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< Hemal> Could anyone tell my how to run a test for a particular binding ? For eg. Run logistic_regression_test.cpp, What are the commands ?
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< rcurtin> Hemal: try 'mlpack_test -t LogisticRegressionTest' or similar; just use the name of the test suite specified in BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE()
< rcurtin> you can specify individual test cases too, i.e. mlpack_test -t TestSuiteName/TestCaseName
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< shreyas> i suspect this is happening because i setup mlpack in my home directory, is this it and i have to reinstall or is there some other plausable error
< shreyas> my data Load function shows undefined reference
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< atulim> Is a binding of MLPACK for java is present?
< zoq> atulim: There are no java bindings yet.
< zoq> shreyas: Looks like your message got cut off.
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