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<JordanBrown[m]> I'm going to try to put together a very-much-draft object PR in the days after Christmas, after Christmas insanity has quieted down and during the company shutdown between Christmas and New Years.
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<teepee> mass production of led strips finished just in time for christmas :) https://imgur.com/a/ZdqmAAQ
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<InPhase> teepee: Is there any part of your home that is not already full of colorful LEDs from all these LED projects?
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<teepee> yep
<teepee> also all 3 are gifts, so not going to take up any room here :)
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<teepee> that sparkly blue filament is nice, but I guess I need to give in getting a new Prusa printer so I can use the marmor filament too which seems to be available in 1.75mm only
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<JakeSays> hello scad'ers!
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<J23> teepee .. we have the same china vice Ü
<J23> but why do you need a new printer for that filament?
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<Scopeuk> J23 at a guess the key bit is "1.75 mm only", are you still running 2.75/3mm teepee?
<J23> oh ah hm well  makes sense
<teepee> yep original prusa v1 with the prusa 3mm nozzle
<teepee> it's ok, but a bit old, loud and maybe was never perfectly assembled :)
<J23> 3mm nozzle .. that must be super fast prints .. Ü
<J23> so cura  v5 removed the wall overlap setting .. now my string art is not working that nice anymore
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<InPhase> Calendar fully open! Merry Christmas, OpenSCADders.
<J23> and to you too
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<linext> the guy who ported openscad to wasm, dominick schroer, explained the bug in roof(method = "straight")
<InPhase> linext: I don't know what "less power" means here.
<linext> i think he means way slower
<linext> could also mean less precision
<linext> teepee, i think there's an error here when Part = "assembly", https://www.3dcustomizer.net/create/customization/128
<linext> Current top level object is empty
<linext> your else on line 391 should do something, but doesn't
<InPhase> linext: That seems to be doing a type check for a floating point type, and if the type check fails to match, it looks for rounding up existing.
<InPhase> Although I don't know any floating point types that do rounding up.
<InPhase> That would be a pretty rare choice.
<InPhase> linext: Does this roof error depend on whether or not fast-csg is enabled?
<linext> appears to not make a difference "fast-csg"
<InPhase> Ok.
<InPhase> Ah, failing only on "straight"?
<linext> if you change it to roof(method="voroni") it works
<InPhase> Well that narrows it somewhat I suppose.
<InPhase> Ultimately that's a precondition check failing in CGAL, so it's their code not handling wasm well. But if voronoi works and straight doesn't, then there might be a subtle call difference that could be identified.
<gbruno> [github] kwikius synchronize pull request #4367 (ModuleLiterals: making openSCAD modules first class.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4367
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<InPhase> linext: It looks like there is no OpenSCAD flaw. You cannot build a straight skeleton with CGAL, as used in the straight version of roof, without it passing along to that assertion.
<InPhase> linext: voronoi looks like it is implemented within OpenSCAD instead of using CGAL.
<InPhase> linext: So if you want to fix it and support roof with straight, you'll need to figure out why wasm fails that call within CGAL.
<InPhase> And then that will require either changing the wasm environment, or getting a bug fix into CGAL if there is even a bug, or someone needs to boldly try to reimplement straight skeleton without using CGAL, like was done for voronoi.
<linext> yes
<linext> "I dug deeper into CGAL, found the assertion that was failing and removed it to see if the issue was surface level. After upgrading some of the build files, unfortunately it still does not work. This will need to be brought higher to the maintainers of CGAL. "
<InPhase> Sounds about right. Most of those CGAL assertions follow the Chesterton's fence principle.
<peepsalot> didnt the WASM build require loosening FPU strictness or something?
<peepsalot> target_compile_definitions(OpenSCAD PRIVATE CGAL_DISABLE_ROUNDING_MATH_CHECK)
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<InPhase> peepsalot: This one is under CGAL_NO_PRECONDITIONS, which is probably not so safe to turn off.
<InPhase> Although it does appear to my not-100%-effort inspection to be a rounding check.
<InPhase> Now I don't know how float rounding manages to be a precondition of an algorithm... But that's CGAL. ;)
<InPhase> Generally that's on the "don't do this with floats" list.
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<teepee> IIRC it's safe in WASM, there's some dedicated interval logic
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<Busata> hello, was reading the openscad tutorial and the rotation bit got me a bit confused as it doesn't seem to be mentioned. Are the transformations on the object applied on reverse order as written? the tutorial says the wheel should be rotated first & then translated but the statement starts with translate
<linext> start with translate
<linext> then your x,y,z directions will be as you expect
<linext> if you rotate before you translate, your x could be z, z could be y, y could be x
<linext> then you have to guess and check
<Busata> oh ok, that makes sense, misread that bit then. thanks
<JordanBrown[m]> Work your way out from the inside.
<JordanBrown[m]> Thus for
<JordanBrown[m]> Translate(…) rotate(…) cube(…)
<JordanBrown[m]> You take a cube, then rotate it, then translate that.
<JordanBrown[m]> From the perspective of a conventional language you might think of the thing following as an additional argument.
<JordanBrown[m]> Thus the argument to the translate is a rotated cube.
<Busata> ahh, ok
<Busata> thanks again!
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