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<geist> vdamewood: re the gap in x86-64, AFAIK all 64bit arches have that
<geist> ie, none implements absolutely every bit in virtual mode
<geist> aybe a super beefy POWER or s390 does?
<geist> but it's a hardware (TLB tag bits) vs functionality tradeoff
<geist> POWER could probaby do it beacuse they dont have nested page tables
<klange> geist: chatted with agraf in #qemu on oftc and that hvf trapping issue was tracked down, https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2022-02/msg00609.html
<geist> ah yeah you're right. nice
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<klange> and confirmed that patch works, hvf vm is now slick and speedy
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<vdamewood> geist: Oh, really? re gap
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<geist> yah it's pretty common. arm, riscv, etc all have the same thing
<geist> though they're at least cleaner about it: x86 throws a #GP if you touch the gap, #PF elsewhere
<geist> sane arches just toss a #PF. which makes way more sense
<klange> just gonna throw this out there: https://github.com/klange/toaruos/releases/tag/aarch64-preview
<bslsk05> ​github.com: Release Preview: ToaruOS 2.1 on ARMv8 · klange/toaruos · GitHub
<geist> make a fancy twitter thing and i'll share it
<klange> (nothing special as I've already pushed the relevant code, but presumably no one wants to sit around and build an aarch64-toaru toolchain)
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<bslsk05> ​twitter: <ToAruOS> I have put together a preview build of ToaruOS for ARMv8. It's still experimental, and only for QEMU's "-m virt", but it's got Doom. <github.com/klange/toaruos… https://t.co/xIE3AmORXX>
<geist> yay
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<klange> the fpu instructions I'm using in my "plasma" demo are so fast on the M1 that it just flickers patterns instead of visually morphing (the demo intentionally runs a thread in a constant loop to burn CPU)
<zid> heh
<zid> I'm going to have the same problem if I ever run my os on hw, it currently emulates zelda at approx realtime by.. virtue of qemu being slow
<zid> it's going to go brrrrrrr instead
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<bslsk05> ​'ToaruOS 2.1 AArch64 on M1 HVF' by K Lange (00:02:24)
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<Griwes> https://twitter.com/awr_hey/status/1489422379356803072 a bit re: prior segmentation discussions
<bslsk05> ​twitter: <awr_hey> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FKt9rccVgAM9OQR.jpg
<geist> klange: nice, runs a lot faster without TCG huh?
<geist> also those m1 are ridiculous
<geist> klange: i forget, in that bootstub are you running out of EL3 or whatnot?
<geist> if not, what are you getting out of the fw_cfg?
<klange> virt machine starts -kernel in EL1. I set up MMU and read my actual kernel, which is linked at -2GiB
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<geist> oh the actual kernel is part of the ramdisk or something?
<geist> i'm just curious because -kernel and -initrd i think generally just plonk it in ram already without needing the fw_cfg
<geist> or did you set them as custom entries? i see the opt/org.* stuff
<klange> I didn't see -initrd ending up _anywhere_
<klange> I checked dtb, I checked mem region listings in the monitor... though I have not checked code yet.
<klange> I pass the actual kernel and the ramdisk as separate fw_cfg entries; bootstub loads kernel, kernel loads ramdisk
<geist> how did you set the opt/ things? that sounds useful. did'tknow you could do that
<geist> yah and the bootstub is -kernel, makes sense
<klange> -fw_cfg name=opt/org.toaruos.initrd,file=ramdisk.igz
<geist> ah good to know
<geist> the ramdisk just ends up somewhere. lemme see where it ends up. for fuchsia we're basically loading a boot shim with -kernel and them a single image in the -initrd slot that has the kernel + initial filesystem in it
<geist> but not using the fw_cfg feature
<geist> i *think* we read the location of the initrd out of the FDT or its hard coded. i can't find the code anymore since it's been rewritten by other people
<geist> also looks like a nice way to get to the ACPI bits if wanted, since if there's no UEFI bios nothig will otherwise pull it out and set it up
<geist> the FDT doesn't seem to come in through this interface though
<geist> ah yeah we do. found the code in the boot shim that does it. finds it in the /chosen key of the FDT
<klange> I have no entry in /chosen
<klange> Are you doing Linux boot in that stub?
<geist> yah we must be doing that
<geist> enough to think it's linux, yeah
<klange> I think for raw ELF it just silently ignores it
<geist> the node is "linux,initrd-start" it seems
<klange> I got a bootargs, stdout-path, and kaslr-seed, but -initrd is nowhere to be found
<klange> at least they give me my -append
<geist> yah
<geist> anyway, good to know
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<Maxime> Hey there
<Maxime> I'm trying to build libgcc with no red zone, something i'[ve done a bunch of times before
<Maxime> But I think something changed in the gcc build system
<geist> which gcc are you using?
<Maxime> Latest
<geist> https://github.com/travisg/toolchains/blob/master/patches/gcc-patch.txt#L6 seems to be all i need to do, and i've built that against i think 11
<bslsk05> ​github.com: toolchains/gcc-patch.txt at master · travisg/toolchains · GitHub
<geist> but yeah i think it did change somewhere along the way
<geist> oh also line 35 may be needed
<geist> which adds that t-x86_64-elf to the build
<Maxime> Yeah i did pretty much that
<Maxime> I'm certain the MULTILIB_OPTIONS is correct - I added echoes in strategic spots along the way
<Maxime> But it seems to be ignored
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<Maxime> Instead I get 32 and x32 multilibs
<geist> hmm, and you're specifically building the x86_64-elf triple?
<geist> the line 35 in that patch may be important
<Maxime> Yes, target is x86_64-elf
<Maxime> I added line 35 and can confirm that it is included by some makefile at some point
<geist> well, if you're interested, you can try that repo and its script and see if it does it
<Maxime> Oh I think I got it
<Maxime> Looks like it's trying to extract the multilib config from gcc before bulding libgcc
<Maxime> But it's calling my native gcc (which indeed multilibs for 32/x32 :) )
<geist> ooooh!
<Maxime> Yeah, that was it
<Maxime> Sorry for the bother
<geist> no worries! glad yougot it working
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<bslsk05> ​'7nhvbb8b7qf81' by [idk] (--:--:--)
<gog> angery floof
<g1n> hi
<klange> after much annoyance, I have a toolchain on macos... had to hunt down some patches to build for arm host, and that was a pain to find because of course all the bug talk is about host=target m1 gcc builds that are _still_ not a thing
<klange> thankfully I still don't really poke toolchain stuff much, so now that it's out of the way I can go back to not caring
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<geist> yah i haven't been able to build for arm host either,b ut been using older x86 prebuilt toolchains in the interim
<geist> since i assume at some point someone will fix it so that it builds
<geist> gcc+binutils thatis
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<geist> huh, noticed on apt get on an arm ubuntu machine there are kernels with -64k in them. *thats* how you select 64k pages on linux arm
<geist> i was vaguely wondering if it was a command line option or whatnot, but hadn't really tried to see
<geist> but naw, it's a linux compile option i guess
<geist> kinda makes sense actually because the kernel most likely needs to be compiled with the native page size, probably
<geist> due to ELF layout issues, etc
<raggi> Does the haiku syscall interface require user space register save?
<geist> i wouldn't think so if it follows the newos model, unless they changed it
<geist> the haiku folks over on OFTC at #haiku might kow off the top of their head though, why do you ask?
<raggi> Yeah. The reason I ask is I'm reviewing some libc patches and seeing a whole bunch of code dedicated to register saving which raised my eyebrow
<gog> the registers saved/on the stack of the process/is required for syscall
<gog> haiku help in the form of a haiku
<geist> ah. well it's not necessarily a bad model: have user space dump all the registers that aren't part of the syscall and then the contract with user and kernel is that kernel can trash/zero anythig o the way back
* raggi chuckles
<raggi> Yeah, it certainly opens space for some optimizations, but also opens up some nasty mistakes too
<geist> i cant offhand think of a particularly good or bad reason to do that
<geist> yah, it definitely means you'll need to be more careful about zeroing things out on the way out of the kernel
<raggi> I remember thinking about it quite a bit when Go did caller save in their first abi
<geist> which would be more annoying for an arch with a crapto of regs
<raggi> And on the way into the kernel, potentially
<raggi> You wouldn't want to accidentally read random junk from user space which feels more risky
<geist> yah though that's kinda what happens anywya with callee saved (the callee being the kernel) in this case
<geist> but i guess it matters how args are passed. i was thinking that args are still passed in regs, it's just the regs that dont participate in arg passing that are saved user side
<geist> in that case it's not much different re: passing garbage to the kernel. it's still garbage in for the non arg regs
<raggi> True
<raggi> There's some bad joke in here about being like openssl and dumping all that data into the entropy pool
<geist> in any of those cases if the kernel is paranoid about extra junk beig passed it has no real choice but to zero out unused regs on the way in after saving
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<Arsen> klange: sweet! nice
<Arsen> (wrt the arm port)
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<friedy10-> eibcccunctjubdgbgeviteenlkgbtjfrcvnijfkcjdji
<bauen1> friedy10-: time to change your root password
<friedy10-> bauen1: my hand slipped
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