rcurtin_irc changed the topic of #mlpack to: mlpack: a scalable machine learning library (https://www.mlpack.org/) -- channel logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/mlpack -- NOTE: messages sent here might not be seen by bridged users on matrix, gitter, or slack
<zoq[m]> <nikitashrivastav> "Hi, I wanted to discuss an..." <- Hello, you can use the public channels, e.g. mailing list, or chat - checkout https://www.mlpack.org/community.html for more details.
<zoq[m]> <_slack_mlpack_U04RHLQU6GY[m]> "Hey everyone, My name is Om..." <- Hello, happy to chat about possible RL projects, as mentioned above, please feel free to use the mailing list or the chat to discuss the project.
<zoq[m]> <_slack_mlpack_U04R7LSG5HP[m]> "Hello. My name is Ruixuan Tu..." <- Hello, sounds great, personally I would focus on a single implementation, instead of implementing multiple over the summer; happy to discuss some more details over the coming days.
<zoq[m]> <_slack_mlpack_U04QPFNEX7Y[m]> "Hi Everyone! My name is Sammy..." <- Hello, thanks for the introduction, let us know if we should clarify anything.
<IWNMWEIWNMWE[m]> Hey I have been going through the code base trying to understand the adaboost algorithm and I encounterd the following comment in the adaboost_impl.hpp
<IWNMWEIWNMWE[m]> / There is a bug with Adaboost! It will not use the specified... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/819aada42d05eaa1df7955f0e72c31de43869e44>)
<IWNMWEIWNMWE[m]> can some explain what bugs or issues this exactly causes
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