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<zoq[m]> cccccbgkbhiuuvlrdvfctvjrnheffvhhegvtkkviltkh
<zoq[m]> Whoops
<rcurtin[m]> cat on keyboard?? 😃 oops
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<zoq[m]1> Yubikey that went crazy.
<rcurtin[m]> I figured either something like that or a videogame where you had some different movement bindings (I didn't see much wasd in there 😂)
<rcurtin[m]> coatless: are you an expert at conda versioning? I spent a while trying to investigate https://github.com/conda-forge/ensmallen-feedstock/issues/35 , but I can't figure out why conda thinks armadillo >= 10.x is incompatible with ensmallen... the `meta.yaml` seems right to me (the restriction is `armadillo >=8.400.0`, with no upper bound)
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