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<teepee> latest collection: led controller box https://imgur.com/a/z9WQvHL - led ring clock https://imgur.com/a/kr8qT18 - arcade button box for home assistant/esphome https://imgur.com/a/atlTmr0 - signal tower https://imgur.com/a/swHqHT8
<teepee> oh, and the weather station https://imgur.com/a/N9nopNa :)
<teepee> so pretty much all enclosures of some sort
<jwash> i like the arcade button box, i've done something similar for my kid
<jwash> he plays a rythm game that uses a layout like that
<jwash> rhythm
<teepee> ah, cool. it would need some fixes for that as right now it's just held together with some rubber bands
<teepee> the bottom was supposed to be simple press fit but is way too flexible to hold things together
<jwash> yep, need a bit more positive hold
<linext> i think i'm going to make a device to retrofit a remote onto my light switch
<linext> i'm thinking ESP32 or ESP8266 with an HTTP API over static IP WIFI
<linext> a little servo to engage and another to flip
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<teepee> I would not bother with esp8266 anymore
<buZz> especially now that esp32-s2 and 32-s3 have native usb
<linext> what do you mean native usb?
<linext> usb host?
<buZz> yeah OTG probably
<buZz> it can pretend being a USB device
<buZz> so no usb-uart needed anymore
<linext> like the arduino pro micro
<buZz> atmega32u4? yeah
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<linext> the light switch is right by the door, and my bed is about 15m away with tables/chairs/desks in between
<linext> so just leave the light on so i don't wake up and walk into something in the dark
<buZz> :) nice, lights are always such rewarding domotica
<linext> however, the light i'm using is 120v and about 2.5a
<linext> so it's wasting a good deal of power at night
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<linext> it still has the original halogen bulb, for the last 25 years
<buZz> :) all my lights are LED , doubt i have >30W total in my nerdcave
<linext> every day it costs $0.40 to run the lights at night
<linext> so i'm wasting about $200 per year
<teepee> you get an awful lot of led lamps for that money :)
<teepee> even zigbee ones
<buZz> :)
<linext> i tried switching to an LED "corn cob" lamp
<linext> it was a drop-in replacement, but really not as bright and warm-colored
<buZz> yeah there's many types, warm/hot/etc
<linext> is the esp32 s3 programmable from the arduino IDE?
<buZz> yes
<linext> i've been noticing that shipping from aliexpress has been getting much faster
<jwash> i just broke 3dcustomizer.net
<jwash> been rendering for 1200 seconds
<linext> ah, it's only running within your browser, so it's not actually breaking anything
<jwash> that's what i thought
<linext> if you want to share the code, i can tell you what's wrong
<jwash> 1 sec
<jwash> i think its firefox + ad blocker
<linext> usually i test with chrome
<linext> rendering with $fn=10 on my i9900k intel PC takes 18 seconds
<jwash> lol, why test firefox, it's less than 5%
<jwash> on my workstation rendering is nearly instant in the program
<linext> yes, the f5 quick render is instant
<linext> if you are going to actually 3d print it, you need to render using f6
<jwash> f6 takes 10 secs
<linext> yea, for some customizers, it makes sense to export the main part of the project as .STL and import it as a dependency
<linext> that comb takes about an hour to render
<jwash> i'm too new with openscad to appreciate the nuance today
<linext> the point is, you can pre-render the base parts of your 3d model, and import as .STL which is faster
<linext> oh wait, i see another problem
<jwash> cool
<linext> your cylinders are $fn=100
<jwash> yes
<linext> that's going to slow things down
<jwash> 32 is more resonable?
<linext> i think the default is 30
<linext> you can check by running echo($fn)
<linext> at $fn=10, it takes 30 seconds to make your box
<jwash> i've noticed a discrepancy between what i get in program vs the website: https://imgur.com/5YFfr16.png
<jwash> the comb rendered in no time in chrome
<linext> yes, because it's being downloaded as a dependency
<linext> you can see the dependencies in the "Imported Files" tab
<jwash> awesome
<linext> in general it's good to keep $fn on the low side while you're writing your code
<linext> when you're ready to 3d print, you can put it up to 50 or 100 for smoother circles
<linext> that's something i don't thingiverse customizer allows you to do, import your own STL,SVG,DXF,TTF, etc.
<linext> pre-render the base and only render the custom features
<linext> i should add drag and drop for imported files
<linext> you're welcome to publish your work, but first you need to register an account
<linext> it'll show up on the homepage if you take a thumbnail image
<jwash> teepee: what's the little board int he 24mm Arcade Button Board pic? i tend to hack old broken keyboards
<teepee> jwash: wemos esp32 mini
<jwash> is it programable via arduino ide?
<jwash> vscode?
<linext> both
<linext> arduino has a web page ide too
<jwash> i feel like i have too much to catch up on
<linext> generally certain work is easier for software developers
<jwash> they don't do my bidding, and i can't afford their price
<jwash> i just need to try harder
<linext> there are a lot of tutorials and sample code out there, and books
<jwash> exactly
<jwash> feels so good to have an ABS print running that looks good, many thanks to all you guys
<InPhase> Glad I could help!
<InPhase> Wait... I just got back. What did we do?
<jwash> various people provided me answers to my questions through out today
<InPhase> Well yeah, that looks pretty cool. I hope you flipped it around to print.
<jwash> nope :)
<InPhase> I always appreciate an enclosure where someone has taken the time to fix up the corners with some injury resistant styling.
<jwash> i hope my kid likes fighting game too
<jwash> this will be his first stick
<InPhase> Ah, making a present?
<jwash> i guess, but i never really considered it a present
<jwash> we hack hardware in this house :)
<InPhase> I just assumed because Christmas is coming.
<InPhase> I have printed a great many presents over the years.
<jwash> lol, i bought him a used laptop for christmas
<linext> InPhase, i've been giving away several of the ornaments you helped me with
<linext> sold a few too
<jwash> can i see?
<jwash> that filament is nice
<InPhase> linext: The printed ones are less animated. :)
<jwash> everything is super neat, except the Yankees!
<InPhase> linext: But those are some excellent print colors there.
<linext> i'll send you a spool if you like, for helping me out so much
<InPhase> I'm trying to mentally model how that tricolor filament produces the results I'm seeing in the photos.
<linext> it's pretty weird
<linext> the stripes stay in the same place in the extrusion
<InPhase> Is it just based on the angle it comes out at?
<InPhase> Sort of a laminar flow thing?
<linext> i think so
<linext> unless you have a special nozzle
<linext> a regular nozzle, the colors come out the same way they went in
<linext> so the perimeter is the same as the spool
<InPhase> So I guess it depends on the slicer reliably printing in the same direction for the outside.
<InPhase> Or... maybe not.
<linext> vase mode does particularly well
<InPhase> I guess if it's angle, it still doesn't matter.
<linext> regular prints, it just looks like partial rainbows
<linext> i wonder if thingiverse accepts video for thing pages
<InPhase> Youtube links work.
<linext> i can easily add that to 3dcust...
<linext> i've been cloning their features today: https://www.3dcustomizer.net/tests/drag-and-drop-file-upload.php
<teepee> jwash: i'm running esphome on that, not even real programming needed for most cases
<jwash> pretty cool
<linext> that's neat
<linext> i never heard of esphome
<teepee> let me see if I can push the arcade board config
<linext> i should add my DVR IR remote repeater / remote web page to their project: https://github.com/hackwin/esp8266InfraredRemoteRepeater
<linext> the server ESP8266 is running a web server connected to an IR LED. so it can change channels from any web-enabled device
<teepee> that's all for "programming" the whole board, including support for over-the-air updates
<jwash> can i see the final project?
<jwash> nm, that's the button board
<jwash> does it look like a keyboard to the computer?
<teepee> not directly, it's connecting to homeassistant
<teepee> the 3 buttons for the led strip are triggering the state change on the other device controlling that led strip (and some temperature sensors and stuff)
<jwash> cool stuff
<teepee> the 2 volume buttons are forwarded to my raspi usually running youtube or amazone prime on the projector
<jwash> not many people appreciate a projector
<teepee> that currently needs some extra software on the raspi, but maybe I'll find some better and simpler way at some point
<jwash> i just blew a bulb
<teepee> :) I had one explode years ago
<teepee> the one I'm currently watching on is maybe 10 years old and the replacement is sitting already there in a box
<jwash> i've done 2x lamp replacements on my first projector 1, on my second, an none yet on my 3rd
<teepee> I do have a dedicated firmware for a different esp32 device which connects directly as bluetooth
<jwash> my wife likes the LCD tv now
<teepee> living room projector goes to about 2.5m maybe, that would be crazy expensive if even possible as normal screen :)
<jwash> yep, my screen will do 120" diagonal
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<J2295> dumping images in the last opened directory is kind of messy
* J2295 moving img back.. pff
<J2295> dump should be the folder the actual scad is in or maybe create an "images" folder there .. however if you have another tab this gets confusing
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<InPhase> J22: Yeah, I would really appreciate images for animation going into a frames/ subdirectory of the folder the scad file is in. This is where I immediately move them to after they're generated, to clean up the disaster of file dumping.
<InPhase> J22: I didn't realize they were in the last open directory, as I just never used in that sequence, but that's even worse.
<J22> yeah i just checked something from a different file .. and then was searching for my images
<InPhase> That is worthy of a low hanging fruit github issue.
<InPhase> Or, "good for a beginner" or whatever we changed that tag too.
<J22> hm export image changes the folder when switching back to the original tab
<linext> maybe openscad could have .scad files in .zip encoding with all the files needed inside, if there are dependencies like .stl,.svg,.dxf,.ttf
<linext> like a java jar file
<linext> it would have a .scad extension, but .zip encoding, which can be detected by the first few bytes
<J22> or libraries
<J22> but you should choose a different ending or .scad.zip  ( or 7z)  else you wonder about huge scad files
<linext> the extension needs to be recognizable by the program
<linext> if it's .scad.zip, it will open with the default zip program
<gbruno> [github] MichaelAtOz edited issue #3803 (qt5 curl target is broken) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/3803
<J22> cscad  compressed
<J22> so cura 5 has adaptive linewidth .. and nobody told me Ü
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<linext> or .scar (scad archive)
<linext> or .arsc
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<J22> i like scar
<J22> module cylinder(size) { cylinder(h=size, r=size/4, center=true);  ///  GPT is trying hard ..
<J22> }
<teepee> oh, neat, that gives a recursion error hopefully
<J22> it will give you h,r,center not defined
<J22> and as size is not defined in the recursion it will complain that undef/4
<teepee> but only if you have stop on first warning
<teepee> preview just got stuck :(
<J22> yes after some warnings it will have a recursion error
<teepee> still scrolling warnings on render
<J22> Ü
* J22 knows why using "stop on first warning" makes sense
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<teepee> yep, it's a good idea, but there's a couple of warnings that should not trigger it
<J22> and still if working with points you can get  scrolling error lists
<teepee> true, that can explode to lots of errors very fast
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<InPhase> "max warnings before stop" might be popular. But so would a working stop button.
<teepee> yep that + also evaluation in extra thread so it's not blocking the whole UI
<teepee> J22: nice animation
<J22> thx
<J22> ..ah there is an error in it .. and i was wondering the hole time why i got a difference of 30°
<J22> well it is hard to see in the animation Ü
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<teepee> updated the order, which makes door 22 the only remaining empty one
<teepee> InPhase: do you think that's enough time, or shall we see to have something as reserve?
<InPhase> Maybe. I'll see what I can do tonight.
<teepee> ok, maybe there's some idea tomorrow, if it's not needed this year, we can always stash it :)
<teepee> I'm still struggling with how to make the fibonacci spiral work like in a sunflower
<teepee> so that idea may need to cook a little bit longer
<J22> didn't that spiral emerge when using PHI (golden angle) for distribution?
<teepee> yep, but if I'm understanding it right it's a combination of quarter circles with radius of the fibonacci sequence
<linext> drag and drop is kind of hard to do when swapping elements in a HTML list
<linext> something about images makes them draggable outside the list item
<linext> maybe they're draggable by default
<linext> swap works fine on plain list items with no images: https://www.3dcustomizer.net/tests/drag-drop-swap.php
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<gbruno> [github] yurivict opened issue #4452 (2021.01.01 fails to build with CGAL-5.5.1: no template named 'Triangulation_2_filtered_projection_traits_3' in namespace 'CGAL'; did you mean 'Triangulation_2_projection_traits_3'?) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4452