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<coatless[m]> The update to COPYRIGHTS.txt PR good to merge in: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack/pull/3377
<zoq[m]> coatless[m]: merged
<rcurtin[m]> awesome, thanks for taking the lead on that coatless 👍️
<rcurtin[m]> just need to update the paper with Conrad's suggestions and then I think we are basically done
<rcurtin[m]> well, um, assuming the reviewers don't have any further issues, that is 😃
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<coatless[m]> rcurtin: sister update to the `mlpack.org` website: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack.org/pull/60
<coatless[m]> Heh, you already have a script in the website for this... Whoops.
<rcurtin[m]> nice! but, the website repo is a little confusing... we actually use the static HTML version of the contributors list here: https://github.com/mlpack/mlpack.org/blob/master/html/community.html#L323
<rcurtin[m]> if you want to update that, feel free, otherwise I'll merge the PR you opened and then additionally update the HTML manually 😃
<zoq[m]> I can update the page as well, but probably easier to merge the markdown file first.
<zoq[m]> and merged, thanks