP force you to deal with it by having this over the table performance process that forces you to write everything down, etc
<gamozo> Yeah, I think it works great for people who need the guidance, but for people who don't it really hurts them I think
<zid> does your job have the cool feature american jobs have
<zid> where if you do your job really well
<zid> you get to do other people's jobs as well
<gamozo> sadly (from what I've seen, could be my specific teams) beyond senior you're forced to manage, and senior is often 4-6 year of exp. So the "technical" path after just a few years of technical work :(
<geist> yah not necessarily forced i think, but at least forced to 'architect' or whatnot
<gamozo> Like, I like architecting, but I can't even get that work
<geist> ie, less hands on technical work and more writing things down technical work
<geist> and i think that's a different skill set
<gamozo> I've offered that but I don't have leadership experience so they won't let me do it (without proving myself). Which don't get me wrong, that's fair
<gamozo> but I don't want to do a leadership role to prove myself at senior pay
<gamozo> maybe I'm greedy, but I can do that grind doing consulting with direct rewards for my technical output
<geist> that's why i fiddle with osdev or hobby stuff on the side. gives me the satisfaction of technical stuff without any of the un-fun BS parts of it
<gamozo> The problem is my technical experience is maybe 15-20+ years, but my leadership experience is 0, so to $BIGCORP, max I'm senior (which is usually just 6 years technical exp or some shit)
<gamozo> feels bad cause I'm pretty sure I could do the leading, if I knoew I wasn't doing it for insanely cheap
<gamozo> I love teaching and technical leadership, but I do that on my free time with my outside-of-work projects, and they don't trust that experience I guess? Idk
<gamozo> which is fair, it's a bit "easier" than some of the stuff I'd deal with at a company
<gamozo> /rant
<gamozo> (this maybe has been on my mind this past year as like a big hurdle)
<geist> hrm, got a mysterious shipment package notification from china that i dont know what it goes to
<geist> but then i have a set of preorders for various boards out that i've half forgotten about, so it could be any one of them
<zid> ooh christmas presents
<gamozo> Surprise!
<zid> past you was kind to future you
<zid> past me is an asshole
<zid> he never buys me toys
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<geist> i think it might be one of the riscv boards i ordered a while back
<zid> oh at least you got a bad toy
<zid> now I feel less envious
<geist> i ordered one of the rockchip router boards i linked the other day but that wsas explicitly DHL based
<geist> this is china post
<gamozo> arm64?
<geist> the router thing? yeah
<geist> one of these: https://www.friendlyelec.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=287
<bslsk05> ​www.friendlyelec.com: NanoPi R5S
<geist> did some digging around and the docs are basically fully available for the rockchip in it, and looks pretty solid
<geist> being actually available it seems like a nice product if you're okay with it being headless. there's some other board with the same soc that has hdmi and whatnot brought out
<geist> hmm, it's not the risc-v board. thats *still* on preorder (Vision-Five)
<zid> what's one of those
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<j`ey> geist: that one you linked shows it having hdmi
<heat> you idiots use protobufs? ha
<heat> we use capnproto, literally protobufs v2
<heat> built by the same guy
<zid> I use structs
<zid> built by donald knuth
<heat> but that does not scale
<heat> checkmate zid
<zid> struct buf { int scalefactor; };
<zid> just increment that, np
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<geist> heat: yeah i remember hanging out at Kenton's house a few times (he had this epic gaming house at the time) about when he was publishing captnproto
<geist> ah he works at cloudflare now. you'll probably meet him
<heat> oh you know him?
<heat> he's on my team :)
<geist> yah a bit, though i only hung out at his house a few times with a bunch of other people
<geist> so i dunno if he remembers me well
<geist> he had this epic LAN house
<bslsk05> ​kentonshouse.com: Kenton's House
<geist> he had this i think biweekly gaming day at his house which was really fun
<heat> woah :D
<heat> did he just invite people from the office?
<geist> or friends of friends, etc. it was more like you signed up no his page and brought food and beer
<geist> i think at the time he had just left or recently left google, and it was long before i worked there
<heat> must've been in 2013
<geist> yah maybe i was at google at the time
<geist> i remember teh tech design was kinda interesting, i tink he had 12 statinos around the house, mostly hidden away in wall panels that you pulled down. the desktops themselves were rack mounted all n one closet
<geist> he had some thing where each had a copy of windows that was running off a central nas box, each was iscsi mounted the root drive
<geist> and operating on some sort of snapshot, so at the end of the day when you shut them down it reset back to scratch
<geist> i dunno precisely how he ran the hdmi and usb and whatnot across the house, but there's a whole tech page on that site
<geist> all told the whole thing wans't *that* expensive. like $20k or something
<geist> all considering
<gamozo> This is cool!
<geist> iirc the iscsi snapshot stuff was pretty cheezy and effective. the iscsi machine was serving 12 LVM partitions off a disk, and each LVM partition was set up at the start of the day as a COW snapshot of a golden one
<bslsk05> ​kentonsprojects.blogspot.com: Kenton's Weekend Projects: LAN-party house: Technical design and FAQ
<heat> geist: the fact you can recall technical details of this lan party thing you went to 10 years ago is pretty impressive lol
<geist> heh i remember being pretty interested in it
<geist> also was surprised to learn that windows has pretty decent built in boot-from-iscsi support
<heat> the google+ references on his blog are mindnumbingly funny to me
<geist> ah yes.
<zid> they're very cuil
<geist> i remeber actually liking g+ once i culled it to be just technical blogs and whatnot. didn't get popular enough to turn into a social media cesspit
<heat> maybe one day I'll ask him "hey Kenton remember this operating systems weirdo from Google that kept blabbering on about iSCSI while everyone wanted to play vidya games" :P
<geist> hah no there were lots of techies there
<geist> this is silicon valley
<zid> "guy didn't even know what an 8 pool was"
<mjg_> 3 rax
<heat> I would assume operating systems people are a small minority no?
<zid> I tried playing sc2 recently, having not played it for like.. a decade
<mjg_> funny you say that
<zid> it felt *so* weird, like I was playing it through a mail slot using someone else's arms
<mjg_> i was almos flirting with the idea this week, then i learned that frostgiant (after blizzard exodus) is going to have a beta new rts soon
<mjg_> and people are going to switch, mostl ikely
<mjg_> even so, apparently the population count is at about 200k right now
<zid> I got to diamond when there was only diamond, and then very bottom of master when they added that
<mjg_> i though the game would be way more dead right now
<geist> which game would be dead?
<zid> sc2
<bslsk05> ​'The hands of God - Flash APM/First Person video' by KhaldorTV (00:09:43)
<heat> it looks like someone's got a terminal open back there wtf
<zid> how dare they
<geist> so what i remember playing in that room was some star trek like simulator thing whee everyone had a different console
<heat> also looks like ubuntu
<heat> the real crime
<geist> it was really fun. each person controlled one part of the station, and the captain sat in the middle and had the big screen
<geist> but couldn't really directly control anything, but could tell other people what to do
<bslsk05> ​store.steampowered.com: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator on Steam
<mjg_> did you set shield to maximum
<mjg_> or is this the wrong franchise
<geist> iirc that was part of the challenge. one of the stations was engineering so i think you had to control power distribution
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<gamozo> attic?
<gamozo> wow wrong window
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<zid> gamozo: where do you keep your bound captives?
<zid> wow wrong window
<zid> protesting pretttty hard there
<heat> lunch in the attic? sounds sus
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<gamozo> :3
<gamozo> It's a cool little restaurant over a waterfall
<zid> It always is, if it's called yon attic
<gamozo> Are you implying I do waterfall?
<zid> It's always a little resturant
<zid> never something fun
<zid> like a lava moat
<heat> size doesn't matter
<heat> little restaurants can be fun too
<zid> That's what someone with a little resturant would say
<heat> hey it's an average size restaurant
<zid> idk, you seem to be compensating
<gog> you want lava moat
<gog> i'll get you lava moat
<kingoffrance> </cave johnson gog>
<zid> can we confine it to just my attic
<zid> and have it roll out into the garden in the summers when it's hjot
<gog> sure
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<zid> are the refill cartridges affordable? That's how they get you