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<Ceeeb[m]> Hey guys, I've noticed that the Approximate k-furthest Neighbor Search Algorithm is well-implemented, but is there any implementation on Approximate k-nearest Neighbor Search (approx kNN)? I've looked through [NeighborSearch Tutorial](https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/blob/4.0.1/doc/tutorials/neighbor_search.md) but didn't find anything related to this.
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<AnshK[m]> Greetings!
<AnshK[m]> I am Ansh Kanotra, an undergraduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering at BITS Hyderabad. I am very interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the math behind all of it, including linear algebra and probability. As i looked through the previous ideas page, the one on reinforcement learning and Improvization on ANN Modules interested me the most. Therefore please let me know how to advance into these topics 🙂