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<VaibhavPathak[m]> Hey everyone! I am new to mlpack, I wanted some help in implementing U-Net in mlpack. In particular, I am having trouble in how to concatenate feature map from the from the corresponding encoder layer to the decoder layers. Is it currently possible, given the model is a stack(a std::vector)? zoq Aakash-kaushik (Aakash kaushik)
<VaibhavPathak[m]> s/from the//
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<mrv[m]> <mrv[m]> "Hey everyone! I am new to mlpack..." <- U-Net-https://paperswithcode.com/method/u-net
<mrv[m]> <mrv[m]> "Hey everyone! I am new to mlpack..." <- I am aware that a new DAG network class is in the works and I am interested in implementing it, but I wanted to find understand the extent of capabilities of the current API of mlpack, which will helpful in creating the new DAG network.
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