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<jason1234> geist: so basically this is one of the only kernel that does m68k + arm + i386,... with low memory system. freedos with bios console is only x86. well, it would seems. is that right? congratulcations anyhow.
<jason1234> geist: it would be only system to run on all my machines, atari st, 220 cs toshiba, and modern PCS, notebook and ryzen 3
<jason1234> or capable at least. very versatile. More OS similar are welcome.
<jason1234> + too : memdisk+grub but as well qemu with -curses, since it seems to use the bios console (old ibm) and allow keys like ctrl+alt+supp to reboot.
<jason1234> netbsd was the only one maybe, universal. but they had to drop the low mem machines. and there is no support for atari/amiga... due to cpu.
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<geist> yah that and possibly netbsd
<geist> ah yeah you just said that
<geist> yah probably because they're using mmuless
<geist> not you got me interested in getting an amiga
* gog appears
<gog> yo soy tu amiga
<gog> y una buena amiga entonces
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<geist> bye gog!
<klange> but it was too late; gog was already gone
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<moon-child> ...but nobody came
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* kingoffrance feeds gog amiga fish https://hornet.org/music/songs/1995/f/fish2.zip
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<geist> the gog is back!
<geist> all hail gog
<dmh> and front
<zid`> gog left?
<geist> right
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<gorgonical> Do we think ARM's IPO is just a roundabout way for nvidia to get it? Or is this good news?
<moon-child> what's up?
<gorgonical> Apparently softbank is not selling ARM to nvidia anymore
<gorgonical> And reuters says ARM will instead do an IPO
<bslsk05> ​www.reuters.com: SoftBank's sale of Arm to Nvidia collapses, Arm to IPO - source | Reuters
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<geist> huh interesting
<geist> not surprised it fell through since some time ago, but the IPO is interesting
<gorgonical> I was mostly worried about nvidia/arm because nvidia is shaping up to join FAANG in using microsoft's playbook: just acquire everything and delete the competition
<gorgonical> I can say that there has been a lot of nervous talk in the HPC academia I know about nvidia probably crushing arm as an interesting alternative to x86 and some labs are aggressively pursuing risc-v as a fallback
<gorgonical> So this news is... better?
* Griwes is first-hand experiencing the pain of not being allowed to participate in discussions on a certain topic
<gorgonical> We have an interloper in our midst!
<moon-child> Griwes: :/
<geist> yah i'm sure nvidia are mostly good people, but damn if they didn't treat us like shit the last time i had to deal with em professionally
<geist> they were super dicks
<geist> and a bit of that can really ruin the whole image of the company
<geist> but, that was over 10 years ago, etc etc
<geist> and they are responsible for embedding LK into various products. so yay!
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<Griwes> mkay, I now "only" need to write the code generation part of this tool for my syscall definition DSL and I'll be able to go back to writing kernel code (...I will then at some point need to come back to the tool and add "module" support to it, but hopefully that should be easy because I've been writing the code with it in mind from the start)
<Griwes> hmm, no, before going back to writing kernel code I'll need to integrate this into the build system
<Griwes> shouldn't be too bad, I'll just need to start spewing out a make deps file too
<klange> Every time I see headlines about financial dealings of SoftBank I feel the urge to note they are a cell service provider, but over the last five years they've really made their name actually make sense.
<klange> Still not a bank in the usual sense, though... but they are more of a corporate holding company now, so *shrug*
<Griwes> yeah I had to scratch my head every time I heard their name back when I was working at Nokia around BTS software
<klange> ARM is still a UK company, even with SoftBank ownership, and the it seemed like the nvidia deal was majorly blocked by the UK authorities.
<Griwes> "why is a company called SoftBank buying out cell tower solutions"
<Griwes> s/out/our/
* klange 's current cell service is through SoftBank... via an MVNO service from LINE.
<moon-child> https://elektron.sigsegv.ch/articles/1/centralizing-resource-cleanup-paths-in-c/ is it just me, or is this a terrible idea?
<bslsk05> ​elektron.sigsegv.ch: Centralizing Resource Cleanup Paths in C
<zid`> That does infact, look shit
<kingoffrance> .....every one of thoes ideas looks kind of terrible, its a question which is least terrible. quote The set of parameters of driver_init_or_shutdown needs to be the union of the set of parameters of both _init and _shutdown and the return types need to be made compatible somehow.
<kingoffrance> if nothing else looks like trying to cram a design into things that werent designed that way
<moon-child> actually I have toyed with the idea of making serialization and deserialization code the same, with a flag to control which you do
<moon-child> buut
<zid`> boots go on your feet
<kingoffrance> i would argue its not really centralized except superficiallydestroy_c(data->c); unregister_b(); release_a(data->a);
<kingoffrance> i dont have a good answer, but someday i will mess around with pragma
* kingoffrance holds on butt waiting for moon-child explanation
<kingoffrance> *onto
<zid`> moon-child wanna pick the silly method I use to boot my kernel?
<kingoffrance> the thing is, "the standard way of doing this" some people do not like, and havent seen an answer except "dont use c"
<kingoffrance> i mean, relatively, doesnt seem like anyone cares
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<moon-child> zid`: start with uefi
<moon-child> then springboard back to real mode
<moon-child> get back to long mode
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<moon-child> and then run the bootloader again in your realmode emulator
<zid`> no uefi sadly I don't have the tools
<zid`> 'sadly'
<zid`> I have -kernel booting a 32bit jmp $ atm, and 64bit jmp $ binary still on my machine.
<zid`> Silly options include -device file=64bit.bin,addr=0x200000
<moon-child> can't you get the tools tho
<zid`> catting the two elves together
<moon-child> like it's not that hard
<zid`> linking them together
<zid`> shhh
<moon-child> also tcc cross-compiler takes like 5s to build
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<zid`> tcc doesn't include libeufi.so does it
<zid`> wait stop trying to send me down this path you evil man
<moon-child> wtf is a libuefi.so
<moon-child> you don't link with anything
<zid`> the thing you link against for all the uefi symbols?
<moon-child> that's the clever bit
<moon-child> no there are no symbols
<moon-child> you get handed a pointer
<moon-child> to a struct
<moon-child> of function pointers
<moon-child> so, you need to know the layout of that struct, and the layout of the things that the function pointers accept
<moon-child> but there aren't actually any symbols
<zid`> ah so I'd just need headers
<zid`> don't have those either, phew
<zid`> dodged
<moon-child> just steal from gnu efi
<moon-child> (public domain, despite the name)
<zid`> why do you hate me so much? :(
* zid` sulks
<moon-child> it's your own fault for being so damn cute
<zid`> pick something reaaasonable, that a sane person might doo
<klange> I've got an EFI loader if you want a reference. It's not too terrible.
<zid`> damnit now you've got klange doing it
<zid`> where's that company that mails people glitter
<klange> They don't ship to Japan.
<zid`> moon-child's getting it
<moon-child> pretty sure they don't ship to canada either
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<kingoffrance> post any more links like that you have moon-child because i will have to deal with that some day
<moon-child> wait links like what
<moon-child> glitter supply?
<moon-child> uefi?
<kingoffrance> the terrible cleanup code
<moon-child> oh
<kingoffrance> i havent seen any good answers except "dont use c" :)
<moon-child> hmm
<moon-child> __attribute__((cleanup)) is good
<moon-child> custom allocators + shadow stack can work
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<zid`> hmm embedding one into the other slightly more complicated than I was expecting because of the mixed ELFs
<zid`> i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `kernel.bin' is incompatible with i386 output
<zid`> Just shove it in a section you big meanie
<Mutabah> You need to force the format type to `binary`
<zid`> yea I guess
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<zid`> I think I will just install grub it's easier than this :p
<klange> I highly recommend not investing too much time into bootloaders.
<zid`> fuck bootloaders indeed
<zid`> but nobody actually supports 'normal desktop cpus' as a bootable architecture
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<Griwes> generation of user headers and the vdso code done, next up will be the hard part, i.e. generation of the kernel code that does common checks on input and output parameters, but that's for tomorrow
<Griwes> this is very pleasantly much simpler than anything that attempts to be a real compiler
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<zid`> yea I got a cd booting again and my shit all loaded, took a total of 5 minutes and it wasn't 30 seconds because I refused to copy paste the mkisofs command
<zid`> and I looked things up
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<gog> zid`: libefi.so is only if you want the library functions
<zid`> oh gog is alive
<zid`> I'm trying to do a singular makefile to torture myself atm
<zid`> rather than one for boot and one for kernel
<moon-child> what library functions?
<gog> gnu-efi
<moon-child> oh
<zid`> how do I build these .o files differently
<moon-child> why bother?
<zid`> %.o : %.c isn't going to cut it
<zid`> oh does.. dir1/%.o : dir1/%.c work
<moon-child> anyway just do o/boot/%.o: boot/%.c; o/src/%.o: src/%.c
<moon-child> yeah
<moon-child> i didn't bother. Though I did in my audio lib where I was building a bunch of decoding libs and wanted to pass different cflags to all of them
<gog> i need to probably re-do my build setup but it works and i'm scared to change it
<geist> yay internet came back
<geist> was out for 3 or 4 hours
<gog> yay
* gog slices a bagel for geist
<kazinsal> mmm, bagels
<nur> did you make any progress on writing the next great american novel
<gog> the codes of wrath
<geist> no but i cut up some cardboard boxes
<gog> mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the code/it is merging all the branches where the repos have been stored?
<gog> the battle hym of the programmer!
<gog> sorry i'm not well today
<zid`> I think I am worse I tried to read that as hymen
<zid`> `rm -f kernel.bin boot/boot.bin boot.iso src/main.o (BSRC:.c=.o)`
<zid`> I don't think that's what my Makefile was supposed to run
<gog> oops
<zid`> I *may* have forgotten a $
<gog> you absolutely forgot a $
<GeDaMo> Don't pay the makefile until you get to the other side :|
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<zid`> I am now missing a seperator, if you have one handy
<zid`> separator, I'm also missing a dictionary
<kingoffrance> no no no, pay the makefile with $ so it will ferry you across
<gog> there's an interrupt storm tho
<bslsk05> ​'Don't Pay The Ferryman' by Chris de Burgh - Topic (00:03:24)
<gog> good tune
<zid`> okay working, I just somehow messed up menu.lst and grub just sits at the prompt instead
<gog> why not use grub2
<zid`> cus it's more complicated and I understand it less, and I happen to have stage2_eltorito to hand
<gog> fair
<zid`> yea really don't get why it doesn't find menu.lst
<zid`> it's in the right place, boot/grub/menu.lst and it's on the cd-rom
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<zid`> Oh weird, `file` solved my issue.
<zid`> file is clever and knows the random stage2 I had uses a weird path for menu.lst
<gog> aaay
<gog> zid` makin progress
<gog> i'm currently making my printf() implementation worse
<gog> the NIH is strong
<zid`> nice
<zid`> is it as good as mine yet
<gog> probably not
<zid`> aww but I spent literally minutes on mine
<nur> I did printf once and I shall reuse it forever
<zid`> I am apparently a better C programmer than sysadmin
<zid`> yea I just copy paste this one now
<zid`> If I ever need to support right justification and stuff it'll need rewriting a bit though :P
<zid`> err left
<gog> im writing a function to parse the format specifier and make a struct with all the relevant info
<zid`> a struct? intredasting
<zid`> I just.. set a bunch of flags and pass them all into a huge print_number function
<gog> the struct just contains the flags
<zid`> nod
<gog> keeps them all neat and wrapped up so i don't have a massive parameter list
<j`ey> sounds like gog's is m o d u l a r
<j`ey> and testable
<zid`> I wish I liked making random one use structs more
<zid`> but I don't like having to make a new type and stuff just to do it
<GeDaMo> You want tuples :P
<gog> j`ey: i like clean design what can i say :p
<gog> i am currently not supporting floating point though
<zid`> I'd say it's ultimately less clean, because it's identical except for 2 lines, and you have to declare a struct
<zid`> but I do like the idea
<zid`> it lets you give names to arguments more visibly
<zid`> rather than having to use a tool to show you that arg1 is named len, arg2 is named padding value, etc
<zid`> you're doing p.len = ; p.padval = ; f(p);
<zid`> Like, it bans the user from not using the names unless they use compound literals
<GeDaMo> printf format string is basically a bytecode program
<zid`> (ends up sorta like f(.arse = 12, .bum = 23); which I hve seen before)
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<gog> ok parsing function is wrote. time to ignore it for an hour and eat breakfast
<gog> lunch?
<zid`> tea
<gog> i dread testing this it is not going to work and i'm going to make a fool of myself
<zid`> I should probably uncomment my while(1); and see what my bootloader actually does
<zid`> exception 0xe apparently
<gog> that's a page fault zid
<gog> jsyk
<zid`> CR2=fffffffff8000000 apparently
<gog> you doing high half?
<zid`> I always stick my kernel there
<gog> or rather -2GiB it looks like
<zid`> yea -2GB
<zid`> I don't even remember what my bootstrap does anymore
<zid`> 'There are no program headers in this file' That sounds bad.
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<zid`> ah there we go I am a genius, somehow I ended up with a stray -r in my makefile from when I was playing around earlier with embedding images
<zid`> yep, working, x /2bx $rip
<zid`> 0xeb 0xfe
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<zid`> https://github.com/zid/bootstrap That should.. just build, if you have nasm + gcc + binutils + mkisofs
<bslsk05> ​zid/bootstrap - AMD64 bootstrap example. Sets up long mode and paging starting from a 32bit ELF booted by grub. (0 forks/0 stargazers)
<zid`> anyone wanna test? :P
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<zid`> git clone https://github.com/zid/bootstrap.git && cd bootstrap && make
<zid`> gogo
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<zid`> *massively ignored*
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<zid`> gog you fool you came back
<gog> yes
<gog> i'm about to test code
<zid`> test mine while you're at it
<gog> only if you pay me
<zid`> git clone https://github.com/zid/bootstrap.git && cd bootstrap && make
<zid`> paste that, ez
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<zid`> Hmm a memory dump of [0x10] doesn't look like that useful assembly
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<gog> aaaay the parsing for print specifiers seems to work right
<gog> after one bug
<zid`> gog rubber duck why my memory dump is fucked?
<gog> ok
<gog> what's fucked about it
<zid`> want to dump int 10h code
<zid`> so I did xp /32wx 0
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<gog> ok that would give you the IVT
<zid`> 0000040: 0xc000566c there's useful bytes at linear 0xC566c
<zid`> I dump those, should be cli first according to seabios github
<zid`> it's not
<zid`> dumped with x and pmemsave
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<zid`> 'it's not' verified with ndisasm -b16
<zid`> and x /32i
<zid`> oh I see it now though, wat, I wonder if I just fucked up a number somewhere at some step
<gog> lol
<zid`> ty
<gog> yw
<gog> that's what rubber ducky is for
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<gog> ope
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<zid> libera nice and stable for me today, second disconnect
<zid> https://gist.github.com/zid/af6153c530d71b714c22a545c6afd04a That's the cli / cld I was expecting
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: 10h.txt · GitHub
<bslsk05> ​github.com: seabios/vgaentry.S at master · coreboot/seabios · GitHub
<gog> :D
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<zid> idk what you saw before I got disconnected mind
<gog> i saw "ty"
<gog> and i said "that's what rubber ducky is for"
<zid> ah okay I only missed that bit
<gog> i'll show off my overengineered kprintf() shortly
<gog> perhaps later today
<gog> my parsing appears to work though if you want to see
<kingoffrance> i still have to test the prior psx release, someday i will
* vdamewood gives gog a fishy.
* gog nom fishy
<bslsk05> ​gist.github.com: kprint.c · GitHub
<zid> nice style so far :o
<zid> I'd invert your begin and format though personally
<zid> const char *p = format; switch(*p)
<gog> which line?
<zid> kprintf
<zid> parse_specifier I mean
<zid> you make a backup of the arg then work on the arg, instead of working on the backup
<zid> which is kinda inverted to what most people would do
<gog> ah ok
<vdamewood> Everyone implements kprintf, for some reason.
<zid> tbh it's kinda fun
<vdamewood> I want to impliment kcrash.
<g1n> vdamewood: kprinf - why not? it is useful lol
<zid> gog: I don't see the classical backwards goto, how's %16x work?
<vdamewood> g1n: I was being a little cheeky with that.
<gog> zid: wdym?
<gog> i don't parse field width and precision yet lol
<vdamewood> Wdym... the Germanic god of the sky and clarifications.
<zid> ah okay
<zid> did you look at mine? there's one in that repo I kept scamming you to clone
<gog> i glanced at it
<zid> Mine's a bit.. less regimented
<zid> but works mostly the same way ultimately
<gog> lemme have another look
<gog> ah i see
<zid> I did the proper C abi so it's called vprintf
<gog> it's more compact than mine
<gog> yeah i didn't include the kvprintf and kprintf parts because i've got them all mangled up to test the specifier parsing
<gog> this is external to my kernel tree, im testing it in a little program in my home dir :p
<zid> yea that's a good idea
<zid> sometimes I do that just by including a main at the bottom with -DTEST
<gog> just trying not to fuck up my working directory right now, it's clean and tidy. can't say the same for the code itself but i'm getting there
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<gog> memory.c needs a big refactor and i'm kinda putting that off with kprintf() implementation
<gog> but i need a better printing function in order to get more complete debug info in my serial output
<zid> yea I'm just about to figure out how much memory stuff I need to do for mine
<gog> so thisis necessary work
<zid> I might be able to get away with just using the serial port and implementing mmap
<gog> but it's also NIH work :p
<gog> hell i might be able to put this in my lib/ directory and with a tiny bit of reworking can get rid of my need for libefi.so
<gog> i'm pretty sure the only symbol i import is Print() ?
<gog> libefi.a*
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<zid> I need a random number to stick my emulated memory at
<GeDaMo> 3
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<zid> pml4[3]? :P
<GeDaMo> Guaranteed random :P
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<clever> GeDaMo: https://xkcd.com/221/ too bad, your off by 1!
<bslsk05> ​xkcd - Random Number
<gog> that's one solution
<gog> and the argument about whether it's random is a technical one rather than a logical one
<zid> I wonder if there's a better plan than just.. copying basically everything up from 0-1MB
<zid> I guess maybe C000-C7FFF might do, that's the vga bios region
<zid> and then do the bios region on top if it isn't happy enough
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<zid> I may just cheat and use a +x page mapping over these
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<gog> brb writing bytecode to zid's framebuffer
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<zid> I mean, I did nop sled into my framebuffer earlier
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<nature> zid: Sorry I didn't see your mention earlier, I managed to get where I wanted to by getting the different resolution, now I am back at reading some assembly source of colorforth to try to understand it better
<zid> sounds gross
<zid> but what did you settle on ultimately?
<nature> Settle about what? (I am embarrased my memory is failing me)
<nature> I basically used the "hack" by defining the "structures" I needed on disk with db, dw, dd etc.. after the first 512 bytes and then I did a mov for the "VBE2" signature
<GeDaMo> Part of the reason Colorforth uses colour and very large characters is because of Charles Moore's failing eyesight
<dmh> i love colorforth
<zid> we were talking about how you were going to organize memory for your buffer
<zid> and set up your segmentation
<nature> I basically kept things as simple as possible and kept es at 0
<zid> I'd say es = 7e0 is actually simplest but same shit
<gorgonical> Speaking of forth: I've had a dream for a long time to re-invent the world by writing a forth in assembly, then a lisp in forth, then a c compiler in lisp, then an os, etc.
<nature> I just felt it easier to reason about when using the labels I defined for my "structures"
<gorgonical> One of those "If only I had the time (and weren't so lazy)
<j`ey> gorgonical: you know about Mes right?
<gorgonical> I don't
<j`ey> gorgonical: "GNU Mes is a Scheme interpreter and C compiler for bootstrapping the GNU System"
<j`ey> "The Scheme interpreter is written in ~5,000 LOC of simple C, and the C compiler written in Scheme and these are mutual self-hosting."
<bslsk05> ​bootstrapping.miraheze.org: bootstrapping
<gorgonical> Nothing is new anymore
<gorgonical> Beat me to it by.... ten years?
<gorgonical> Who knows
<nature> gorgonical: Why not just skip straight to the OS in forth? (:
<gorgonical> nature: maybe the kernel will have binary-compatible modules in all languages
<gorgonical> Maximum chaos and minimum portability
<nature> Anyway zid thanks again for your help earlier!
<nanovad> i propose a full optimized, verifiable system: nop OS. it's all nops!
<gorgonical> I feel like I accidentally plagiarized from this wiki: all these links in forth are about lisp interpreters in forth. Hivemind, man
<gorgonical> nanovad: Does it have address spaces? Nop! Does it have interrupts? Nop! Monolithic or microkernel? NOP!
<nanovad> :D
<nanovad> Takes the "self referential name" thing like GNU to the extreme lol
<bslsk05> ​jbangert/trapcc - Computing with traps (45 forks/1062 stargazers/BSD-3-Clause)
<GeDaMo> "This is a proof by construction that the Intel MMU's fault handling mechanism is Turing complete."
<nanovad> Ah, I've seen that. cursed
<gorgonical> Does this rely on somehow what is put into the stack frame on page fault? By abusing the access addresses?
<gorgonical> I.e. by carefully specifying your memory addresses you can precisely manipulate what ends up in the stack frame after a page fault occurs?
<Bitweasil> Something along those lines, yeah.
<Bitweasil> It's a fun read.
<Bitweasil> You'd have no problem following it, call it research! :D
<Bitweasil> It's a creative abuse of a few different corners of x86 MMU/exceptions/etc.
<Bitweasil> No MOVfuscator, but, still fun. :)
<bslsk05> ​en.wikipedia.org: Weird machine - Wikipedia
<bslsk05> ​arcanesentiment.blogspot.com: Arcane Sentiment: The inevitable interpreter
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